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Demonetization : The blatant lies by Congress Leaders

Demonetization : The blatant lies by Congress Leaders

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, January 2017)

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh termed in the Rajya Sabha on November 24, 2016 the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes an “organised loot and legalised plunder.” He also said that a “monumental mismanagement has taken place.”
This is nothing but an idiotic statement from Dr. Singh. Looted by and from whom - Dr. Singh should explain.

In fact, the nation was looted during his term as the Prime Minister. Scams like 2G, CWG, Coalgate, Augusta, etc. etc. did take place during his tenure as the Prime Minister. While the nation was being looted, he was just looking the other way. Dr. Singh and others should have been tried for these plunders, but somehow the Modi govt. has not prosecuted them.
In spite of these scams, he has the audacity to say that the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes is an “organised loot”. If this is not a blatant lie, what  it is?

Rahul Gandhi on 23rd December 2016 said the note ban decision is not a fight against black money or corruption but is an "economic robbery". Robbed by and from whom - Rahul should explain.

Rahul has also accused the PM of snatching the money from the poor and giving it away to Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi. It is a blatant lie. Moneys were loaned to Mallya and Lalit Modi during the UPA regime. PM Modi has nothing to do with these lendings. How can he blame PM Modi for this?

Rahul said that he is not allowed to talk in parliament. Again this is a lie. In fact, it was the Congress which interrupted parliament, making the entire winter session a washout. He said if he is allowed to talk in parliament, there will be an earthquake. He further said that Modi is terrified of him. These are just lose talks.

While he has used Sahara vehicle for his election campaign during 2014 elections, he has the audacity to accuse Modi of taking bribe from Sahara.
The following statements from different Congress leaders give the reporting card of the UPA Govt. It is a self-appraisal.

1. Manmohan Singh : More than 50% of the population is poor, they don't have bank accounts.
2. Rahul Gandhi : More than 40% of the population is illiterate, how can you expect them to do digital transactions.
3. Manishankar Ayyar : There is huge unemployment in the country.
4. P. Chidambaram : More than 50% of the villages still don't have electricity.
5. Manish Tewari: People don't have basic needs like food and clothing.

For all the above problems existing in our society, the Congress party is wholly and solely responsible, having ruled the country for more than 60 years. Instead of owing responsibility for the undergrowth of our economy, they start accusing Modi government which has come to power only 21/2 years ago.

In Venezuela, which is a much smaller economy, demonetisation created chaos, street riots and the economy collapsed. Nothing like this happened in India. On the contrary, Demonetisation has become a 'Game Changer' of India. It is a major 'Pro Poor' step.
The adage is "Kill Two Birds In One Stone". But Demonetisation has killed many birds in India.

The characteristics of cash like anonymity, portability, liquidity, and wide acceptance makes it the enabler of crime and provides the fertile ground for it. Black economy directly or indirectly promotes riots, kidnappings, petty crimes, smuggling, poverty, reduced wages, separatists movements, conversions, bandhs, terrorism, espionage, propaganda, colour revolutions, weakening of state, emboldening of foreign powers, hawala operations, corruption, drug trade, tax evasion, human trafficking, informal employment, weak law and order, extortion, naxalism, fake currency and many such trends. An abrupt ending of stone pelting in Kashmir valley and the surrender of several Naxals immediately after demonetisation is a clear example of how cash could be misused. 

According to Mr. Jagdish Bhagwati the well-known professor of economics from Columbia University, Demonetisation is a major 'Pro Poor' step. It has reduced the disparity between the Rich and poor by about 30% .

In spite of their best efforts by most of the opposition parties, the people of this country have welcomed this historic step by Modi. 

The victory of the BJP in by polls in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, and recently in Chandigarh proves that PM has made significant inroads to the voters and voters by large have welcomed the move. This in turn makes the PM stronger to take even more strong steps and part of it would be reflected in 2019 elections as well. 

I repeat what I wrote in my last month’s editorial:

“It is proved beyond doubt that the people of this country have absolute faith in Narendra Modi, after seeing his work as the Prime Minister for the last 21/2 years. This is also confirmed by the recent election results from many states. With his sincerity, hard work, honesty and dedication, people might think that, if it is not Modi, no other person could take this type of drastic step to curb black money. Thus Modiji has created a niche for himself in the heart of every Indian. Because, no one was complaining about demonetizations or any inconvenience. The people have understood well that this is a short-term pain for long-term gain.”

We wish him all success in his demonetization efforts and in governing the nation.
May Bharat become a Super Power under his leadership.

The Surgical Strike on Black Money

The Surgical Strike on Black Money

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, December 2016)

The Surgical Strike on Black Money, announced by the Prime Mimister on the 8th of November 2016, making 500 and 1000 rupee notes no more legal tender, has shaken the entire country. While more than 90% of the people have welcomed it,  about 10% make a lot of hue and cry about the demonetization.

Look at the salutary effects of the demonetization:

1. In one stroke 100% fake currency made out of circulation. This is probably one of the greatest change that is taking place. This is exactly the reason behind this uproar, this madness from media and politicians, of course they are supported and backed by anti Indian forces.

2. Cash lying with terrorists, maoists, naxalites, Jihadis, etc. to create chaos and terror have gone waste!. Criminal activities have also come done.

3. Hawala sources dried up for funding of terrorists, maoists, naxalites, conversion lobby and Jihadis. As we know there is a considerable decrease of violence in Kashmir after this decision. Once the funding stopped, there wont be any riots in the valley and we are already witnessing the live effect!

4. Kashmir back to normal, schools are opened, normalcy in the valley, no schools burnt, you wont find any stone pelters these days!

5. Jan Dhan accounts are fulled with money, Government started this scheme for financial inclusion purpose, but people were reluctant to keep money in the bank, but after demonetization started, citizens are ready to come back to the banking network and thereby our banking system strengthened, citizens will be the beneficiaries of financial inclusion!

6. According to reports, nearly 5 lakh crore money, already deposited in the banks!

7. All business men are depositing cash lying with them as current year income with Advance Tax.

8. All jewellers are being issued forms to declare their GOLD stock on day to day basis!

9. Defaulters of bank, property tax, electricity bills, telecom bills are clearing their long pending bills.

10. Defaulters of all kind of taxes are clearing their dues!

11. Small vendors started going digital and already using APPS, digital forms of transactions and digital wallets!

12. Business men are declaring their black money as income and paying advance tax, we have seen many such examples in the recent days as many of them are coming forward and declaring cash lying with them as black money and paying taxes!

13. Price level is expected to lower due to moderation of demand. In consumer goods, prices are expected to fall marginally. However, for real estate and property, the prices are largely expected to fall, especially in sale of properties where major part of transaction is done in cash.

These are the immediate benefits of currency demonetization. There are many other benefits but we focused on some important immediate effects! 

But there are some flaws in the implementation of the scheme. First and foremost, why should I am being asked to go to the bank personally with ID proof, to withdraw money from my own account? What was the need for it now? I have been sending my assistant to withdraw cash for the last many years. The same procedure could have been continued even now. The bank is having all my personal details.

This new procedure of asking the actual account holder to come to the bank personally with ID proof to withdraw cash has caused many serious problems, especially to the senior citizens. Had this new procedure not implemented - and the old one is followed - I am sure the death of some of the senior citizens during standing in the queue could have been avoided.

Similarly, while depositing cash also, personal appearance of the account holder could have been avoided, and in their place, their relatives/assistants could have deposited the amount. The bank is having the entire details of the account holder, including their IDs. Hence they need not worry about the depositors.

But what is indeed surprising is that inspite of such a drastic action affecting almost every citizen of this country, there is no riot or fight, during queuing up before banks. The extraordinary patience shown by the people must be commended. This is inspite of the fact that some of the politicians like Kejriwal, Mamta and Yetchury, wanted to create riot-like situation in the country, so as to compel the Govt. to roll back the scheme. 

Even our Supreme Court did not lag behind. Why was it necessary for the CJI to suggest that riots could happen? Is this not a malicious statement? One can expect such an irresponsible statement from an ‘anarchist’ like Kejriwal, but coming as it is from the Supreme Court, is indeed shocking.

Some of the media persons, such as Ravish Kumar and Rajdeep Sardesai, who asked provoking questions to persons standing in the queue, to incite violence,  got a good slap.

It is proved beyond doubt that the people of this country have absolute faith in Narendra Modi, after seeing his work as the Prime Minister for the last 21/2 years. This is also confirmed by the recent election results from many states. With his sincerity, hard work, honesty and dedication, people might think that, if it is not Modi, no other person could take this type of drastic step to curb black money. Thus Modiji has created a niche for himself in the heart of every Indian. Because, no one was complaining about demonetizations or any inconvenience. The people have understood well that this is a short-term pain for long-term gain.

We can now say that the people of this country have become mature enough to understand the good intention of the government. They will not get provoked by the selfish politicians, the irresponsible Supreme Court and the ‘Paid’ media. Thus, we can proudly say that India has become a mature democracy and is on the path
to become the Vishwa Guru.

The Surgical Strike - To whom should the credit go?

The Surgical Strike - To whom should the credit go?

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, November 2016)

Up in the skies and beyond the range of enemy radars, 30 Indian commandos armed with Kalashnikovs, Tavors, rocket-propelled guns and thermobaric weapons deploy parachutes on a dark, cold moonless night for a rare military insertion to ambush terror assets on the rugged Himalayan terrain of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

No audio devices on the ground are able to pick any sound either as they plummet down from a freezing height of 35,000 feet.

Simultaneously, seven other crews of the Indian army's dauntless Special Forces walk, crawl and slither through Pakistani barricades across the Line of Control.

All eight teams of the deadly warriors reach their targets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir without detection, and annihilate them with a sudden thunder of explosions, smoke bombs and gunfire.

This is what happened on the midnight of 28th September 2016 - Operation Surgical Strikes. Yes, our brave army entered into about 3 kms into the PoK and destroyed terrorist camps. The operation which started around midnight on 28th Sept. ended in the early morning of 29th Sept. 2016. 

What is remarkable is that none of our Army Men were martyred or even wounded. They all came back unscathed, after finishing their jobs.

Every Indian is proud of the achievements of our Army. They also congratulate the Prime Minister for taking this bold step to teach a lesson to Pakistan which has been sending terrorists into India and killing our armymen.

But look at what the opposition say. Arvind Kejriwal and some other leaders want proof of the Surgical Strike. The Pakistani media had hailed Kejriwal as a 'hero' for questioning the government's claim about successful surgical strikes across the LoC. One Congress leader even said that the surgical strike was ‘fake’. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ‘Khoon Ki Dalali’.

In no other country, you will hear such non-sense statements from the opposition. By their statements, they have insulted the entire nation and its army.

Some leaders have come out with the statements that such Surgical Strikes have taken place many times earlier too. The previous cross-LoC attacks have been of the nature of a local level revenge for an action by the Pakistan’s army. Any of these specific attack was not sanctioned by the government.

This time the strike was approved by the government, and the army was informed that they will handle the international fallout, if any. 

When the attack was announced by the government, this was done by the army and not the government. If the government wanted to go into jingoism, a minister could have read the statement that the DGMO did. The government clearly wanted the army to get the credit.
The statement also clearly stated the limits of the present action. It was against the terrorists and not the Pakistani army.  There is no jingoism in the statement.

It was only when the opponents, both political and in the media, started to question the veracity of the surgical attack, the government stepped in. 

When the political opponents started to say that when they were in power, they had also done the surgical strikes. This is jingoism, and an attempt to trivalise the September 29 strike as a trivial matter.

This trivalisation was also indulged in by many in the English media. Even before the political parties tried to take credit for the previous strikes, there were some in the English media who said that such strikes had happened before. 

Some of the ex-army people had, within a day or two of the Sept 29 strike, had said that the previous strikes were qualitatively different from the present one.  They mentioned that there was a political will this time, which did not exist earlier. Yet, the opponents, both political and in the media, continued to equate the earlier strikes with the present ones. As said earlier, the objective was to trivalise the present strike.

The BJP  has been accused of using the army by showing the interview of Gen Bikram Singh, the previous army chief. In this interview, Gen Singh mentions about the political will many times, and also made it clear that the previous strikes were like a local level revenge. There is nothing wrong in the BJP using the interview, because of the vicious attempts made by the opponents to trivalise the Sept 29 strike.

The people of the country appreciate that the government has acted in a deliberate and focused manner in handling the post-Uri events. The people are also disgusted by the way the opponents of the government are behaving and have allowed themselves to be used by the Pakistani propaganda,  that there were no surgical strikes.

There are reports that people in PoK are out in the streets protesting the terrorist camps near their towns, and saying that this is creating problems in the areas.  This too  is the effect of the surgical strike.

In politics, it is quite legitimate for the government to take credit for things they did right. Just as the opposition tried to blame the government of the day for any failures. 

The Congress took credit for the victory in the Bangladesh war. The credit for the nuclear explosion in 1974, and then in 1998, is also given to the respective prime  ministers. So also Nehru is said to have built the temples of modern India, while Rajiv Gandhi is said to have brought in the computer revolution in India. In all these cases, the credit is given to them because they took the administrative decisions, and not because they were scientists who actually did the tasks.

Similarly, in the case of the recent Surgical Strike, the full credit should go to our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.