Thursday, March 12, 2015

An undeserved victory for AAP, A deserving defeat for BJP

An undeserved victory for AAP,  A deserving defeat for BJP

The 67:3 victory for AAP, against BJP, in the Delhi Assembly elections is indeed shocking. The Delhi electorates have committed a blunder which they will realise sooner than later. The same Delhi voters overwhelmingly voted for BJP in the parliamentary elections held in April 2014, and made all the seven BJP candidates victorious. What miracles Arvind Kejriwal has done in the intervening period -April 2014 to February 2015 - which warranted this landslide for AAP? It is indeed a puzzle.

Commenting on the results of 2013 Delhi election, our January 2014 issue cover page read: “Naxalites-Maoists: With weapons, in jungles; Without weapons, in Delhi”. My editorial in the same issue read: “AAP is a party of hotchpotch rookies who do not believe in the rule of law. Its growth is not in the interest of our nation. They have no love for our nation and its culture”. I still stand by it. In fact, Arvind Kejriwal wanted to create civil disturbance in India, like the Arab Spring in some Islamic countries. Now he has restarted it, by joining hands with Anna.

My stand is proved right by the events that followed. He resigned his Chief Ministership in a hurry, probably with the ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India, by fighting the 2014 parliamentary elections! Since then, many of the top leaders of AAP have resigned. Some have even joined BJP. Some senior leaders have estranged relationship with Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal is taking money from dubious sources. The Rs.2 crores he received in a single day from four dubious companies run by the same persons is indeed shocking. The Income Tax Dept. may have given him a clean chit about the legality of the donation. But the real identity of the donors and the motive behind giving such large sums as donation are yet to be established.
If press reports are to be believed, AAP has received moneys from Pakistan and Dubai also. AK has exploited the alleged attacks on Churches. He has communalised the issue to polarize Christian votes towards AAP. This gives one the suspicion whether these attacks were orchestrated. Earlier he had self-confessed that he is an Anarchist.

It is deplorable that the voters of Delhi have chosen such a person - an anarchist, a pathological liar and a man of doubtful character - as their Chief Minister. It is an undeserved victory for AAP. Now let us wait and see how he implements all his promises of freebies. It is not going to be an easy task.
The Congress, which ruled Delhi for 15 long years, has been completely wiped out from Delhi. In fact, it is a question of survival for the Congress all over the country, as it is now ruling only in a few states. It has already lost its relevance in Indian politics. Modiji has almost attained his goal of Congress-mukt Bharat.

The near rout of BJP from Delhi should act as an eye-opener for the party. While it got 33% votes in the 2013 assembly elections, it got 46% votes in the subsequent parliamentary elections held in April 2014 and won all the 7 MP seats in Delhi. However, in the 2015 Assembly Elections, its vote share has gone back again to 32%. What happened to the 13% additional voters who voted for BJP in the parliamentary elections? Why they could not be retained by BJP? In other words, why they left BJP?
It seems that Hindu voters have started deserting the BJP, as we have been continuously warning. The Modi Govt. has not done anything to please Hindu voters. Modiji has been loving his enemies and hating his friends who have stood with him during his darkest period. He has started compromising on the party’s core ideologies. After his meeting with Obama and other Foreign Heads, there is a perceptible change in his attitude. He is giving up his Hindutva ideologies and is becoming more and more secular - the mistake which Vajpayeeji did.

Modiji had shaken hands with Aamir Khan, who has all along been campaigning against him and who has insulted Hindu Gods and Gurus in his film PK. 

Sanjay Dutt, who is a terror convict, comes out in parole at will. Last time when he was on parole for 14 days, at the end of the parole period he went to the jail for surrendering. But the jail authorities did not take him in and turned him back home, making a mockery of conviction. Such is the leniency for Dutt. But look at Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand, Swami Amirutanand Dev Tirth (Shankaracharya of Sharda Peet, Srinagar), Col. Purohit, etc. (all accused in Malegaon Blast case) who are rotting in jail for the last 6 years without even a trial.

Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka, accused in a rape case, has got bail and is roaming free. But look at Sant Asaram Bapu, accused in a rape case, who is languishing in jail for more than a year. Are there two laws in our country?

Tehelka, Cobra Post, Gulail, Caravan, etc. were well known for sting operations only against BJP. They never targeted the corrupt Congress. Will they be taken to task for ‘manufacturing’ news and motivated reporting in the name of journalistic freedom?

Karan Thapar, a terrorist-journalist, desired for the ‘sudden elimination’ of Modiji. In a democracy, what is meant by ‘sudden elimination’? Why such terrorist-journalists are allowed to remain in the profession? The disgusting thing is that some BJP Ministers are unabashedly giving him interview.
Rajdeep Sardesai always badmouthed Modiji. When he was in NDTV, along with Barkha Dutt, he spewed venom on Modiji. But his book is released by Arun Jaitley. NDTV is in the news for its involvement in 2G and tax evasion. But the same NDTV is selected for special interviews by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. What message it sends to the people? 

The delay in bringing in the black moneys stashed abroad is also causing concern among the common man. To be very frank, there is a general feeling among citizens that Arun Jaitley is very lenient towards Sonia and Congressmen and is not the right man for this job, which should have been entrusted with either Dr. Subramaniam Swamy or Arun Shourie. The question as to why both these persons are kept out of the cabinet (and why Jaitley is given so much importance with so many portfolios) is indeed baffling the common man.

AAP has received Rs.2 crores from 4 dormant companies owned by the same persons, on a single day in April 2014. The details were available in their website. What was the Finance Minister doing for 8 months? Couldn’t he have enquired in to the source of these fundings and exposed AAP then itself?
No action has been taken against all corrupt UPA politicians, including Sonia and Vadra. All are roaming free, and the common man tends to think that they are all saints, when the facts are otherwise. Why Sonia is not asked to vacate 10 Janpath? On what capacity she is occupying such a vast bungalow?

A few antisocial elements, under the banner of National Advisory Council, hatched a plot to ‘democratically enslave’ Hindus by bringing in a Communal Violence Bill. It was a providential escape for Hindus that the bill could not be enacted. But all these antisocial elements and hate-mongers are allowed to go scot free. Can’t they be hauled up for planning to create civil unrest in the country, by scheming Muslims and Christians against Hindus?

Modiji invariably ends his every speech with the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. He did so even in New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia). But he avoided saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ in Srinagar. Is Srinagar in an Islamic country? Does this not amount to compromising on their core ideologies? Whom were you trying to please, Modiji? BJP has also put in the back burner nationalist issues like, building of Ram Temple, Enacting of law for banning cow slaughter, repealing of article 370, bringing in uniform civil code, etc. etc. Taking objection to Ghar Wapsi programmes of VHP is unbecoming of BJP leaders.

The costly pinstripe monogrammed suit Modiji wore when he met Obama has not gone down well with common citizens. Many think that the PM of a developing country like India need not boast like this before a foreign dignitary. (That the suit fetched Rs.4.31 crore in an auction is a different matter.) Modiji should remember what Swami Vivekananda said - ‘In Western countries, gentlemen are made by Tailors, but in our country, gentlemen are determined by their characters’ (which Modiji has in plenty). 

Neglecting all these and many other Hindu issues has antagonized a considerable section of Hindus, who are likely to remain absent from voting in the future.
In the 2014 parliamentary elections, 31% people voted for BJP, giving it 282 seats. There are 69% who did not vote for BJP. Out of the 31% who voted for BJP, at least 10% are hard core Hindus who will never vote for Congress, Communists or Anarchists. But if a party (in this case BJP) does not care for their interests, they will just remain absent from voting. This will bring down the voting percentage of BJP to 21%, and your seats share will drastically come down, as it has happened in Delhi from 46% to 32%.

On the contrary, if you take care of Hindu interests, the 31% may go up to 40%, giving you a tally of say 400 seats in parliament. Modiji should remember that Hindus voted for him not just for development alone. They want something more - the sagging Hindu esteem to be revived.

Narendra Modiji and BJP should realise that it is not Obama or some foreign dignitaries who will fetch votes for them. Nor will Muslims and Christians ever vote for BJP (exceptions apart). It is Hindu activists of all hue who are in touch with the people 24x7x365 and bring votes for the party; BJP workers come at the time of election and then disappear. What Modiji is doing to please these Hindu activists, so that they again campaign for him in 2019, is the question.

This is not to say that Muslims and Christians (I refuse to call them ‘minorities’ as it is unconstitutional) should be neglected. They are citizens of this country with equal rights and duties. But no nation can develop if it allows its 80% majority sulking. This will also put in jeopardy a second term for Modi Govt. in 2019. Therefore Modiji has to cultivate Hindu votes, to avoid the repeat of 2004 & 2009.

I hope the Delhi election results act as a deserving defeat for BJP. It is a warning bell for BJP, to mend its ways. Modiji should prove that he is a ruthless politician too (apart from being honest and sincere) and not a sadhu, so that what happened to Vajpayeeji in 2004 does not happen to Modiji in 2019.

Therefore, in the interest of this Hindu Nation, Modiji, the Hindu Nationalist, should stop becoming secular, as Hindutva is real secularism, and should turn his attention towards serving Hindu/National interests. Once Hindus are convinced that he has Hindu ideals in heart, they will again vote for him in 2019. Modiji is the only hope for Hindus. If Modiji cannot revive Hindu pride, no one can do it in the near future, and Hindus will be doomed for ever. 

At the end, just a warning: Now that Congress has been decimated, defeat of Modiji (God forbid) in 2019 will leave the field open for parochial elements.  Nationalist Hindus will start losing faith in democracy and will distance themselves from voting. This void will be filled up by anarchists like Arvind Kejriwal who is an embodiment of Naxalites, Maoists, Communists and antinationals. Anna’s andolan in Delhi on 24th Feb., joined by Arvind Kejriwal, is an example. In such a situation, there will be anarchy in the country and then, instead of Pakistan, it will be India which will be considered as a failed nation. I am sure, Modiji is aware of this, more than you and me.