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Towards Congress-Mukht

Towards Congress-Mukht
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, June 2016)

Results of Elections to the five state assemblies held recently - Assam, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala and Puducherry - have been declared. 

In an emphatic mandate, the BJP has won 86 of Assam's 126 assembly seats, with the Congress, which ruled for the last 15 years, getting only 26 seats.

Kerala too has delivered an unambiguous verdict. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) won 91 seats with the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) at 47 in a state that has stuck to its trend of not voting the same government in twice.
In Tamil Nadu, where the Congress and the DMK had an alliance (their alliance in looting the nation is a different matter), the AIADMK won 134 seats, well past the half-way mark at 118, while the DMK-Congress got 98 seats. Here, the fight was seven-cornered - between AIADMK, DMK-Congress alliance, BJP, Makkal Nala Kootani (People's Welfare Coalition, consisting of MDMK, DMDK, CPI, CPM, Viduthalai Chiruthai Katchi and the Tamil Manila Congress), Pattali Makkal Katchi, Naam Tamilar Katchi and Hindu Makkal Katchi. The entire assembly is divided between AIADMK and the DMK-Congress alliance. All other parties and alliances, including the BJP, have not won even a single seat. 

In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has constructed another sweep, with her Trinamool Congress winning 211 of the state's 294 seats. The Left-Congress alliance was far behind at 77. 

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is likely to lose its National Party status, as it has not been able to meet the criteria.

The BJP has reasons to celebrate at the results. Apart from winning Assam, it won four seats in West Bengal, the party's best performance ever in the state. In Kerala, BJP has won one seat. The BJP had so far never won an assembly or Lok Sabha seat in Kerala.

The Congress has lost two more states - Assam and Kerala. It is strange that the Congress, while opposing the Communists in Kerala, had gone for an alliance with the same Communists in West Bengal. Pathetically, in both the places it was defeated.

Overall, suffering a rout in the current round of assembly polls, the Congress could take heart only from the fact that it managed to wrest power in Puducherry from its breakaway group AINRC with a simple majority. It won 17 of 30 seats.
The Congress party has been comprehensively reduced to a rump, considering that just around seven per cent of India’s population now live in states ruled by the Congress - the lowest since Independence. Worrying still for the party is the fact that elections are due in five of these states before May 2018; with the prospects appearing bleak for the Congress in Karnataka (where it came to power due to the split in the BJP in 2013), the only large state that it controls currently, alongside four smaller states that it is in power on its own and two that it rules through a coalition.

The BJP-led NDA now governs over 43 per cent of Indian population. BJP alone is ruling over 36 per cent of India's population. And if we add over 7 per cent of people ruled by it under the umbrella of the NDA then 43 per cent of India come under its ambit.

Just in contrast to the BJP, only around 7 per cent of India's population is ruled by the Congress. And if we club this tally with Bihar, where the Congress is only a minor partner then it goes up to 15 per cent.

Others, neither BJP nor Congress allies, are in power in 11 states that comprise 41 per cent of India's population.
The states going to the polls do not herald much hope for the Congress either. Among the Congress-ruled states, the term of assemblies in Uttarakhand and Manipur are slated to come to an end by March 2017, followed by Himachal Pradesh in January 2018, Karnataka in May 2018, Meghalaya in March 2018 and Mizoram in December 2018.
If the Congress were to follow the pattern of successive electoral debacles in state elections, something that is being widely predicted for Karnataka, then it could mean a step closer to the BJP’s slogan of ‘Congress-mukht Bharat’, well before the next general elections in the summer of 2019.

Congress is now left with a few anti-nationals, power brokers, anti-Hindus, etc. who want to work as slaves of the “dynasty” and loot this nation by some how gaining political power.
In 2010, the UPA Govt. had released about 25 terrorists, supposedly to improve relations with Pakistan. But one of them has turned out to be the mastermind in the Pathankot Airbase attack in January this year. Some of the Congress leaders claimed that the Batla House encounter was fake. But it has now come to light that one of the terrorists involved in the attack, escaped and is now found to be with ISIS. In the Ishrat Jahan case, the Congress was making herculean efforts to prove that she was not a terrorist. Thus the Congress party has put in to jeopardy the national security.

See the number of scams - 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Antrix-Devas, Coalgate, Agusta Westland, Naval Scam etc., running into lakhs of crores of rupees. Earlier the Moguls and then the Britishers looted our country. And then, till recently, the Congressmen were plundering it.

The Congress-led UPA Govt. treated Hindus as second class citizens of this nation, giving special privileges to Muslims and Christians. It wanted to enact a law - Communal Violence Bill - which will effectively make all Hindus slaves of Muslims and Christians. It gave preference in all important appointments to Muslims and Christians. It was indeed a rule by the minority of the majority, unheard of in any democracy in the world.

It is therefore but natural for the citizens of this nation to abolish this anti-national, corrupt  and anti-Hindu Congress party from the political map of the country.


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