Saturday, December 01, 2012

Blessed by Asharam Bapuji

Sant Sri Asharam Bapu is carrying on a valiant campaign for the past many years against the celebration of Valentine Day on Feb.14. No doubt VD is an attempt by anti-Hindus to belittle our hoary culture, and our youngsters are falling as a prey.

On 27th November 2012, one such “Prerna (Inspiration) Sabha” was organised by Bapuji in Baroda, to create awareness that 14 Feb. should be celebrated as “Matra-Pitra Divas” (Mother-Father Day), and not as VD. Many sants from different parts of the country were present at the Sabha.

I had the pleasure of participating and addressing the “Prerna Sabha”, at the request of Bapuji. Apart from many sants, Shri Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sena, Bangalore, and Shri Abhay Vartak from Sanatan Sanstha, Goa, also participated and gave an inspiring speech at the Sabha, of nearly 2 lakhs followers of Bapuji.

In my address, I had also drawn the attention of Bapuji and other Sants present, to the conspiracy hatched by a few women of lose morals, occupying important positions in Govt., to demolish Hindu Family Institution. They have convinced the powers that be to amend various acts such as Hindu Marriage Act, Domestic Violence Act, and Hindu Succession Act, etc. in the name of women empowerment, so as to treat Hindu Marriage as a mere contract between a man and a woman, and demean its spiritual and cultural importance. They are in fact trying to give importance to live-in relationship and not to the spiritual and cultural union of the families involved, through marriage. The motive is to empower women of lose character and usurp properties.  The moment a woman establishes a live-in relationship (not necessarily through marriage) with a man, she will be entitled to get 50%  ownership in the man’s property. I gave the example of late actor Rajesh Khanna, in whose family a lady who had a live-in relationship with him is claiming 50% ownership in his bungalow. Making such amendments in laws will destroy our holy Hindu Family System and create havoc in many Hindu families as is happening with Rajesh Khanna’s family, I cautioned. (Readers may refer to Hindu Voice, May 2012 issue, titled ‘A conspiracy to demolish Hindu Family Institution’).

After I finished my address, Bapuji got hold of my hands on the stage itself and assured that he will take up this matter in his future Satsangs. Earlier too, before beginning my address when I wanted to touch his feet, Bapuji got hold of my hands and blessed me. I consider it a great honour to be with Bapuji in the dais, in front of his followers estimated to be about 2 lakhs, and address the “Prerna Sabha”.