Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Movement to make India a
de jure Hindu Nation

Bharat is a land of Sants and Rishis. Many Gods and Rishis have taken avatar in this land - Raam, Krishna, Mahavir, Bhuddha, Adi Shankara, Guru Nanak, etc. Therefore, it is called Devbhoomi too. Bharat has all along been a de facto Hindu Nation, although it has been ruled by Muslims and Christians for nearly 1000 years. There is no country in the world which, after being enslaved for nearly 1000 years, takes rebirth as one country. Bharat did so, in spite of so much diversity in the name of caste, language, region, etc. This oneness was due to the cultural unity of Bharat, which in other word is called Hindutva. Moreover, Dharm and Nationalism have always been interlinked in Bharat. For example, in a Pooja, the ‘sankalpa’ begins with “Bharata varshe, Bharata kande, Jambu Dwapee ...”, a clear reference to Motherland. India can remain united only on the basis of Hindutva, i.e. Hindu Principles, which encompasses everything humanity stands for. Even today Bharat is a Hindu Nation; otherwise democracy and secularism could not have survived.

Today one fears that history is being repeated and Bharat may once again slip into the hands of forces inimical to democracy and secularism, who may rule Bharat as dictators enforcing their religious dogmas on Hindus. It is therefore the duty of every citizen believing in peace, tolerance and pluralism, to ensure that Bharat remains a Hindu Nation, both de facto and de jure. Then and then only democracy, secularism, freedom and fundamental rights can be ensured in the country. This can be done simply by changing the method of electing the Rashtrapathi and Upa-Rashtrapathi.

The country should be treated as the assets of Sadhus and Sants, and the destiny of the country should be entrusted to them. The Sadhus, Sants, Mahants, Sanyasis, Dharmacharyas, etc. of all hues of Bharat should form a Dharma Sansad (Hindu Parliament), which will meet once in five years, and elect:

(a) One Rashtrapathi, and (b) Four Upa-Rashtrapathis

who will be installed at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan with a Pooja and Raja Abishek.The four Upa-Rashtrapathis will be positioned at the four regions of the country.The Rashtrapathi, in consultation with the Upa-Rashtrapathis, will appoint Governors for all states. The Rashtrapathi, Upa-Rashtrapathis and the Governors of all states will form a Constituent Assembly and adopt our present Constitution, with appropriate changes if necessary. There need not be any major changes in the present set-up and the three wings - Legislature, Executive and Judiciary - could be maintained. The federal structure, as is existing today, could also be retained.

Since the Rashtrapathi and the Upa-Rashtrapathis will be selected by the Dharma Sansad, they (as also the Governors to be appointed by them) will definitely be men of character and integrity. That itself will solve most of the problems - social, economic and political.For implementing this proposal, a Movement should be started - to convince our Sadhus, Sants, Dharmacharyas, Politicians, etc. As there will be no changes in the existing electoral politics, there is no reason why a politician should oppose this arrangement, unless he is interested in gutter politics.

Given below is the Mandate, enshrining the basic features, which the people of this country should adopt and give to the Dharma Sansad.I appeal to all Hindus, Hindu Organisations, Politicians and general public to come forward and support this movement, culminating into a Referendum. I also humbly request our Sadhus, Sants and Dharmacharyas to espouse this National cause and motivate their followers to bring moral pressure on all concerned, so that our beloved Motherland does not fall into alien hands endangering its unity, democracy and secularism, and Bharat becomes a heaven on earth, as it once was.

The Mandate

We, the Hindus of Bharat, also called Hindusthan, having solemnly resolved to constitute Bharat into a Hindu Dharmic Republic, and to secure to all its citizens, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, language, region and religion:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and ensuring the unity and integrity of the Nation;

GIVE this Mandate to the Sadhus, Sants, Mahants and Dharmacharyas, collectively called the Dharma Sansad, to run the affairs of Bharat through their representatives - namely One Rashtrapathi and Four Upa-Rashtrapathis - selected at the meeting of the Dharma Sansad.

Adopted on this day of ........... 2006.