Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hindus' Spiritual Centre under attack
(Hindu Voice - Editorial - Jan. 2007)
'15th August 1947 is a day of mourning and sorrow; He who worships God is an idiot; Tamilians are barbarians and Tamil is a barbarous language’ - Thus spake EV Ramaswamy Naicker, popularly known as EVR, the founder of Dravidar Kazhakam. He was a hatemonger and schemed one community against the other in Tamil Nadu. He was a staunch supporter of British rule and worked against India’s independence. He was an ‘atheist’ but never uttered a single word against Islam and Christianity. EVR married Maniammai, 18, when he was 71. Such a ‘man of character and integrity’ is the mentor of DMK , ADMK and MDMK, who have no compunction in trumpeting him as a great ‘Reformer’.
In earlier years, while visiting temples in TN, it used to be very easy to reach the sanctorum. But today, you go to any temples, you will have to stand in the queue for at least a few hours before you take Darshan of the deity. Had the ideology of atheism propagated by EVR succeeded in TN, temples there should have gone empty. But, every temple and every religious event in TN is brimming with devotees. Still, it is a paradox that such ardent Tamil Hindus have always voted either DMK or ADMK to power, similar to West Bengal Hindus who are voting for the anti-Hindu communists while simultaneously celebrating Durga Pooja with gaiety.
Emboldened by the gullibility of Tamil Hindus, the DMK government has permitted the installation of the statue of EVR in front of the Srirangam temple (in Trichy Dist.) - with the tallest Hindu Gopuram in Asia, with a height of 295 feet - inspite of vehement protests by many Hindu organisations and Dharmacharyas. The installation took place in the first week of Dec. 2006.
It is reported that a few infuriated Hindus had damaged the statue before it was unveiled. But serious doubts are expressed about the identity of the miscreants. In the first place it could have been damaged by the anti-Hindu forces themselves to create confusion in the minds of the people and use it as a pretext to indulge in violence by attacking and damaging temples, mutts etc., as they practically did.
It is said that non-Hindus were present while the statue of EVR was being erected. There is strong suspicion that as in other episodes like the Sabarimala conspiracy and Kanchi Sankaracharya issue, the Church organisations may be involved in all this. Some naxalites were also reported to be involved in the attack on temples. Hence all this points to a deeper conspiracy.
No one can object to the installation of a statue. What is objectionable is the location and the inscription that ‘One who believes in God is a fool; and one who invented God is a barbarian’ etc. erected in front of a temple popularly called ‘Bhuloka Vaikuntam’. Every year the Ganapathy Visarjan procession is barred from entering a particular street in Chennai because a mosque is situated there. The argument of the police and the administration is that it may create law and order problem. On the same lines, will not a plaque with inscriptions insulting Hindus erected near a very famous temple give rise to law and order problem? On auspicious days like ‘Vaikunta Ekadasi’, lakhs of people throng the temple. Is there not a possibility that on such an occasion taking advantage of the heavy rush, the anti-Hindu forces and anti-Nationals could themselves damage the statue? And using it as a pretext they may indulge in more attacks on temples, mutts etc.
The DMK government is hand in glove with the forces which are stirring a hornet’s nest. Merely for addressing a press conference, joining the peaceful protest and distributing hand bills criticising the injustice meted out to Hindus, some activists are arrested. Most farcically the name of Swamy Dayanandha Saraswathiji, the most respected Hindu Acharya and founder of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha was initially included in the FIR.
Compare this with the lenient attitude of the government in taking action against rape cases involving Christian missionaries, provocative speeches and vulgar languages against Hindus by Dravidar Kazhakam activists, murder of Hindu leader in Thenkasi, etc. The question is, will the anti-Hindu forces and anti-Nationals in the guise of DK, naxalites and other outfits dare to erect such plaques in front of any Mosque or Church, say Nagore dargah or Velankanni church? So it is clear that these forces are not against the concept of God per se, but against Hinduism and Hindu culture.
May be these forces are receiving their pay packets from anti-Hindu forces in India and abroad to undermine the faith of the Hindus in their culture and beliefs so that they can be converted to alien religions like Christianity and Islam and ultimately make Bharat a puppet of the West or Saudi Arabia.First on the pretext of digging a trench for drainage line, the 500 years old ‘Mottai Gopuram’ of the temple was demolished. Now Hindus are insulted by installing the statue of atheist EVR in front of the Rajagopuram.
Considering the demoralising tactics by creating confusion about Kanchi Mutt, Thirumala-Thirupathi, Amarnath, Ayodhya, Sabaramalai, and now Srirangam, one can be sure that Hindu Spiritual centres are under attack by Christians, Muslims, Communists, Naxalites and Maoists, with the connivance of our power-hungry politicians. The sooner Hindus wake up, it is better for Hindu Dharma and Mother India.