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The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal & ‘AAP’ - the anarchists

The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal 
& ‘AAP’ - the anarchists

(Will you vote for a person disowned by Nationalists like  Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, Narendra Modi, V.K. Singh (ex-Army Chief), Kiran Bedi, etc.? Yes, they have all dissociated themselves from Arvind Kejriwal (AK-47).  AAP took birth to eradicate corruption, but today it has joined hands with the corrupt Congress to form the government in Delhi. Voting for AK and his AAP is like voting for the corrupt Congress. Now their single point agenda is to stop NaMo from reaching Delhi.)

In the recently held elections to five state assemblies (Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Mizoram), the BJP has won 409 seats from 590 total seats in the first four states. The success ratio is 69%. It is definitely due to a Modi wave, although the Congress and the media will never admit it. 

The votes were counted and results declared on 8th Dec. 2013 (Sunday). Mizoram, being 97% Christians and controlled by Church, objected to Sunday, as it is a prayer day for them. Hence counting was postponed to Monday, only for Mizoram. You can understand whose writ runs in Mizoram. But our secularists of all hues are thunderously silent.
Surprisingly, the newly formed Aam Adhmi Party (AAP) has got 28 seats in Delhi. Hindu Voice’s consistent view is that the Aam Adhmi Party consists of Naxalites-Maoists supporters & sympathisers. While Naxalites-Maoists are wielding weapons and live in jungle, Arvind Kejriwal & Co. are without weapons and live in cities. They are collectively called “civil society”. When the entire communist movement has failed all over the world, the disgruntled elements took shelter under the name of ‘Civil Society’, and are carrying on their disruptive activities. They all do not believe in democracy, but arm-twist the elected governments. They are anarchists and believe in revolution - armed and unarmed - and not in evolution.
Initially, AK roped Sri Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ramdev into his India Against Corruption movement. They together submitted a Memorandum to the then President, Smt. Pratibha Patil, against Congress’s corruption. But both Sri Sri and Baba Ramdev quickly realised that AK is a fake nationalist and a rank Naxalite, and hence both distanced themselves from AK. But Anna, a man of honesty and integrity but innocent, fell into AK’s trap. AK used Anna to promote himself. It took sometime for Anna to realise AK’s ploy and disown him. Kiran Bedi too disassociated herself from AK. Our former Army Chief, Shri V.K. Singh, is still with Anna, but refuses to be associated with AK. Thus it is obvious that no nationalist and patriotic Indian can get along with AK.
AK formed the AAP against the wishes of Anna. His main plank was corruption and the fight was against the corrupt Congress. But strangely today he considers the nationalist BJP as its main enemy and not the corrupt Congress, a typical attitude of the Left-Naxalites-Maoists gang.
In Delhi, BJP with 32 MLAs does not have the majority and hence could not form the Govt. But Congress has offered unconditional support to AAP. Then why is the gimmick of asking for citizen’s opinion via SMS. Is he not making a mockery of elections? In a democracy, every party goes to the people with its manifesto. Then why does he shoot out 18 stupid questions to BJP and Congress. Is he not ridiculing the democratic practices?
As said earlier, AK is an unpatriotic person. He was instrumental in removing the Bharat Mata picture from the stage of Anna’s Fast. He has taken the support of terrorist Moulana Taukeer Raza who was involved in the gruesome riots of Bareily and who announced a bounty for the beheading of Taslima Nasreen. AK has termed the Batla House encounter as fake, although the court has proved otherwise. He has said that “Ram Janmabhoomi” is a communal issue. AK has participated in the protests against the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant, an anti-national campaign of Christian missionaries. AK has worked for the Missionaries of Charity too. When Anna’s Fast programme in Mumbai fizzled out, he went begging to Muslim and Christian leaders for their support, but not to any Hindu leader.
One of the leaders of AAP, Ms. Shazia Ilmi, has compared patriotic RSS with terrorist Taliban. Also, look at the way how a MLA of AAP, Gopal Rai, questioned our ex-Army Chief and tried to disrupt his meeting in Ralegaon Siddhi. Anna had to scold him and asked him to get out from his village. Also, the shoe-thrower on PC, Jarnail Singh, has become AAP MLA. Another MLA of AAP, Dharmender Koli, is booked for molesting a women.
AAP leader, Prashant Bhushan, and AAP MLA Vinod Kumar want Kashmir to be separated from India. Should they not be tried for treason? Bhushan even opposed the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru who planned the bombing of our Parliament in 2001. He defends terrorists in court, free of cost. He has called RSS a Nazi organisation. He has accused Indian army of raping women in Kashmir. Another Maoist supporter Dr. Binayak Sen, who is convicted of life imprisonment for treason and is on bail, is a leading member of AAP. Another leading member of AAP, Yogendra Yadav was advisor to Rahul Gandhi in 2009 parliamentary elections. He was also close to Sonia and was a member of her NAC.
AK has also had the audacity to say that Modi is not only communal but corrupt too. Even the Congress did not dare to say that Modi is corrupt. AK has never said a word about bringing back the illegal moneys stashed abroad - Not a word against Sonia Gandhi or Nehru clan. Not a whimper against unconstitutional National Advisory Council. Not a bleat against Rahul Gandhi. But he takes on Modi and has vowed to stop his march to Delhi. You can just understand his priorities.
Some top leaders of AAP are receiving donations from foreign countries. The Ford Foundation has paid to Kabir (an NGO run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia) $1,72,000 in 2005; then again in 2008 of $1,97,000. It is also reported that another NGO “Awaaz” from USA has also funded AK’s Janlokpal Andolan. It is the same “Awaaz” which funded revolutionaries in Libya, Syria and Egypt - to destabilise and throw out the govts. in those countries.
It is apparent that any Indian getting Awards or taking donation from such foreign NGOs can not be cent percent loyal to Bharat, as all foreign aids come with stings attached - the intention being to create dissent in India and to destabilize our spiritual and cultural unity. And Arvind Kejriwal is doing exactly that. He has become a weapon in the hands of USA in fighting the “Cultural Cold War” in India.
There are 3,4 and 5-time CMs of Congress and BJP. Then why not Manmohan Singh for the third time? (when he is willing to work under Rahul). It is an admission of Congress that Manmohan Singh is a total failure and is worthless for the post. The party is now convinced that the people are going to reject it in the 2014 parliamentary elections. Hence, the next nasty thing it would do is to use AAP as a spoilsport to stop the march of NaMo. With enormous money looted from the public at its disposal, Congress is likely to prop up AAP candidates in all the parliamentary constituencies so as to divide the anti-Congress votes, and spoil the chances of BJP, as it has done in Delhi. APP would love to oblige Congress. The Left parties will support such an arrangement as they are birds of the same feather. And the “Paid Media” will hype up AK as an angel, and supplement Cong. efforts.
AAP talks about only one problem namely corruption and blames Congress & BJP equally. AAP demanded a Lok Pal, as though it is a magic wand. No law will solve the problem, unless the implementor of the law desires. Jagan Mohan Reddy was behind bar for 16 months in a Disproportionate Assets case. But in similar such cases, Mulayam and Mayavati have never been arrested and are roaming free. The reason is: Jaganmohan challenged Congress, while Mulayam and Mayavati support Congress. Also, A Raja and Kanimozhi have been in jail under the existing laws, without Lok Pal, by the efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy. By saying that a Lok Pal will solve corruption, Arvind Kejriwal is fooling the gullible people.
AAP has never spelt its stand on - (1) Article 370, (2) Cow Slaughter, (3) Uniform Civil Code, (4) Ram Temple, (5) Ram Sethu, (6) Jihadi terrorism, (7) Inflation, etc. As these are issues concerning Nationalists (Hindus), he is maintaining a studied silence.
As the Communists and also Sonia Gandhi do not have any love for Sanatan Hindu Dharm, Hindu Culture and Hindu way of living, so also is APP. If India is the body (nation) Hindutva is its soul (aatma). Any development devoid of this soul is like a body (India) without the soul (Hindutva). APP wants to do exactly this, which no nationalist can agree to.
Right thinking nationalists were surprised when Baba Ramdev declared that Bharat Swabhimaan Andolan candidates will contest all 543 LS Seats. Because they feared that this will split BJP votes and help the congress win. Finally Baba Ramdev, as a true nationalist, realised the damage it will cause to BJP and NaMo. Hence he decided not to contest elections under BSA, but fully support NaMo. This is the attitude of a true nationalist.
But Arvind Kejriwal, a destabiliser of Bharat, has decided to do the exact opposite of what Baba Ramdev did. If AK has the interest of the nation at heart, he could have joined hands with Narendra Modi in eradicating corruption. But instead he has joined hands with the corrupt Congress. He also accused NaMo of corruption, which even the Congress did not make. This is the difference between true nationalists and AK, a rookie. After successfully halting Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman Andolan, AK now wants to do the same with NaMo.
A lot is mentioned in the press and the electronic media about the simplicity of AK. The media, both print and electronic, is giving undue importance and publicity to AK, probably at the prompting of Congress. But when similar simplicity is shown by BJP CMs, the media hides them.
For example, AK is an IITian, and so is Manohar Parikkar (MP),  BJP CM of Goa. AK travelled in Delhi Metro. MP sometimes rides a scooter. When going to Delhi, MP travels by economy class and carries his own baggage. Narendra Modi takes a salary of only Rs.12,553/- per month, while the Chief Ministers before him used to take two lakh rupees per month. NaMo can have a personal staff of up to 22 people. But in the whole of India Narendra Modi is the only chief minister who has just three people in his personal staff. But the anti-Hindu media does not talk about the simplicity of BJP CMs, but praises AK sky-high. The media has an agenda - to stop NaMo from reaching Delhi - by hyping up AK and dividing the anti-Congress votes, as it did in Delhi elections.
A lot of hullabaloo is made about AK not taking any security. Security is required for politicians and leaders who fight for a strong and united India, against terrorists who want to dismantle Bharat. When AK is helping them (terrorists) in doing it, why should the terrorists target him. In fact AK is a friend of terrorists and jihadis; hence there will be no threat to his life.
The Aam Admi Party is a bubble just erupted from the ruin created by the mismanagement of the country and large-scale corruption indulged in by the UPA Govt. But it consists of anarchists and self-publicity seekers.
Under no stretch of imagination can the success of AAP at the New Delhi elections be regarded as evidence of any genuine matured political considerations and aspirations of the electorates who voted for AAP. The unexpected success of the party was only on account of the gigantic and unprecedented marketing strategy, using modern electronic social media by Arvind Kejriwal and a few of his sycophants. New Delhi being a small compact territory, it is a fertile ground for canvassing and organizing electorates, using the modern electronic media and marketing strategy.
For governing a vast country like India with innumerable social, religious, political and regional diversities and complexities, what is required is an able political leader with track records of effective growth oriented administration and governance like that of Narendra Modi under whose dynamic leadership the State of Gujarat achieved consistent progress and prosperity, drawing international acclaims and kudos.
Narendra Modi has a very humble beginning in his foray into Indian politics; he has had several decades of track records of leading an unblemished active political life and bringing his State into a phenomenal success, generating world-wide attention. He has no family and absolutely nothing to gain out of any corrupt dealings. Any one who is accusing him of corruption or nepotism, which Kejriwal has done, is utterly dishonest.
The Congress Party, media, all Western countries, all Islamic nations, AAP, all regional parties, terrorists, blackmarketeers, plunderers, criminals, selfish-professionals, etc. - No one, I repeat no one, wants Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of India, as many of them will be in jail if Modi becomes the Prime Minister. Therefore, they want to stop the march of NaMo to Delhi at any cost. But all true Nationalists, who want India to be prosperous, peaceful, stable and glorious, want only Modi.
Like the Communist Parties, AK too never talks anything against regional parties. although most of them are corrupt and castiest. It may not be a surprise if a third front is formed consisting of such regional parties with AK as its head. This third front will take away some of the anti-Congress votes, which will otherwise go to BJP. Thus, the intention of APP is only to stop the march of NaMo to Delhi. It is not at all interested in eradicating corruption and casteism. It wants to take the nation to anarchy.
It is therefore left to the matured Indian citizens as a whole to decide as to whether they want to be governed by a political leadership (like Narendra Modi) with proven track records of leading the country to progress, prosperity, stability and international reputation or by a “bubble” (Arvind Kejriwal & Co) characterized  as refuge of political and economic opportunists, thereby bringing the nation to permanent ruin.
Today, Nationalists/Hindus are forced to fight on two fronts - one against the corrupt Congress and the other against the anti-national AAP.  While the former is plundering the nation, AK is following the policies of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic President Mikhail Gorbachav. Gorbachav too talked of reforming state economy by introducing glasnost ("openness") and perestroika ("restructuring"). He ultimately ended up dividing USSR into many independent states. Communists in India too have never accepted India as one nation. Their stand is that India is a country of many nations, and hence is likely to disintegrate one day. Voting for Kejriwal and AAP will surely accelerate this process. Every Nationalist would shudder to even think of this calamity.
Hindus should be aware of these anarchists and nib them in the bud, as they are a threat to our unity, democracy and freedom - not to mention about their hatred towards Sanatan Hindu Dharm. Hindus need to be told that APP is a substitute for Left (which even CPM Leader Prakash Karat has confirmed), and the real alternative to Congress is BJP. AAP is a party of hotchpotch rookies who do not believe in the rule of law. Its growth will be disastrous for the nation.
Hence, I appeal to every Nationalist (Hindu) to not only vote for NaMo but also prevail upon your friends and wellwishers to vote for NaMo, making NaMo get 300 seats in the 2014 Parliamentary Elections. Herein lies the interest of beloved Motherland.

Vande Mataram.

P. Deivamuthu, B.Com., LL.B.
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