Thursday, September 06, 2012

Islamic Jihad arrives in India

Islamic Jihad arrives in India

In my last editorial (August), I had mentioned, ‘what about Indian Muslims, who at the drop of a hat, come on the streets shouting ‘Islam is in danger’?’. The edit also mentioned how enlightened Muslims from Arab countries such as Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and United Arab Emirates are outsourcing peace, tolerance and happiness in the Samadhi of Satya Sai Baba, as they are not available in Islam. 

To prove me right, Muslims in Mumbai came on the street (in Azad Maidan) on 11th August 2012 by way of a ‘peaceful rally’ in support of Muslims being allegedly attacked in our own Assam and also in another country, Myanmar. As provocative speeches were in progress, a section of the crowd got incited and rioted. 

Rioting Muslims molested lady police staff, snatched away weapons from policemen, burnt many vehicles, attacked and injured 45 policemen and set on fire a police van and a few OB vans. Many cameras of Press persons were snatched and smashed. Many reporters were thrashed. The mob unsuccessfully tried to throw a senior reporter of a daily into a burning vehicle. Many shops in the sub-way were set on fire. Even office-going ladies were not spared.
The rioting mob did not spare even the ‘Amar Jawan’ Stambh in front of the main office of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. It is a memorial for those who sacrificed their life in the freedom battles. Rioting Muslims completely demolished the memorial.
Can you imagine a ‘peaceful’ rioter vandalising the memorial for our Jawans? Even if there is an iota of nationalism in him he could not have touched it. Leave alone revering the memorial for our Jawans, these Muslim rioters had the guts to destroy it. If they are not Jihadis, what are they?

t is reported that Muslims from Kurla (a suburb of Mumbai) boarded trains for CST armed with lathis, iron rods, swords and petrol. They alighted at CST, a distance of about 18 Kms, and indulged in these heinous acts of violence. Inspite of prior information, the police did not stop them on the way. Were the police prevented from doing so, by the Congress govt.?
If Hindus or any Hindu organisation had done such a rioting (which is unimaginable), the Congress Govt. would have riddled their bodies with bullets. Leaders of all ‘secular’ parties would have pounced on the organisers, demanding its ban. The Govt. would have shown it as a proof of ‘Saffron Terror’. 

Will they term the 11 August riots in Mumbai by Muslims as ‘Green Terror’? - which it was. They wouldn’t, because it is against their secular Dharm. The Mumbai riots by Muslims was the outcome of the over-appeasement of minorities and also the Congress policy of ‘Muslims should not be hurt’. 

Raza Academy which called for this ‘peaceful’ protest did not utter a single word when nearly 4 lakh Hindus were driven out from Kashmir, by Jihadis. The persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh does not touch their heart. Sunni Muslims wantonly killing Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Iraq does not bother them. They close their eyes when Talibans behead innocent Muslims in Afghanistan. Now their hearts bleed for Myanmar Muslims who have been refused asylum even by Bangladesh, a Muslim country.

In the month of August 2012, we saw two agitations - one being held by Baba Ramdev in Delhi, against corruption and black money and the present one under discussion being held by Raza Academy.

In the former, we could see patriotic fervor. Their protest was only against the misrule of the UPA Govt. Every one was carrying a national flag. The protestors were peaceful and orderly. No public property was damaged. 

In the latter, we could see only anti-national mood. No one carried the national flag. On the contrary, photographs show that there was at least one Pakistani flag. It was the month of Ramzan, when Muslims were supposed to observe restraint. But when Ministers and Political Leaders  were enjoying Iftar parties, Muslims assembled at Azad Maidan for a ‘peaceful’ demonstration, started a riot denigrating the sanctity of the month. 

What has happened in Assam is a fight for survival of Hindus. Muslims in Assam and Bangladeshi infiltrators have joined hands to eliminate local Bodos, who are Hindus. It is idiocy to describe it as an ethnic clash or a clash between nationals and anti-nationals. It is Islamic jihad. 

Muslims - whether from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh - consider them as one Community. Islam does not recognise national boundaries. It does not believe in nationalism. Islam wants to establish its rule over the entire world. Muslims are acting according to this Islamic dictum. 
What has happened in Assam was waiting to happen. In fact, this may be repeated in many parts of India as illegal Bangladeshi Muslims have settled all over India, with the help of local Muslim organisations. Otherwise, how do one explain the fact that many families of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar have reached Delhi, Hyderabad, etc.? Are they not infiltrators? Who is giving them asylum? And how are they sustaining? Compare this with how the Govt. treats Hindus from Pakistan who refuse to go back fearing for their lives.

Looking at what has happened in Assam and the support given by Muslims in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow, Ranchi, Bareilly, Sirohi, etc. one can reasonably be sure that Jihad has arrived in India. This has been seen in various parts of the world at various times in history. This is primarily the consequence of a mixture of Islamic theology and its history.

Unless we have genuine and uncompromising political and military will (which the UPA Govt. does not), this Jihad is likely to be replicated in other parts of India too, in future.