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BJP, Sack Advani or Perish
P. Deivamuthu
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, June 2013)

The Karnataka election results have come as a rude shock for all Nationalists. The people of Karnataka have not only given a clear majority to the corrupt Congress, but have given a good thrashing for the BJP.
In recent months, the BJP has been losing one state after another. After Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh, it has now lost its only bastion in the South.
Unfortunately no head is rolling for this humiliating defeat. In fact, the people responsible for the defeat are the ones who are analysing the defeat. Naturally, they will try and hide their faults and pass on the bucks to others.
The entire blame for the state of affairs in BJP, including for the defeat in Karnataka, must fall on Mr. L.K. Advani. His ambition to become the Prime Minister, echoed now and then by his cronies, is costing the party (and the nation too) heavily. Unless Mr. Advani is sacked by the BJP, there is no hope for the party in the 2014 parliamentary elections.
His statement that people are disillusioned with both the Congress and the BJP is to confuse the people and to hide his misdeeds. People are not disillusioned with the BJP, but definitely with him as the captain of the party. The captain is admitting defeat before the war begins? He is trying to demoralise the otherwise enthusiastic party workers. With such a captain, can the war be won?
His recent blog that the Karnataka results were not surprising is a cunning way to escape from responsibility. He is trying to neutralise the effect of the defeat which is of his own doing. In Karnataka, Mr. Yeddyurappa should have been reinstated as the CM, once the High Court cleared him. But Mr. Advani wanted to force his yes-man, Ananth Kumar, as the CM of Karnataka, against the wishes of the people. It is the arrogant and vengeance attitude of Mr. Advani against Yeddyurappa that cost Karnataka.
No doubt Advani revived BJP and brought it to the centre stage by winning 89 seats in the 1989 parliamentary elections, against the 2 seats it held in 1984. However, for this purpose, he hijacked the Ramjanmabhoomi movement spearheaded by the VHP, by taking out a Rath Yathra. There was neither sincerity of purpose nor commitment to the cause. It was just to exploit Hindu sentiments. And he succeeded in taking the Hindus for a ride. The Hindu wave catapulted BJP to power at the centre in 1998 and again in 1999.
After coming to power on the Hindutva wave, he (& Vajpayee) did nothing for the Hindus. No effort worth the name was made to hand over the Ramjanmabhoomi to Hindus by enacting a law. The reason given was that it was a NDA govt. and not of BJP. What prevented some of the BJP MPs from bringing in a private member bill for this purpose, and in the process letting the government fall, instead of declaring election 6 months in advance in 2004. The fact was that there was no Will in Vajpayee Advani & Co. to respect Hindu sentiments. All they were aiming was to get Nobel Peace Prize, neglecting their constituency and Hindutva.
Even during the 2009 parliamentary elections, Advani put a moratorium on taking up issues concerning Hindus. The arrest of Varun Gandhi by Mayavati for his alleged inflammatory speech (now set aside by the court) came handy for Advani. Thus, in a way, he paved the way for UPA-II.
Mr. Advani has given up Hindutva and has joined the secular gang, to be acceptable to his NDA allies. Reliable sources inform me that he has personally confirmed that without compromising on ideology, it is impossible to attain power. And his recent talks too very much confirm this.
For the release of the Urdu version of his book “My country, My life” Advani invited Rashtriya Sahara editor Aziz Burney, who is a known Hindu hater and who blamed RSS for 26/11.
When Dr. Manmohan Singh said (in Dec. 2006) that minorities should have the first claim on our resources, Mr. Advani, as the opposition leader, should have pounced on the PM for dividing the people on religious line. The PM should have been hauled up before the court for violating the constitution. But Advani acquiesced. This has emboldended the PM to announce many more privileges for the minorities at the cost of Hindus, and even subverting the constitution.
The UPA Govt. has given so many issues on a platter. But the BJP under Advani, refuses to grasp them. Why can’t they learn some lessons from Dr. Subramanian Swamy? Hence one tends to believe the rumour that Sonia is blackmailing Advani.
During his Jan Chetna Yatra in 2011, two more dangerous issues - the Communal Violence Bill and the Interlocutors Report on J&K - were in the public domain. RSS instructed the entire Sangh parivar to educate the people on these matters. But Advani never bothered to talk about these two issues during his Yatra. He talked only about corruption. That shows his ‘commitment’ to National/Hindu causes.
Mr. Advani needs to explain how Delhi, a cosmopolitan city and the citadel of Jan Sangh, slipped out of the hands of BJP. Why did the people of Delhi continuously reject BJP? Who is responsible for this? Even Mumbai, which once gave all six MP seats to BJP, has completely rejected the party. Is it not a rejection of Advani’s captaincy?
Mr. Advani, during his long innings in the BJP, has appointed his yes-men in all important positions. One can oppose him only at his own peril. Look at what has happened to the Treasurer of the Karnataka BJP, Lehar Singh Siroya, who has been sacked for questioning Mr. Advani.
History is repeating. Nehru was blindly supported by congressmen, and he took the nation towards doom. Similarly, Advani is taking the party towards destruction, and sincere party workers are afraid of questioning him.
When a demand was made for his resignation from the post of opposition leader, he cunningly created another post for himself, as Chairman of the Parliamentary Party.
Mr. Advani should remember that he has lost credibility among the people. He is disliked by the people of this nation. Hence he should stop playing partisan politics by instigating his cronies. He should give up his ambition of PMship, and support Narendra Modi as the BJP’s PM candidate. This is in the interest of the party as well as the nation.
Former RSS Chief, late Shri K.C. Sudarshan did advise him to retire, but Advani did not care. There is no one in the BJP today (not even in RSS), who can say this openly due to his seniority, although all do agree. It is therefore incumbent upon all BJP workers and Hindus to revolt against him and demand his sacking, so as to save BJP from further decimation. Otherwise, he will be paving the way for UPA-III and this Hindu Nation will be doomed for ever.
Today, BJP is the only nationalist party which can save the nation from the corrupt and anti-national Congress. But it is imperative that BJP is cleansed of selfish and disgruntled elements - like Advani - first, who are putting self before the party and the nation.

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WAKE UP OR PERISH By Madhu Deolekar
Published by: Hindu Voice

Sunday, May 05, 2013

BJP should woo all Hindu Warriors

BJP should woo all Hindu Warriors
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, May 2013)

In my editorial in the Feb. 2013 issue, I had appealed to BJP President Rajnath Singh Ji to make BJP into a pro-Hindu party, and not to haunt Muslim votes. A few readers of Hindu Voice have also written to Rajnath Singhji, endorsing my views and enclosing my editorial. It seems that the collective appeal has had a salutary effect on the BJP President.

In the recently announced BJP National Office Bearers, he has given space for Shri Narendra Modi at the BJP Parliamentary Board. He has also included Varun Gandhi, Amit Shah and Uma Bharati in his national team. I am sure that this will send a strong message among Hindus that BJP is coming to its moorings.
By playing its communal card, the Congress is polarizing minority votes. Hence, the BJP has no other alternative but to polarize Hindu voters in its favour. Look at how the UPA Govt. is trying to bring back the Communal Violence Bill when election is nearing. The only intention is to send a strong signal to Muslims and Christians that it does care for them and hence they should vote for Congress in the coming parliamentary elections.

When Congress can cater to the base religious sentiments of Muslims and Christians with vote-bank considerations, why can’t the BJP voice the genuine concerns of Hindus and try for their votes? For example, the Congress Govt. has announced setting up of “special courts” for Muslims. But does it care to even chargesheet and start trial of the so called ‘Hindu terrorists’ like Sadhvi Prangya, Swami Aseemananda, Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth (Dayanand Pandey) and Col. Purohit? They are just rotting in the jail without even a trial. This and many other double standards of the Congress must be exposed to the general public?

Now that hardline Hindus have found space in the BJP high command, I would like to put forward some more suggestions to Rajnath Singh ji.

The BJP should accommodate all Hindu Warriors active in different parts of India, as they are constantly in touch with the people, fighting for Hindu causes. Some of them should even be given ticket to fight elections. It is a good news that Shri Raja Singh Thakur of Sri Ram TV, who is giving a tough fight to MIM in Hyderabad, has joined BJP. Further, Shri Pramod Muthalik of Sri Ram Sene, Mangalore, has also asked for BJP ticket. I would even suggest that Shri Tapan Ghosh of Hindu Samhati, Kolkata, Arjun Sampath of Hindu Makkal Katchi in Tamil Nadu (whose house was recently attacked by Muslims) and many others should also be invited to join BJP and fight election in their respective places.

We all met in Goa in June 2012 at the ‘All India Convention for Hindu Nation’ organised by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. Their commitment for a Hindu Nation is absolute.

 Recently a United Hindu Front has been formed in Delhi, consisting of many Hindu organisations, for the protection of Ram Sethu. Some of the leading activists of this UHF can also be accommodated by the BJP. 

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, another Hindu warrior, is already with the NDA.

In this entire scenario, one may ask, where is RSS? - the ‘so called’ Hindu Nation Builder. RSS has made itself irrelevant, by running away from the media. People have forgotten it,  but for the occasional outbursts of some Congressmen. RSS leaders have become more sanghatan-premi than Rashtra-premi. Also, by keeping itself aloof from politics, it is wasting a large force of human resources (Swayamsevaks). At the same time, Hindu Warriors working independently (myself included) are condemned by RSS as ‘radicals’. Its diagnosis of the illness of the Hindu society is wrong. Further, RSS does not digest individual’s growth as it is always organisation-centric, whereas Indian politics is always individual-centric; party and ideology come later. Therefore, the solution to the problems the nation faces today has to be sought outside RSS. 

Here, Baba Ramdev does play a crucial role. He is a true Rashtrapurush and is very practical. He has properly diagnosed the illness in the society (corruption, black money and criminalisation of politics) and is prescribing the right medicine (attaining political power). For this, he is utilising the services of Aastha and Sanskar TV channels. He is more Rashtra-premi than Sanghatan-Premi. He has openly declared his support to Modi. Ramdevji is bound to support BJP in the coming elections, if Modi is projected as the PM candidate. 

Even if Ramdevji forms a new political party (not an easy task, given the limited time available before elections), there should be an alliance between BJP and Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev has assiduously built up an anti-Congress vote bank, by his nationwide campaigns against corruption and black money, risking his life and his empire and in the process earning the ire of the corrupt UPA Govt. The BJP-Ramdev alliance should take advantage of this anti-Congress vote bank in the coming parliamentary elections.

While all these are possible and will catapult BJP into power on the strength of Hindu votes, what is causing concern is the attitude of some of the top leaders of BJP, especially Mr. L.K. Advani. LKA was projected as the PM candidate in 2009, and the BJP miserably lost. Still the greedy LKA does not want to retire, and is very much in the race. Some of his recent utterances are unpalatable. Further, one day he instigates Nitish Kumar against Modi. Another day it is Mulayam or Sushma Swaraj or Vijay Goyal, singing peans to him (LKA). 

One thing is sure; If LKA is projected as PM candidate again, the BJP may not get even 100 seats. This is what all NDA partners want - a weak BJP so that they can make it dance to their tune. Also, no regional party wants a single party rule at the centre, as they cannot coerce it. Therefore, BJP should neglect JDU and other allies who are against Modi. It is also better not to give him (LKA) ticket at all, so as to send a clear message to Hindus that he is not in the reckoning.

While the selfish so called ‘secular’ leaders are against Narendra Modi, leave apart patriotic Hindus, even our Sadhus and Sants have put their stamp of approval on Modi. Modi’s presence and speech at the Sivagiri Mutt in Kerala on 24th April and also his inauguration of Baba Ramdev’s Acharyakulam School in Haridwar on 26th April in presence of many influential spiritual leaders are enough proofs.

Now the BJP should - (1) officially declare Modi as its PM candidate; (2) negotiate with Baba Ramdev for an alliance; (3) appeal to like-minded Sadhus, Sants and Dharmacharyas to overtly support Modi in the coming elections; (4) woo all Hindu Warriors; and (5) expose the UPA Govt. for the ill-treatment meted out to Hindus, apart from taking up other issues.

And, on doing so, the BJP will catapult to power at the centre on its own - NDA or no NDA.