Friday, April 11, 2014

Hindu Voice in Tamil

Hindu Voice in Tamil

Vote for Modi

Vote for Modi
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, April 2014)

By the time this issue reaches your hands, it will be election time. The entire nation will be in the midst of 2014 Parliamentary elections, to be held in 9 phases beginning 7th April and ending 12th May.
Elections come every five years. But this election has a special significance for Hindus. The nation has to be saved from forces inimical to Hindu ethos and Hindutva, which is the binding and unifying force of Bharat.
Look at the creation of Telangana. It is declared by the UPA govt. that the date of creation of Telangana will be 2nd June. Now what is the significance of 2nd June for India. You will be shocked to know. That is the Republic Day of Italy.
Now why should Italy’s republic day be related to creation of Telangana in India? That is because we are ruled by an Italian Christian Illiterate Lady, who happened to work as a Waitress in London. 2nd June is the day when Italy became a Republic. 2nd June is a national holiday in Italy. (Please refer to Dr T.H. Chowdary’s letter on page 5.) Apart from Kashmir, our nation and its identity is being sold out inch by inch by this foreign lady, who has no love for Hindus, Hinduism and Hindutva, and for India too. And she is being supported by a bunch of crooked Congressmen.
Now even her sister-in-law, Maneka Gandhi, has questioned about her acquisition of so much wealth. ‘She went on to become the sixth richest woman in the world’, she exclaimed.
Taking a cue from her, most of the ministers in the UPA Govt., headed by a dishonest, dumb and worthless Prime Minister, have plundered this nation. After looting the nation’s wealth, ministers like P. Chidambaram and Manish Tiwari are afraid of facing the people and hence have refused to fight the elections.
Unlike earlier times, this time we have a clear and viable alternative before us. The BJP has declared Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate - a suggestion made by Hindu Voice in 2009 itself, but summarily rejected by the party then. He has declared that he is a Hindu, a Nationalist, and hence a Hindu Nationalist.

For the first time after independence, we have a Prime Ministerial candidate who has the guts to proudly declared himself a Hindu and ask for votes. Hence it is the duty of all nationalists who love our mother land to vote for Modi-BJP and make him victorious, and throw out this corrupt, dynastic and anti-national Congress. 
No one has dared to accuse Modi of corruption or any anti-social activities. The charges of communalism made against him are baseless and lies. All the charges  are proved false and baseless by different constitutional bodies. As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has taken his state to great heights. If he becomes the Prime Minister, our nation will become a heaven on earth.
Therefore, I appeal to all Hindus that if you want India to be a free, democratic and secular country, please vote for Narendra Modi (BJP). Please do not succumb to any false or misleading propaganda by our enemies. We may not be able to convince every Hindu, as some are selfish and opportunists. But remember, even if 50% Hindus vote for Narendra Modi, he can get about 300 seats. Vote for BJP by pressing the Lotus (Kamal) button.
Although I do not give any importance to the Aam Aadhmi Party, a few words about this anarchists party need  to be said, as AAP has been given wide coverage by a conniving media. Arvind Kejriwal launched AAP to fight against corruption, epitomized by the Congress. Subsequently, he formed the Government in Delhi with the support of the same Congress. Now he does not say a single word about the corrupt Congress, Sonia, Rahul or the Prime Minister. He is reported to have had secret parleys with the Sonia gang. Now, his only target is Narendra Modi. What are his qualities to take on Modi? Is AAP a national party - more than the communists?
AK has ditched Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, V.K Singh, Kiran Bedi, and many others. He has proved that no nationalist can work with him as he is an anarchist - without any principle or ideology - working for foreign forces to destabilise Bharat. At the most, AAP may eat into some of the Communist votes as both are of the same feather, i.e. foot soldiers of Naxalites and Maoists.
It seems the Congress, having reconciled to the fact that it is going to lose this election very badly, is propping up AK as a substitute, to divide the anti-Congress votes, as it did in Maharashtra (Raj Thackerey) and Andhra Pradesh (Chiranjeevi), during the 2009 elections.
The Congress has moles in BJP too, who may sabotage the huge victory Modi is likely to get. The ascendancy of Modi has disturbed their well established equations. The discontent expressed by some top BJP leaders is an indication, which will just vanish. This is but natural for any party during the time of leadership change. And with Modi, they cannot do any hanky panky.
I have a feeling that the Providence too is with Modi. Inspite of so much mud slinging at him by his enemies, his forward march could not be stopped during the last 12 years. He has thwarted all conspiracies against him. Today even the God seems to help him.
Just look at the calendar of 1947 and 2014. Both are similar. That gives us a clear message that history is repeating itself. There was a major political power-transfer in 1947. The Britishers had to leave India and we got independence. Similarly in 2014, after the political churning (elections) in India, the Italians and their cohorts will have to run away from Bharat. This will  begin on 16th May, when the votes will be counted and results declared. Let us pray God that this happens.