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Demonetization : The blatant lies by Congress Leaders

Demonetization : The blatant lies by Congress Leaders

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, January 2017)

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh termed in the Rajya Sabha on November 24, 2016 the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes an “organised loot and legalised plunder.” He also said that a “monumental mismanagement has taken place.”
This is nothing but an idiotic statement from Dr. Singh. Looted by and from whom - Dr. Singh should explain.

In fact, the nation was looted during his term as the Prime Minister. Scams like 2G, CWG, Coalgate, Augusta, etc. etc. did take place during his tenure as the Prime Minister. While the nation was being looted, he was just looking the other way. Dr. Singh and others should have been tried for these plunders, but somehow the Modi govt. has not prosecuted them.
In spite of these scams, he has the audacity to say that the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes is an “organised loot”. If this is not a blatant lie, what  it is?

Rahul Gandhi on 23rd December 2016 said the note ban decision is not a fight against black money or corruption but is an "economic robbery". Robbed by and from whom - Rahul should explain.

Rahul has also accused the PM of snatching the money from the poor and giving it away to Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi. It is a blatant lie. Moneys were loaned to Mallya and Lalit Modi during the UPA regime. PM Modi has nothing to do with these lendings. How can he blame PM Modi for this?

Rahul said that he is not allowed to talk in parliament. Again this is a lie. In fact, it was the Congress which interrupted parliament, making the entire winter session a washout. He said if he is allowed to talk in parliament, there will be an earthquake. He further said that Modi is terrified of him. These are just lose talks.

While he has used Sahara vehicle for his election campaign during 2014 elections, he has the audacity to accuse Modi of taking bribe from Sahara.
The following statements from different Congress leaders give the reporting card of the UPA Govt. It is a self-appraisal.

1. Manmohan Singh : More than 50% of the population is poor, they don't have bank accounts.
2. Rahul Gandhi : More than 40% of the population is illiterate, how can you expect them to do digital transactions.
3. Manishankar Ayyar : There is huge unemployment in the country.
4. P. Chidambaram : More than 50% of the villages still don't have electricity.
5. Manish Tewari: People don't have basic needs like food and clothing.

For all the above problems existing in our society, the Congress party is wholly and solely responsible, having ruled the country for more than 60 years. Instead of owing responsibility for the undergrowth of our economy, they start accusing Modi government which has come to power only 21/2 years ago.

In Venezuela, which is a much smaller economy, demonetisation created chaos, street riots and the economy collapsed. Nothing like this happened in India. On the contrary, Demonetisation has become a 'Game Changer' of India. It is a major 'Pro Poor' step.
The adage is "Kill Two Birds In One Stone". But Demonetisation has killed many birds in India.

The characteristics of cash like anonymity, portability, liquidity, and wide acceptance makes it the enabler of crime and provides the fertile ground for it. Black economy directly or indirectly promotes riots, kidnappings, petty crimes, smuggling, poverty, reduced wages, separatists movements, conversions, bandhs, terrorism, espionage, propaganda, colour revolutions, weakening of state, emboldening of foreign powers, hawala operations, corruption, drug trade, tax evasion, human trafficking, informal employment, weak law and order, extortion, naxalism, fake currency and many such trends. An abrupt ending of stone pelting in Kashmir valley and the surrender of several Naxals immediately after demonetisation is a clear example of how cash could be misused. 

According to Mr. Jagdish Bhagwati the well-known professor of economics from Columbia University, Demonetisation is a major 'Pro Poor' step. It has reduced the disparity between the Rich and poor by about 30% .

In spite of their best efforts by most of the opposition parties, the people of this country have welcomed this historic step by Modi. 

The victory of the BJP in by polls in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, and recently in Chandigarh proves that PM has made significant inroads to the voters and voters by large have welcomed the move. This in turn makes the PM stronger to take even more strong steps and part of it would be reflected in 2019 elections as well. 

I repeat what I wrote in my last month’s editorial:

“It is proved beyond doubt that the people of this country have absolute faith in Narendra Modi, after seeing his work as the Prime Minister for the last 21/2 years. This is also confirmed by the recent election results from many states. With his sincerity, hard work, honesty and dedication, people might think that, if it is not Modi, no other person could take this type of drastic step to curb black money. Thus Modiji has created a niche for himself in the heart of every Indian. Because, no one was complaining about demonetizations or any inconvenience. The people have understood well that this is a short-term pain for long-term gain.”

We wish him all success in his demonetization efforts and in governing the nation.
May Bharat become a Super Power under his leadership.


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