Friday, May 06, 2011

Satyagrah Yes, Fast No.

Satyagrah Yes, Fast No.

Swami Ramdevji has announced that he will be starting a Satyagrah with a fast unto death from 4th June 2011 in New Delhi.

Although the whole world knows of his Satyagrah a month ago through the Aastha TV, the media is covering the news only now, when the news could no more be suppressed. That is how our news-hungry media behaves!

But I have a request to make to Swami Ramdevji. He should go for the Satyagrah and Dharna, and NOT for fasting unto death. Through the Satyagrah he should show his power which will itself frighten the corrupt politicians ruling our country. He can even challenge them politically - announcing the formation of a political party. He should field candidates in all the parliamentary constituencies and capture power at the centre. He can then implement his agenda. All this is OK.

But fasting unto death is risky. First, the fast will deteriorate his health. Second, the Congress never considered Anna Hazare as its enemy because he did not challenge it politically. Since Swami Ramdevji is challenging the Congress politically, the Congress considers him as an enemy. It will take this opportunity to ‘eliminate’ him. One or two days after the fast starts, the UPA government may arrest him and take him to a hospital and give him some injection on the pretext of saving his life, but in fact with long term effect to finish him off slowly in a few years. God forbid, but this may happen as the Congress will do anything to finish off its enemy.

Every nationalist Indian wants Swami Ramdevji to live for a few hundred years. He should make the nation and its people healthy through Yog and Politics, and guide Maa Bharathi to become the Vishwa Guru. What he is doing has the mass support of Indians, and he should go ahead with his programme of Nayi Azadi and Nayi Vyavastha.

In short, Swami Ramdevji should go ahead with his Satyagrah and Dharna, but CANCEL ‘fasting unto death’.

As it is, we have lost Rajiv Dixitji. We CANNOT lose Swami Ramdevji.

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit