Sunday, February 07, 2016

Modi - the weakest Prime Minister?

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, February 2016)

"I feel there was never a weaker Prime Minister’s Office as now," said Arun Shourie on 27th October 2015 at a book launch function in New Delhi. At that time, we all frowned at his statement, and dismissed it as one coming from a disgruntled person. But looking at the recent events, one tend to agree with what Shourie said.

In fact, today no one seem to care about Modi or the Central Government. Any one can say anything about Modi, and even abuse him, and still go scot free. Similarly, any State Govt. can act in any irresponsible manner, without fearing the intervention of the central government.

Take the case of Arvind Kejriwal. He said that the Prime Minister is “a coward and a psychopath”. Can some one, and a Chief Minister at that, make such a derogatory statement against the Prime Minister of the country. Still, there is no action against Kejriwal.

Recently, the Arvind Kejriwal Govt. appointed a commission of enquiry to probe alleged irregularities in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA). Delhi being a Union Territory short of full statehood, a commission of inquiry may be ordered only with the concurrence of the Centre, through the Lt. Governor. Thus the action of Kejriwal govt. was illegal.
Kejriwal has continuously been at war with the LG. Why can’t his govt. be dismissed for violation of the constitution?

Now take the case of Malda. About 2.5 lakh Muslims held a protest rally in Kaliachak on 3rd Jan. 2016. The rally turned violent and vandalized Kaliachak Police station, forcing the police personnel to run for their lives. Several BSF vehicles were torched. A NBSTC bus was also burnt. Over 30 people including police officers were injured. Shani Temple, Durga Temple and other Hindu temples were attacked at Baliadanga and around 25 houses and shops owned by Hindus were vandalized. 

While Malda was burning, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, was enjoying a musical concert with the Pakistan singer Gulam Ali in Kolkata on 12th January 2016. There is not a single word of apology or concern from her for the atrocities of Muslims on Hindus or for the property lost. She had the guts to not allow a BJP delegation to visit Malda.
This is a fit case for using Article 356 of the Constitution - to dismiss the West Bengal Govt. and bring in Governor’s rule. Will Modi do it?

The Muslim rioters in Malda were demanding the ‘death’ of Kamlesh Tiwari, a Hindu Mahasabha leader. In fact, Tiwari’s remark was similar to that of Azam Khan who had said that all RSS Pracharaks are homosexuals. While Tiwari is in jail, Azam Khan is cosying up as a Cabinet Minister in UP. Had the UP govt. been dismissed for the Dadri incident, there would not have been any award wapsi and also BJP would not have lost Bihar elections.

The Malda violence has spread to the neighbouring Purnia (Bihar), where Muslims vandalized the Baisi police station and destroyed several vehicles parked.

In Bihar, a JD(U) legislator Sarfaraj Alam (son of RJD MP, Mohd. Taslimuddin), and his bodyguards misbehaved with a couple travelling on the Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani Express on 17th Jan. According to sources, 578 murders have been reported in Bihar within two months of the Assembly elections. If this is not jungle raj, what it is? Why can’t the JDU-RJD govt. be taken to task for this poor law and order situation in Bihar?

In Tamil Nadu, a Conference on Abolishing Idol Worship is being organised by a Muslim Organisation, on 31st Jan. 2016. Banners and posters have been struck even on temple walls. How dare they do it, in a country which is 80 Hindu and idol-worshiping. The Muslim-loving Tamil Nadu Government does not seem to ban such a conference. Will it not lead to a communal situation, leading to law and order problem? Will the central govt. instruct the TN govt. to ban such a conference?

The lethargic attitude of the Modi government has even emboldened the Judiciary to unnecessarily interfere in matters concerning Hindu culture and spiritualism.

First, it was Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu  is a bull-taming event practised in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations. It is concerned with Tamil culture. These bulls are reared with love and special rituals are performed for them. Where is the question of torturing bulls?

Second, it is about women’s entry into Sabarimalai. A Muslim has gone to the court demanding entry of women into Sabarimalai temple. What is his locus standi? Will he demand entry of women into Masjid? And the Supreme Court has no compunction in entertaining such a petition from a Muslim, about matters concerning Hindu spiritualism.

The third is about the dress code in temples. The Madras High Court has stayed an order of the State Government to implement from January 1, a dress code for all temple goers. 

In the first case, the judiciary is not bothered about the sentiments of the people who have elected a government which is all for Jallikattu. In the second and the third, the court is unnecessarily interfering into Hindu spiritual practices. In all the three cases, the judiciary is questioning the age old customs of Hindus. What rights do they have, to do so? Why is the judiciary singling out only Hindu customs and traditions. Does it have the guts to questions the customs and traditions of other religions? Above all, Is this secularism?

As I said earlier, it all amounts to the lethargic attitude of the Modi govt., which seem to think that ‘development is the solution for all problems’. You are wrong, Mr. Modi. Development cannot stop Malda, Purnia, Muzaffarnagar. You talk to any Mullah or Moulvi, he will confirm that for Muslims, IDENTITY is more important than development. For Hindus, it is a question of self-esteem.

So Mr. Modi, be bold. Be on the offensive. Dismiss some of the state governments for violating the constitution, for failing to maintain law and order, etc.

To show that you are bold, the first and foremost thing you should do is to ask Sonia Gandhi to vacate her official bungalow, 10 Janpath, and allot her another bungalow befitting a MP. While Sonia’s home (10 Janpath) is spread over 15,181 square metre, your official residence (7 Race Course Road) sprawls over 14,101 square metre. Show me one country in the entire world, where an ordinary MP occupies a house larger than that of the PM of that country! It can happen only in India. This situation should change.
Dismiss Sonia from 10J and show your
boldness in administering the nation.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Is Modi suffering from Prithviraj Chauhan syndrome?

Is Modi suffering from Prithviraj Chauhan syndrome?

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, January 2016)

It is said that Prithviraj Chauhan, the Hindu King of Ajmer, pardoned his attacker Muhammad Ghori, a Muslim invader, many times. However, when Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan at last, he (Ghori) ruthlessly killed Chauhan. 

In today’s context, it seems, this is exactly what Modiji is doing with his enemies - forgiving them of the sins they had committed when they were the rulers of Bharat. And when they are returned to power (if at all that happens), they are bound to lynch Modi, as Ghori did to Chauhan.

The Congress was hell-bent on defeating Modi in the 2014 parliamentary election. They used all sorts of invectives against him like “Mauth ka Saudagar”, “Ghanchi”, “Chaiwala”, “Chap”, etc. The Congress was making herculean efforts to put him behind bars, by cooking up many false charges against him, through out his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

In spite of all these persecution, Modi has come out unscathed. No SIT, CBI or Court could find him guilty of any offence. On the top of it all, the people of this country gave him (BJP) 282 MPs, a comfortable majority.

But after becoming the PM of this country, Modiji has become a changed man. We are not able see in him the fighting spirit with which he faced all his opponents at the time of the election. Now, he has become soft and suave towards his enemies.

What was the need for him to call Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh to his residence for tea? What was he expecting from them? Was the purpose served? For me, it was a complete surrender before the enemy. The Congress - the Mother-Son duo - wants to defame Modiji and the nation, through out the world. They do not want the nation to prosper. Hence, inspite of his request at the Tea Meeting, they have failed to ensure the smooth running of Parliament.

It is exactly like expecting good neighbourly relations with Pakistan. You make any efforts, however genuine it may be, Pakistan is likely to shoot it down and continue with its anti-India and pro-terror policies. (One has to wait and see whether the present efforts of India - to have better relations with Pakistan - will bear any fruit).

Similarly, inspite of the PM and the many ministers requesting Congress not to disrupt parliament, the Congress is bent upon blocking it, in one pretext or the other. They have successfully blocked the present entire winter session of parliament too, repeating the disruption of the monsoon session, holding up important Bills.

One feels that the Prime Minister is too considerate towards Congress and other opposition parties. The entire nation is aware that they are neck deep in corruption. Instead of taking action against the corrupt ex-ministers and putting them behind bars, Modiji is talking of only “development”. No doubt, development is important, but the people of this nation also wants those who involved in blatant corruption and misdeeds to be punished. Modi govt. has not taken any action against them. And they are allowed to roam around freely. 

Not only that, those who should be behind bars by now, are questioning the credentials of the Modi government, as though they are clean and honest. Had action been taken against them, they would have been running for cover by now and would not have dared to question the government. The indulgence given to these looters has emboldened them to make malicious and baseless allegations against the government and some of its ministers and chief ministers.

Luckily, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has brought both Sonia and Rahul before Justice in the National Herald case. They both are now “accused on bail” in the NH case. There should have been many such cases against Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka, Vadra, Chidambaram, Hooda, Virbhadra Singh, Sheila Dixit, Digvijay Singh, Jagdish Tytler, etc. The list is endless. By this way, BJP can keep them tied to their cases with no time for them to dabble in national politics.

Modiji, and BJP, are loving their enemies - receiving Amir Khan, having tea with Sonia Gandhi,  trying to shake hands with Rahul Gandhi, etc. - and hating their friends who stood with him in his darkest hours. Modiji wants to be loved by Muslims and Christians, which will never happen, except a few exceptions here and there. On the contrary, helping Hindu causes (which he has completely neglected so far) will fetch him rich dividends at the time of elections.
With just 44 MPs (8%), the Congress party is holding Parliament to ransom. This shows the Speaker’s inability to run the parliament. What stops her from suspending/dismissing all those unruly MPs, and run the show with the remaining 92% MPs?

To defang the Nehru Dynasty, Modi govt. should immediately ask Sonia Gandhi to vacate 10 Janpath. 10 Janpath, similar to 10 Downing Street in London, was supposed to be the official residence of the PM. Sonia Gandhi is now just a MP. Hence, she  should be allotted another accommodation befitting a MP, and Modiji should occupy 10 Janpath.

While Modiji is being praised by the world leaders as the best Prime Minister India ever had, anarchist Arvind Kejriwal has the guts to call him  “a coward and a psychopath”. He has used the language of a Street Thug .  And he is allowed to go scot free.

Narendra Modiji should come out of the Prithviraj Chauhan syndrome and follow Bhagwan Sri Krishna’s advice, i.e. Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam (annihilating the wicked). Tolerating intolerance is not good. In a spiritual country which is 80% Hindu, we are hearing 5 times a day, even as early as 5.30 a.m., on loudspeaker the holloing “There is no God, except Allah”. Can there be a better example than this, for tolerance of Hindus?

Therefore Modiji should not bother about the hullabaloo about intolerance, created by the secular gang, and ruthlessly go after the corrupt and anti-nationals. Then, and then alone, people will trust him for his ability to govern, and he can hope for a second term.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Is Congress becoming Irrelevant? 
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, Sept. 2015)

The monsoon session of Parliament, which began on 21st July and ended on 13th August 2015, is a complete washout. The entire blame should go to the Congress party, especially to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, the Mother-Son duo.

Important legislations such as the Goods and Services Tax Bill and the Land Acquisition Bill have been successfully blocked by the Congress. Thus, this deliberate and forcible disruption of the Monsoon session of the Parliament by Congress in an undemocratic manner was a cynical ploy to sabotage India's economic growth. Barring the Congress, the JD(U) and the Left, almost no party wanted to hold up the GST bill. So Congress is isolated on this issue.

Even on the Land Bill, the Congress stand of undiluted opposition to the bill is losing supporters. SP has already broken ranks, and core support for the Congress line is restricted to the Left, JD(U) and BSP.  The rest may be happy to support a diluted bill or abstain, making it possible for the government to pull it off some time in the winter session.

The ruckus created by the Congress members in parliament was so much that the Speaker had to suspend 25 Congress MPs for a period of 5 days.

But what happened in the Rajya Sabha - the house of elders - on 10th August 2015 was most disgusting. Members of the Parliament of Bhutan were attending the Rajya Sabha session. In his welcome address to them, the chairman of the Rajya Sabha said, "they (Bhutanese delegation) would be able to see and learn more about our parliamentary system". Immediately thereafter the opposition members broke into fits of laughter. Even as the chairman tried to silence the members, Congressmen set a very bad example in front of the guests from Bhutan. Is this the way to behave before a foreign delegation? We have to hang our heads in shame.

A debate does not suit the Congress at all. Disruption is the chosen option because it senses that the ground is slipping beneath its feet.

At one stage even Sonia Gandhi rushed to the well of the house in protest against a comment made about her relative during the discussion on 'Lalitgate'. 

The Congress had two aims in this parliament session: keep the media focus on BJP scams (Lalit Modi, Vyapam) and prevent the passing of any important reform legislation in order to derail the government's development agenda. While the first aim is politically legitimate, the second aim is not. Still, disruption is what the Congress adopted as strategy. This is why it was making impossible demands like the resignation of Sushma Swaraj, Vssundhara Raje and Shivraj Singh Chouhan - something the NDA cannot accept.

 Going by convention and propriety, parliament cannot discuss matters falling in the state's domain. While nothing bars parliament from discussing anything, discussing Raje's links to Lalit Modi or Chouhan's to Vyapam means opening a Pandora's box on discussing many other state scams. Mamata Banerjee would not want Saradha discussed in parliament, or SP the scams of Uttar Pradesh. Nor would the Congress itself want to discuss the Goa and Assam bribery scams involving US company Louis Berger.

The Congress' insistence that the PM can order the dismissal of state Chief Ministers is constitutionally invalid and politically untenable. Further, they have not committed any wrong.
Barring family-driven parties like Congress, DMK, ADMK, SP, BSP, etc. - where the Party chief can order CMs to resign at will - cadre-based parties like BJP cannot easily act against CMs without risking serious internal revolts. We have seen it in Karnataka, where the BJP asked BS Yeddyurappa to quit after corruption allegations were leveled against him, but Yeddyurappa split the party and the BJP lost miserably in the 2013 assembly elections.

“When seniority is thrust on you, a certain level of maturity is required. The more he grows, the more he immatures," said the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, on Rahul Gandhi. It is very true. Look at what he talked in Amethi - shirt sarkar, kurtha sarkar, pyjama sarkar, etc. Wasn’t he talking nonsense? Further, what can we expect from a person who cannot talk a few lines on his own? He had to carry a chit, containing his talks (only a few lines) in Hindi, but written using English alphabets. Such a moron is being thrust on the people of this nation, that too as the potential PM.

PM Modi accused the Congress of being "desperate as it wants power to remain concentrated with one family". "The Congress wants to save the (Gandhi) family, BJP wants to save the nation," rightly said the Prime Minister.

Looking at the results of elections to the Municipal Corporations in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, one has no doubt that the people of MP and Rajasthan have completely rejected the Congress. The hue and cry made by the Congress using Vyapam and Lalit Modi issues have not paid them any dividend. People know the truth.

Bangalore Municipal Corporation election results too show the drubbing of Congress there.

This shows the complete rejection of Congress through out the country. The Mother-Son duo may hold the parliament to ransom, but the people of this nation are watching them closely, and really understand their nefarious designs - to block the development of this country and bring a bad name for Modiji. Hence, the voters are showing them their true place - to the dust bin of history.

Yes, Congress is becoming increasingly irrelevant. This time, Congress has only 44 MPs, unfit to qualify even to be the official opposition. If the Congress persists with this kind of behaviour, I am sure, next time, people will cause to vanish Congress from the political map of India.

Monday, July 06, 2015

India, the Super Power; Modi, the Super PM

India, the Super Power; Modi, the Super PM
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, July 2015)

Forty-six Indian nurses initially stranded at a hospital in Tikrit and later moved to Mosul (Iraq)  had been freed by the fighters of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. None of the nurses were touched (raped or molested, as is usually being done by ISIS). They all had been flown into Kerala on a special aircraft arranged by the Indian government, on 4th July 2014. It is a major achievement for the Indian government.

Father Alexis Prem Kumar, the head of a Jesuit organization, returned to India on 22nd Feb. 2015, nearly nine months after his abduction in Afghanistan. Talibans who have murdered many foreigners, allowed him safe return to India. Prem Kumar was all praise for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that it was because of him that he was here.

Five fishermen were spared the death sentence in Sri Lanka and freed and arrived in Chennai to a big welcome on 21st Nov. 2014. The five men were sentenced to death earlier by a court in Colombo after being held guilty of smuggling drugs into the country. They were arrested in 2011. There are hundreds of other fishermen also who have been arrested by the Sri Lankan army and latter released, at the request of the Indian Government.

Press reports say that the Sri Lankan elections were manipulated by the Indian intelligence agencies, so as to influence the election results in favour of President Maithripala Sirisena. Even the UK election was influenced by the Modi (Hindutva) factor.

Australian PM calls Modi as ‘Narendra’, whereas Obama is called Barack by Modi.

I happened to meet one Nepalee. He said this time ‘we are going to vote for Modi’. The poor fellow does not know that India and Nepal are two different countries, although very friendly. The evacuation work undertaken by the Indian (Modi’s) govt. has influenced Nepalees to such an extent that most of the Nepalees think that Modi deserves their votes!

The evacuation work at Yeman was superb. When firing was going on from all sides, for Mr. V.K.Singh to go in to the field and rescue Indians is a stupendous job. Along with some 4,600 Indians, Singh's mission rescued about 1000 citizens of Britain, France, United States and many other countries.

Now the Myanmar Military operation.
In a first such cross-border operation, special forces of the Indian Army in coordination with the Air Force on 9th June 2015, carried out a surgical strike inside Myanmar, killing about 80 insurgents believed to be responsible for the deadly ambush in Manipur that killed 18 soldiers on June 4. The strike was carried out by a crack team of about 70 commandos of the Indian Army who finished the operation within 40 minutes. Elite commandos of the army trekked through the thick jungles for at least five kilometers before they reached the training camps and destroyed two camps. Without any injury or loss of lives or weapons, our Armed Forces have achieved this fete, which makes every Indian proud.

Could all these events have happened, if India was not considered as a Super Power? World has come to believe that India is indeed a Super Power.

BRICS Development Bank, is a multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as an alternative to the existing US-dominated World Bank and IMF. The first President of BRICS was to be appointed by India.  Accordingly, Mr. K.V. Kamath has been appointed as the head of the BRICS bank.

Modiji has visited almost all major countries. His meeting and talking to world leaders is starkly different from that of his predecessor, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Modiji talked to all the world leaders from a position of strength and equality, whereas Singh was meek and submissive.

Modi’s speeches are full of rhetorical flourishes tugging at patriotic heart-strings. In contrast, Singh fares poorly because of his fumbling and unassertive body language which are uninspirational.
The historic lands-swap deal between India and Bangladesh is an achievement in itself. The Land Boundary Agreement signed recently in Dhaka will allow people living stateless in border enclaves finally to choose their nationality.

In order to develop Bharat and to benefit its citizens, Modiji has launched many schemes, such as: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana,  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana,  Digital India,  Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, MUDRA Bank Yojana, Garib Kalyan Yojnaye, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao Scheme, Pahal Scheme, Jan Dhan Yojana, etc.

Apart from the above schemes, the Modi government has allotted a sum of Rs.500 crores to raise strictly 'desi' cows. The  project, named 'Rashritya Gokul Mission', aims to promote locally bred cows. This scheme aims to even maintain the cows after they have passed their milk producing stage, for their dung and urine value.  "Gopal Ratna" awards will be given to those farmers who maintain the best cow centre.

June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. The declaration came after the call by PM Narendra Modi during his address to UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014, i.e. within 75 days. The resolution to this effect was cosponsored by about 177 countries. On 21st June, Yoga was celebrated all over the world on a grand scale.

Has any earlier Prime Minister, within one year in office, come out with such schemes and achievements?

Yes. India is indeed a Super Power and Modi is the Super Prime Minister, who will take Bharat to its pristine glory (Param Vaibhavam).

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Daylight robbery by the Dept. of Posts

Hindu Voice
210 ABHINAV,  Teen Dongri, Yashwant Nagar,
Goregaon West, MUMBAI 400062
Tel: 022-28764418, 28764460, 09324728153

26th May 2015

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad
Union Minister for Communication & IT
Dak Bhavan
NEW DELHI 110016

Dear Sir,

Sub: Daylight robbery by the Dept. of Posts

I am compelled to write to you after I failed to get a favourable response from the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101 and the Asstt. Director Postal Services (RIC), Mumbai Region, Mumbai 400001.

Hindu Voice (English Monthly) is a registered newspaper, published from Mumbai, since April 2002, espousing the cause of Nationalism and Hindutva. It is also registered with the Dept. of Posts, No. MNW/43/2015-2017.

The Head Sorting Assistant, Patrika Channel Sorting Office, Mumbai 40001, vide his letter no. ER-3 dated 6th January 2015, had noticed that the date of publication is not printed on the last cover page of the January 2015 issue, and therefore demanded the deficiency amount of Rs.3.00 per article.
We had pointed out the letter No. Tech/47/R/2010 dated 29th Nov. 2013 of the ADPS (Technical & Bldg), where he has mentioned that notice is to be issued to the Regd. Newspaper at the first instance and if the error is repeated, then penalty should be imposed. Since we had not ‘repeated’ the error (we started mentioning the ‘date of publication’ from our Feb. 2015 issue) his demand for deficiency amount is inappropriate.

Neither the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101 nor the Asstt. Director Postal Services (RIC), Mumbai Region, Mumbai 400001, listened to us. In fact, Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101, had given instruction to the Goregaon East PO, Mumbai 400063, not to accept further posts from Hindu Voice till the amount, being deficiency for the month of Jan. 2015, is paid by us. We had to make a payment of Rs.6,000/-, under duress, vide receipt No.A2789 dated 2nd February 2015.

Now the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101, is giving retrospective effect to the matter and was demanding deficiency amount for November and December 2014 issues also. When we informed him that we did not post November and December 2014 issues, he is now claiming that leakage of revenue was noticed during June 2014 and October 2014 issues also, and hence we have to pay for these months also. He has in fact again instructed Goregaon East PO not to accept our articles under the licence granted to us. If this is not day light robbery, what it is?

Post Offices do hand over a set of rules to be followed by publishers, running into nearly 19 pages, from which we have to mention just 3 or 4 lines on the cover. What these 3 or 4 lines are, no one says. It is left to the publishers to learn by trial and error. During our 13 years of publishing our magazine, we have posted copies at Goregaon East PO (Mumbai 400063), GPO (400001), Kharodi PO (400095), etc. Every time, a few copies are handed over to the staff too. No one has pointed out this mistake during the last 13 years. Even the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101, who has been issuing us licence after verifying all the details, has not pointed out this mistake. To get up one fine morning from their deep slumber and levy this fine on a small publishers like us is audacious.

By levying this fine, the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101, is trying to strangle the Freedom of the Press.

Kindly note that we have not earned anything out of this mistake - not mentioning ‘printed on the first day of the month’. We do not lose anything by including these lines. There is no monetary loss also to the Dept. of Posts. Then why the fine at all, when the error has been corrected after your pointing it out?

We therefore request you:

1. To instruct the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101 and the Asstt. Director Postal Services (RIC), Mumbai Region, Mumbai 400001, to withdraw his instructions to Goregaon East PO, Mumbai 400063, cancelling our licence.

2. To instruct the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101 to withdraw his claim for any further deficiency amount.

3. To instruct the Sr. Supdt. of POs, Mumbai North West Division, Kandivli West, Mumbai 400101 and the Asstt. Director Postal Services (RIC), Mumbai Region, Mumbai 400001, to refund to us the sum of Rs.6,000/- forcibly collected from us.

Thanking you,

Yours truly
In the Services of Bharat Mata
P. Deivamuthu
Editor & Publisher
Hindu Voice
(This letter was sent by email on 26th May 2015)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

An undeserved victory for AAP, A deserving defeat for BJP

An undeserved victory for AAP,  A deserving defeat for BJP

The 67:3 victory for AAP, against BJP, in the Delhi Assembly elections is indeed shocking. The Delhi electorates have committed a blunder which they will realise sooner than later. The same Delhi voters overwhelmingly voted for BJP in the parliamentary elections held in April 2014, and made all the seven BJP candidates victorious. What miracles Arvind Kejriwal has done in the intervening period -April 2014 to February 2015 - which warranted this landslide for AAP? It is indeed a puzzle.

Commenting on the results of 2013 Delhi election, our January 2014 issue cover page read: “Naxalites-Maoists: With weapons, in jungles; Without weapons, in Delhi”. My editorial in the same issue read: “AAP is a party of hotchpotch rookies who do not believe in the rule of law. Its growth is not in the interest of our nation. They have no love for our nation and its culture”. I still stand by it. In fact, Arvind Kejriwal wanted to create civil disturbance in India, like the Arab Spring in some Islamic countries. Now he has restarted it, by joining hands with Anna.

My stand is proved right by the events that followed. He resigned his Chief Ministership in a hurry, probably with the ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India, by fighting the 2014 parliamentary elections! Since then, many of the top leaders of AAP have resigned. Some have even joined BJP. Some senior leaders have estranged relationship with Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal is taking money from dubious sources. The Rs.2 crores he received in a single day from four dubious companies run by the same persons is indeed shocking. The Income Tax Dept. may have given him a clean chit about the legality of the donation. But the real identity of the donors and the motive behind giving such large sums as donation are yet to be established.
If press reports are to be believed, AAP has received moneys from Pakistan and Dubai also. AK has exploited the alleged attacks on Churches. He has communalised the issue to polarize Christian votes towards AAP. This gives one the suspicion whether these attacks were orchestrated. Earlier he had self-confessed that he is an Anarchist.

It is deplorable that the voters of Delhi have chosen such a person - an anarchist, a pathological liar and a man of doubtful character - as their Chief Minister. It is an undeserved victory for AAP. Now let us wait and see how he implements all his promises of freebies. It is not going to be an easy task.
The Congress, which ruled Delhi for 15 long years, has been completely wiped out from Delhi. In fact, it is a question of survival for the Congress all over the country, as it is now ruling only in a few states. It has already lost its relevance in Indian politics. Modiji has almost attained his goal of Congress-mukt Bharat.

The near rout of BJP from Delhi should act as an eye-opener for the party. While it got 33% votes in the 2013 assembly elections, it got 46% votes in the subsequent parliamentary elections held in April 2014 and won all the 7 MP seats in Delhi. However, in the 2015 Assembly Elections, its vote share has gone back again to 32%. What happened to the 13% additional voters who voted for BJP in the parliamentary elections? Why they could not be retained by BJP? In other words, why they left BJP?
It seems that Hindu voters have started deserting the BJP, as we have been continuously warning. The Modi Govt. has not done anything to please Hindu voters. Modiji has been loving his enemies and hating his friends who have stood with him during his darkest period. He has started compromising on the party’s core ideologies. After his meeting with Obama and other Foreign Heads, there is a perceptible change in his attitude. He is giving up his Hindutva ideologies and is becoming more and more secular - the mistake which Vajpayeeji did.

Modiji had shaken hands with Aamir Khan, who has all along been campaigning against him and who has insulted Hindu Gods and Gurus in his film PK. 

Sanjay Dutt, who is a terror convict, comes out in parole at will. Last time when he was on parole for 14 days, at the end of the parole period he went to the jail for surrendering. But the jail authorities did not take him in and turned him back home, making a mockery of conviction. Such is the leniency for Dutt. But look at Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand, Swami Amirutanand Dev Tirth (Shankaracharya of Sharda Peet, Srinagar), Col. Purohit, etc. (all accused in Malegaon Blast case) who are rotting in jail for the last 6 years without even a trial.

Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka, accused in a rape case, has got bail and is roaming free. But look at Sant Asaram Bapu, accused in a rape case, who is languishing in jail for more than a year. Are there two laws in our country?

Tehelka, Cobra Post, Gulail, Caravan, etc. were well known for sting operations only against BJP. They never targeted the corrupt Congress. Will they be taken to task for ‘manufacturing’ news and motivated reporting in the name of journalistic freedom?

Karan Thapar, a terrorist-journalist, desired for the ‘sudden elimination’ of Modiji. In a democracy, what is meant by ‘sudden elimination’? Why such terrorist-journalists are allowed to remain in the profession? The disgusting thing is that some BJP Ministers are unabashedly giving him interview.
Rajdeep Sardesai always badmouthed Modiji. When he was in NDTV, along with Barkha Dutt, he spewed venom on Modiji. But his book is released by Arun Jaitley. NDTV is in the news for its involvement in 2G and tax evasion. But the same NDTV is selected for special interviews by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. What message it sends to the people? 

The delay in bringing in the black moneys stashed abroad is also causing concern among the common man. To be very frank, there is a general feeling among citizens that Arun Jaitley is very lenient towards Sonia and Congressmen and is not the right man for this job, which should have been entrusted with either Dr. Subramaniam Swamy or Arun Shourie. The question as to why both these persons are kept out of the cabinet (and why Jaitley is given so much importance with so many portfolios) is indeed baffling the common man.

AAP has received Rs.2 crores from 4 dormant companies owned by the same persons, on a single day in April 2014. The details were available in their website. What was the Finance Minister doing for 8 months? Couldn’t he have enquired in to the source of these fundings and exposed AAP then itself?
No action has been taken against all corrupt UPA politicians, including Sonia and Vadra. All are roaming free, and the common man tends to think that they are all saints, when the facts are otherwise. Why Sonia is not asked to vacate 10 Janpath? On what capacity she is occupying such a vast bungalow?

A few antisocial elements, under the banner of National Advisory Council, hatched a plot to ‘democratically enslave’ Hindus by bringing in a Communal Violence Bill. It was a providential escape for Hindus that the bill could not be enacted. But all these antisocial elements and hate-mongers are allowed to go scot free. Can’t they be hauled up for planning to create civil unrest in the country, by scheming Muslims and Christians against Hindus?

Modiji invariably ends his every speech with the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. He did so even in New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia). But he avoided saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ in Srinagar. Is Srinagar in an Islamic country? Does this not amount to compromising on their core ideologies? Whom were you trying to please, Modiji? BJP has also put in the back burner nationalist issues like, building of Ram Temple, Enacting of law for banning cow slaughter, repealing of article 370, bringing in uniform civil code, etc. etc. Taking objection to Ghar Wapsi programmes of VHP is unbecoming of BJP leaders.

The costly pinstripe monogrammed suit Modiji wore when he met Obama has not gone down well with common citizens. Many think that the PM of a developing country like India need not boast like this before a foreign dignitary. (That the suit fetched Rs.4.31 crore in an auction is a different matter.) Modiji should remember what Swami Vivekananda said - ‘In Western countries, gentlemen are made by Tailors, but in our country, gentlemen are determined by their characters’ (which Modiji has in plenty). 

Neglecting all these and many other Hindu issues has antagonized a considerable section of Hindus, who are likely to remain absent from voting in the future.
In the 2014 parliamentary elections, 31% people voted for BJP, giving it 282 seats. There are 69% who did not vote for BJP. Out of the 31% who voted for BJP, at least 10% are hard core Hindus who will never vote for Congress, Communists or Anarchists. But if a party (in this case BJP) does not care for their interests, they will just remain absent from voting. This will bring down the voting percentage of BJP to 21%, and your seats share will drastically come down, as it has happened in Delhi from 46% to 32%.

On the contrary, if you take care of Hindu interests, the 31% may go up to 40%, giving you a tally of say 400 seats in parliament. Modiji should remember that Hindus voted for him not just for development alone. They want something more - the sagging Hindu esteem to be revived.

Narendra Modiji and BJP should realise that it is not Obama or some foreign dignitaries who will fetch votes for them. Nor will Muslims and Christians ever vote for BJP (exceptions apart). It is Hindu activists of all hue who are in touch with the people 24x7x365 and bring votes for the party; BJP workers come at the time of election and then disappear. What Modiji is doing to please these Hindu activists, so that they again campaign for him in 2019, is the question.

This is not to say that Muslims and Christians (I refuse to call them ‘minorities’ as it is unconstitutional) should be neglected. They are citizens of this country with equal rights and duties. But no nation can develop if it allows its 80% majority sulking. This will also put in jeopardy a second term for Modi Govt. in 2019. Therefore Modiji has to cultivate Hindu votes, to avoid the repeat of 2004 & 2009.

I hope the Delhi election results act as a deserving defeat for BJP. It is a warning bell for BJP, to mend its ways. Modiji should prove that he is a ruthless politician too (apart from being honest and sincere) and not a sadhu, so that what happened to Vajpayeeji in 2004 does not happen to Modiji in 2019.

Therefore, in the interest of this Hindu Nation, Modiji, the Hindu Nationalist, should stop becoming secular, as Hindutva is real secularism, and should turn his attention towards serving Hindu/National interests. Once Hindus are convinced that he has Hindu ideals in heart, they will again vote for him in 2019. Modiji is the only hope for Hindus. If Modiji cannot revive Hindu pride, no one can do it in the near future, and Hindus will be doomed for ever. 

At the end, just a warning: Now that Congress has been decimated, defeat of Modiji (God forbid) in 2019 will leave the field open for parochial elements.  Nationalist Hindus will start losing faith in democracy and will distance themselves from voting. This void will be filled up by anarchists like Arvind Kejriwal who is an embodiment of Naxalites, Maoists, Communists and antinationals. Anna’s andolan in Delhi on 24th Feb., joined by Arvind Kejriwal, is an example. In such a situation, there will be anarchy in the country and then, instead of Pakistan, it will be India which will be considered as a failed nation. I am sure, Modiji is aware of this, more than you and me.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The farce called “Secularism” & “Minority”

The farce called “Secularism”  and “Minority”

About 200 Muslims in Agra came back to their original faith - Hinduism - on 8th Dec. 2014. The programme called “Ghar Vapsi” was organised by Dharma Jagran Samiti, an outfit of RSS/VHP.
Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been organising such Ghar Vapsi programmes for years. I too have participated in many such programmes, which are purely voluntary and peaceful. All legal formalities such as taking the consent of the person, signature of witnesses, filling up of form for declaration in the govt. gazette etc., are complied with meticulously by the organisers. Where is the question of illegality or force here?

But our opposition, which has absolutely no issue to corner the Modi govt., took this opportunity to paralyse the Rajya Sabha because of their numbers. They shouted that our secularism is in danger. I fail to understand why the BJP members can not turn the table on the opposition on the question of “secularism”.

In fact, Indian secularism is a fraud on the nation perpetrated by the Nehruvian congress, with a view  polarizing Muslim/Christian votes. They have been doing it successfully because the BJP has no guts to question the Congress, as BJP itself is vainly hoping to garner some of the Muslim and Christian votes.

The founding fathers of our constitution never thought of the need for the word ‘secular’ in our constitution. They made it a Hindu Constitution and included nearly twenty oil paintings in the original constitution - such as Kurukshetra, Lanka Vijay, Sita Udhar, Lord Natraj, etc. etc. They knew that HINDUTVA IS SECULARISM and hence there is no need to mention the word ‘secular’ in our constitution.

The word ‘secular’ was smuggled in to the preamble of our constitution by Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1976, during emergency when democracy was subverted and all the opposition leaders were put behind bars. This was done under the 42nd amendment to the constitution, without defining what ‘secular’ means.

However, when the Janata Party came to power in 1977, Prime Minister Morarji Desai wanted to repeal the said 42nd amendment, but could not do so due to short of numbers in the Rajya Sabha. (Please also refer to page no. 30 for additional reading).

I want to question the champions of secularism - what was the status of our nation between 1947 and 1976 (when the word ‘secular’ was inserted)? Was it a Islamic Nation, Christian Nation or Hindu Nation? When the founding fathers of our constitution did not feel the need to include the word ‘secular’ in the preamble to our constitution, why did Indira Gandhi insert the word? Was she more clever and intelligent than the framers of our constitution? No, Indira Gandhi was just cunning, to usurp Muslim votes.

The real meaning of secularism is : non-interference of the government in the religious affairs of its citizen. In a multi-religious country like ours, we can say secularism means ‘respecting all religions and treating them equally’. But in reality, appeasing the ‘minorities’, at the cost of the majority, has come to mean ‘secularism’ in our country.

As the word ‘secularism’ is interpolated into the preamble of our constitution, the word ‘minority’ too is distorted by the Nehruvian Congress. The intention is the same - to scheme Muslims/Christians against Hindus.

Our Constitution does not define the word ‘Minority” too. However, Article 29 titled ‘Protection of interests of minorities’ says: “Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same”. Does it anywhere talk about religion? Then how did religion come into the picture? Simple, the anti-Hindu Nehruvian Congress distorted this Article to appease Muslims and Christians, taking the Hindus for a ride.

Further, Article 15 (1) of our constitution says: “The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them”. Then how did the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992, which discriminates and divides the citizen on the grounds of religion, was passed by parliament. Is that Act not unconstitutional?

On this subject, I have written to the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on 17th Nov. 2014 (Refer to Hindu Voice, Dec. 2014). I have still not received an acknowledgment. I have also written to the Union Minister of Minority Affairs, Dr. Najma Heptulla, on 18th Dec. 2014 (Refer to page no. 10).
The word ‘secularism’, inserted on a sly by Indira Gandhi, should be deleted from our constitution. Hindutva is the guarantee for secularism. As long as Hindus are in a majority, democracy, freedom and secularism will not only survive but also thrive in India, as it did during 1947-1976.

Instead of correcting the historical wrongs done by the Nehruvian Congress (as Shri Morarji Desai tried to do in 1977), Modi govt. too is perpetrating them. Hence there is substance in the accusation that the Modi govt. is no different from the UPA.

The opposition leaders who are pretending to be the guardians of secularism are hypocrites. Their concern is that those who leave Islam and Christianity were their vote banks, who will now shift their loyalty to BJP.

In the 2014 parliamentary elections, 31% Hindus voted for Modi. But Modi seems to be eagre to appease and court the 69% who voted against him, taking the 31% for granted, even compromising on party’s core ideologies (Refer to page 12). Any way, let Modi mind his business of ‘development’ and not bother about such Ghar Vapsi programmes (which in turn are going to benefit his own party).
The PM or the BJP has no right to give instructions to RSS/VHP or any Hindu organisations as to what they should and should not do, as long as what they do is legal and peaceful. Ghar Vapsi programmes are going on for many years and should continue till every Hindu who has strayed away from Sanatan Hindu Dharm wants to
come back on his own volition.