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Hindu Voice in Tamil

Hindu Voice in Tamil

Vote for Modi

Vote for Modi
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, April 2014)

By the time this issue reaches your hands, it will be election time. The entire nation will be in the midst of 2014 Parliamentary elections, to be held in 9 phases beginning 7th April and ending 12th May.
Elections come every five years. But this election has a special significance for Hindus. The nation has to be saved from forces inimical to Hindu ethos and Hindutva, which is the binding and unifying force of Bharat.
Look at the creation of Telangana. It is declared by the UPA govt. that the date of creation of Telangana will be 2nd June. Now what is the significance of 2nd June for India. You will be shocked to know. That is the Republic Day of Italy.
Now why should Italy’s republic day be related to creation of Telangana in India? That is because we are ruled by an Italian Christian Illiterate Lady, who happened to work as a Waitress in London. 2nd June is the day when Italy became a Republic. 2nd June is a national holiday in Italy. (Please refer to Dr T.H. Chowdary’s letter on page 5.) Apart from Kashmir, our nation and its identity is being sold out inch by inch by this foreign lady, who has no love for Hindus, Hinduism and Hindutva, and for India too. And she is being supported by a bunch of crooked Congressmen.
Now even her sister-in-law, Maneka Gandhi, has questioned about her acquisition of so much wealth. ‘She went on to become the sixth richest woman in the world’, she exclaimed.
Taking a cue from her, most of the ministers in the UPA Govt., headed by a dishonest, dumb and worthless Prime Minister, have plundered this nation. After looting the nation’s wealth, ministers like P. Chidambaram and Manish Tiwari are afraid of facing the people and hence have refused to fight the elections.
Unlike earlier times, this time we have a clear and viable alternative before us. The BJP has declared Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate - a suggestion made by Hindu Voice in 2009 itself, but summarily rejected by the party then. He has declared that he is a Hindu, a Nationalist, and hence a Hindu Nationalist.

For the first time after independence, we have a Prime Ministerial candidate who has the guts to proudly declared himself a Hindu and ask for votes. Hence it is the duty of all nationalists who love our mother land to vote for Modi-BJP and make him victorious, and throw out this corrupt, dynastic and anti-national Congress. 
No one has dared to accuse Modi of corruption or any anti-social activities. The charges of communalism made against him are baseless and lies. All the charges  are proved false and baseless by different constitutional bodies. As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has taken his state to great heights. If he becomes the Prime Minister, our nation will become a heaven on earth.
Therefore, I appeal to all Hindus that if you want India to be a free, democratic and secular country, please vote for Narendra Modi (BJP). Please do not succumb to any false or misleading propaganda by our enemies. We may not be able to convince every Hindu, as some are selfish and opportunists. But remember, even if 50% Hindus vote for Narendra Modi, he can get about 300 seats. Vote for BJP by pressing the Lotus (Kamal) button.
Although I do not give any importance to the Aam Aadhmi Party, a few words about this anarchists party need  to be said, as AAP has been given wide coverage by a conniving media. Arvind Kejriwal launched AAP to fight against corruption, epitomized by the Congress. Subsequently, he formed the Government in Delhi with the support of the same Congress. Now he does not say a single word about the corrupt Congress, Sonia, Rahul or the Prime Minister. He is reported to have had secret parleys with the Sonia gang. Now, his only target is Narendra Modi. What are his qualities to take on Modi? Is AAP a national party - more than the communists?
AK has ditched Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, V.K Singh, Kiran Bedi, and many others. He has proved that no nationalist can work with him as he is an anarchist - without any principle or ideology - working for foreign forces to destabilise Bharat. At the most, AAP may eat into some of the Communist votes as both are of the same feather, i.e. foot soldiers of Naxalites and Maoists.
It seems the Congress, having reconciled to the fact that it is going to lose this election very badly, is propping up AK as a substitute, to divide the anti-Congress votes, as it did in Maharashtra (Raj Thackerey) and Andhra Pradesh (Chiranjeevi), during the 2009 elections.
The Congress has moles in BJP too, who may sabotage the huge victory Modi is likely to get. The ascendancy of Modi has disturbed their well established equations. The discontent expressed by some top BJP leaders is an indication, which will just vanish. This is but natural for any party during the time of leadership change. And with Modi, they cannot do any hanky panky.
I have a feeling that the Providence too is with Modi. Inspite of so much mud slinging at him by his enemies, his forward march could not be stopped during the last 12 years. He has thwarted all conspiracies against him. Today even the God seems to help him.
Just look at the calendar of 1947 and 2014. Both are similar. That gives us a clear message that history is repeating itself. There was a major political power-transfer in 1947. The Britishers had to leave India and we got independence. Similarly in 2014, after the political churning (elections) in India, the Italians and their cohorts will have to run away from Bharat. This will  begin on 16th May, when the votes will be counted and results declared. Let us pray God that this happens.

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Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan runs away from debate on 'Hindu Terror'

 Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan runs away 
from debate on 'Hindu Terror'

1. Today I received a mail from Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan (copied below). It is a letter addressed by him to the HM, on "Hindu terror" asking for a ban on RSS.

2. I replied to him as under. 

3. Instead of replying and debating, he unsubscribed me from his mailing list.

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice

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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2014 2:23 PM
Subject: Re: [] Hindutva terror—Mushawarat writes to Home Minister demanding probe

Dear Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan,

I refer to the recent Press Note dated 5th Feb. 2014, which you have sent me. It is a letter written by you to the Home Minister, on the ‘Hindutva terror’ by RSS.

I have watched you on many TV debates. I thought you (as the editor of Milli Gazette and President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, claiming to be the Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim organisations) will be a modern and broadminded Muslim. But from your letter to the Home Minister, I am shocked to know that you are nothing but a fanatic Muslim.

Probably, the enormous support Narendra Modi receives from nationalist Muslims all over India has rattled you. Hence, you are trying to propagate your fanatic views among Muslims, and have taken this opportunity (of press reports on RSS) to tarnish RSS.

A report in the Caravan magazine (I do not know how many people know of its existence) has made you jump with joy, and you have gone to the extent of demanding a ban on RSS. In this age of "paid news" or "manufactured news" with a view to increasing readership, your relying on a report in an unknown magazine is surprising.

But the intention of my writing this letter to you is different. I feel that you are wasting your time and energy in taking on RSS, which is already a dead horse as far as Hindutva is concerned.

I was in the RSS for 30 years. During the last 10 years I was a Nagarsanghchalak and was in their Dharma Jagran Samiti too. Three years back I have given up all my responsibilities with RSS, not for the reason you think, but exactly for the opposite reason. My reason for leaving RSS was: "RSS is making Hindu Warriors into eunuch (napusank)".

Please note that RSS has given up aggressiveness long back. Today, it does not even want to hurt a fly. So, your accusing them of planting bombs to kill human beings is just ridiculous. And involvement of RSS chief Shri Mogan Bhagawat and Shri Indresh Kumar in such alleged plots is just rubbish.

The RSS today is not what it was in 1982 when I joined it. Today, RSS has lost its moorings. You might have watched the Times Now debate on 24th Jan. 2014. Shri Ram Madhav was very pathetic disclaiming Hindu Rashtra and blaming Veer Savarkar for propagating Hindu Rashtra. That clearly shows that RSS has given up Hindutva and is now competing with others to be a secular NGO, which does not go well with Hindu Intellectual Warriors like me.

My earnest appeal to you would therefore be NOT to be obsessed with RSS any more, and leave them to do their ‘social service’ unconcerned with Hindutva. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for you, today many Hindu organisations have come up, in competition with RSS, who are more aggressive in taking up Hindu causes. Hindus have started trusting these new Hindu organisations more than RSS, for protecting this Hindu nation, from radical and fundamentalist elements like you. You are going to be having your hands full in future by dealing with these new Hindu organisations which are more vibrant.

By demanding a ban on RSS, a nationalist NGO, on the basis of baseless and motivated press reports, you are trying to spread communal venom. You have proved that you are no better than a fundamentalist Moulvi who does not think that a world exists outside Islam too.

You talk about demolishing the ‘legitimate secular edifice’. You cannot fool Hindus by calling you ‘secular’. A Muslim can never be secular. The word ‘secular Muslim’ is a misnomer. A person can be either secular or Muslim. He cannot be both. The moment a Muslim says that he is secular, he ceases to be a Muslim and vice versa.

Hence, as long as Hindus are a majority, India will remain secular - even if it becomes a Hindu Nation - the foundation stone for which will be laid by May 2014, probably with the support of many nationalist Muslims!

You need not worry. In a Hindu Nation (unlike Islamic nations), there will be no discrimination on the basis of religion and all citizens irrespective of their religious affiliations (again unlike Islamic nations) will have equal rights and duties.

Before I end, I would like to say that some Muslim scholars have utilised the forum of Hindu Voice, to express their views on ‘Burqua’, ‘Suifism’ and ‘women circumcision’. A Hindu can never be a fanatic or a terrorist, you see.

Thank you.P. DeivamuthuEditor, Hindu Voice.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 8:09 PM
Subject: [] Hindutva terror—Mushawarat writes to Home Minister demanding probe

The Milli Gazette
Press Release

Hindutva terror—Mushawarat writes to Home Minister demanding probe

Mushawarat President, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, has written to the Union Home Minister asking him why organisations under his direct control are going slow on Hindutva terror? Many new revelations are made by the prime accused Swami Aseemanand in his latest interview with the Caravan magazine. These demand a rigorous probe of the Hindutva terror right to the top of the RSS leadership. Following is the text of the letter:

5 February, 2014

Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde
Hon’ble Home Minister of India
New Delhi 110001

Dear Sushil Kumar Shindeji,
I hope you had time to read “The Believer” report in the current issue of Caravan magazine which is on the news-stands now. Based on four interviews with Swami Aseemanand, a prime accused in Hindutva terror cases, this report makes abundantly clear that the umpteen terror attacks across the country including Samjhauta, Ajmer and Makkah Masjid, were not the handiwork of a small group. Rather, the whole RSS organisation including its current supremo Mohan Bhagwat and top leader Indresh Kumar blessed, planned, financed and protected the saffron terrorists. It is also clear that Aseemanand is not remorseful in the least about what he and his group of terrorists did as says that there is no point of being sorry about them and that these acts will continue.

It is a painful reality that the security and probe organisations under your direct control have failed to properly probe the saffron terror attacks which were passed off as handiwork of Muslim boys. The organisations under your direct control are yet to even interrogate Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar. This should have been done long ago as Malegaon 2008 and Ajmer blast chargesheets are clear about these and other RSS leaders’ role in planning and financing those blasts.

This is a fit case to outlaw RSS as it has been flagrantly violating the undertaking it gave in 1949 to get the ban lifted on its activities (which was imposed after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by its members in 1948) that it will remain a social organisation and it will shun political activity. Now it is clear that not only it indulges in divisive political activity through its proxy (BJP), it also clearly indulges in high treason by planning, financing and abetting terror activities aimed at dismantling the secular and constitutional system of our country.

Mr Shinde, you and your UPA government will be responsible to the nation and to history if you fail in your constitutional duty to punish the real perpetrators of terror in India as this activity is not a simple crime but high treason since it involves a plan to illegally demolish the legitimate secular edifice of our polity.

Yours sincerely

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
Issue at New Delhi on 5 February 2014 by
 ----------------------------- --------------------------
[Umbrella body of the Indian Muslim organisations]
D-250, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025  India
Tel.: 011-26946780  Fax: 011-26947346
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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal & ‘AAP’ - the anarchists

The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal 
& ‘AAP’ - the anarchists

(Will you vote for a person disowned by Nationalists like  Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, Narendra Modi, V.K. Singh (ex-Army Chief), Kiran Bedi, etc.? Yes, they have all dissociated themselves from Arvind Kejriwal (AK-47).  AAP took birth to eradicate corruption, but today it has joined hands with the corrupt Congress to form the government in Delhi. Voting for AK and his AAP is like voting for the corrupt Congress. Now their single point agenda is to stop NaMo from reaching Delhi.)

In the recently held elections to five state assemblies (Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Mizoram), the BJP has won 409 seats from 590 total seats in the first four states. The success ratio is 69%. It is definitely due to a Modi wave, although the Congress and the media will never admit it. 

The votes were counted and results declared on 8th Dec. 2013 (Sunday). Mizoram, being 97% Christians and controlled by Church, objected to Sunday, as it is a prayer day for them. Hence counting was postponed to Monday, only for Mizoram. You can understand whose writ runs in Mizoram. But our secularists of all hues are thunderously silent.
Surprisingly, the newly formed Aam Adhmi Party (AAP) has got 28 seats in Delhi. Hindu Voice’s consistent view is that the Aam Adhmi Party consists of Naxalites-Maoists supporters & sympathisers. While Naxalites-Maoists are wielding weapons and live in jungle, Arvind Kejriwal & Co. are without weapons and live in cities. They are collectively called “civil society”. When the entire communist movement has failed all over the world, the disgruntled elements took shelter under the name of ‘Civil Society’, and are carrying on their disruptive activities. They all do not believe in democracy, but arm-twist the elected governments. They are anarchists and believe in revolution - armed and unarmed - and not in evolution.
Initially, AK roped Sri Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ramdev into his India Against Corruption movement. They together submitted a Memorandum to the then President, Smt. Pratibha Patil, against Congress’s corruption. But both Sri Sri and Baba Ramdev quickly realised that AK is a fake nationalist and a rank Naxalite, and hence both distanced themselves from AK. But Anna, a man of honesty and integrity but innocent, fell into AK’s trap. AK used Anna to promote himself. It took sometime for Anna to realise AK’s ploy and disown him. Kiran Bedi too disassociated herself from AK. Our former Army Chief, Shri V.K. Singh, is still with Anna, but refuses to be associated with AK. Thus it is obvious that no nationalist and patriotic Indian can get along with AK.
AK formed the AAP against the wishes of Anna. His main plank was corruption and the fight was against the corrupt Congress. But strangely today he considers the nationalist BJP as its main enemy and not the corrupt Congress, a typical attitude of the Left-Naxalites-Maoists gang.
In Delhi, BJP with 32 MLAs does not have the majority and hence could not form the Govt. But Congress has offered unconditional support to AAP. Then why is the gimmick of asking for citizen’s opinion via SMS. Is he not making a mockery of elections? In a democracy, every party goes to the people with its manifesto. Then why does he shoot out 18 stupid questions to BJP and Congress. Is he not ridiculing the democratic practices?
As said earlier, AK is an unpatriotic person. He was instrumental in removing the Bharat Mata picture from the stage of Anna’s Fast. He has taken the support of terrorist Moulana Taukeer Raza who was involved in the gruesome riots of Bareily and who announced a bounty for the beheading of Taslima Nasreen. AK has termed the Batla House encounter as fake, although the court has proved otherwise. He has said that “Ram Janmabhoomi” is a communal issue. AK has participated in the protests against the Koodankulam Nuclear Plant, an anti-national campaign of Christian missionaries. AK has worked for the Missionaries of Charity too. When Anna’s Fast programme in Mumbai fizzled out, he went begging to Muslim and Christian leaders for their support, but not to any Hindu leader.
One of the leaders of AAP, Ms. Shazia Ilmi, has compared patriotic RSS with terrorist Taliban. Also, look at the way how a MLA of AAP, Gopal Rai, questioned our ex-Army Chief and tried to disrupt his meeting in Ralegaon Siddhi. Anna had to scold him and asked him to get out from his village. Also, the shoe-thrower on PC, Jarnail Singh, has become AAP MLA. Another MLA of AAP, Dharmender Koli, is booked for molesting a women.
AAP leader, Prashant Bhushan, and AAP MLA Vinod Kumar want Kashmir to be separated from India. Should they not be tried for treason? Bhushan even opposed the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru who planned the bombing of our Parliament in 2001. He defends terrorists in court, free of cost. He has called RSS a Nazi organisation. He has accused Indian army of raping women in Kashmir. Another Maoist supporter Dr. Binayak Sen, who is convicted of life imprisonment for treason and is on bail, is a leading member of AAP. Another leading member of AAP, Yogendra Yadav was advisor to Rahul Gandhi in 2009 parliamentary elections. He was also close to Sonia and was a member of her NAC.
AK has also had the audacity to say that Modi is not only communal but corrupt too. Even the Congress did not dare to say that Modi is corrupt. AK has never said a word about bringing back the illegal moneys stashed abroad - Not a word against Sonia Gandhi or Nehru clan. Not a whimper against unconstitutional National Advisory Council. Not a bleat against Rahul Gandhi. But he takes on Modi and has vowed to stop his march to Delhi. You can just understand his priorities.
Some top leaders of AAP are receiving donations from foreign countries. The Ford Foundation has paid to Kabir (an NGO run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia) $1,72,000 in 2005; then again in 2008 of $1,97,000. It is also reported that another NGO “Awaaz” from USA has also funded AK’s Janlokpal Andolan. It is the same “Awaaz” which funded revolutionaries in Libya, Syria and Egypt - to destabilise and throw out the govts. in those countries.
It is apparent that any Indian getting Awards or taking donation from such foreign NGOs can not be cent percent loyal to Bharat, as all foreign aids come with stings attached - the intention being to create dissent in India and to destabilize our spiritual and cultural unity. And Arvind Kejriwal is doing exactly that. He has become a weapon in the hands of USA in fighting the “Cultural Cold War” in India.
There are 3,4 and 5-time CMs of Congress and BJP. Then why not Manmohan Singh for the third time? (when he is willing to work under Rahul). It is an admission of Congress that Manmohan Singh is a total failure and is worthless for the post. The party is now convinced that the people are going to reject it in the 2014 parliamentary elections. Hence, the next nasty thing it would do is to use AAP as a spoilsport to stop the march of NaMo. With enormous money looted from the public at its disposal, Congress is likely to prop up AAP candidates in all the parliamentary constituencies so as to divide the anti-Congress votes, and spoil the chances of BJP, as it has done in Delhi. APP would love to oblige Congress. The Left parties will support such an arrangement as they are birds of the same feather. And the “Paid Media” will hype up AK as an angel, and supplement Cong. efforts.
AAP talks about only one problem namely corruption and blames Congress & BJP equally. AAP demanded a Lok Pal, as though it is a magic wand. No law will solve the problem, unless the implementor of the law desires. Jagan Mohan Reddy was behind bar for 16 months in a Disproportionate Assets case. But in similar such cases, Mulayam and Mayavati have never been arrested and are roaming free. The reason is: Jaganmohan challenged Congress, while Mulayam and Mayavati support Congress. Also, A Raja and Kanimozhi have been in jail under the existing laws, without Lok Pal, by the efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy. By saying that a Lok Pal will solve corruption, Arvind Kejriwal is fooling the gullible people.
AAP has never spelt its stand on - (1) Article 370, (2) Cow Slaughter, (3) Uniform Civil Code, (4) Ram Temple, (5) Ram Sethu, (6) Jihadi terrorism, (7) Inflation, etc. As these are issues concerning Nationalists (Hindus), he is maintaining a studied silence.
As the Communists and also Sonia Gandhi do not have any love for Sanatan Hindu Dharm, Hindu Culture and Hindu way of living, so also is APP. If India is the body (nation) Hindutva is its soul (aatma). Any development devoid of this soul is like a body (India) without the soul (Hindutva). APP wants to do exactly this, which no nationalist can agree to.
Right thinking nationalists were surprised when Baba Ramdev declared that Bharat Swabhimaan Andolan candidates will contest all 543 LS Seats. Because they feared that this will split BJP votes and help the congress win. Finally Baba Ramdev, as a true nationalist, realised the damage it will cause to BJP and NaMo. Hence he decided not to contest elections under BSA, but fully support NaMo. This is the attitude of a true nationalist.
But Arvind Kejriwal, a destabiliser of Bharat, has decided to do the exact opposite of what Baba Ramdev did. If AK has the interest of the nation at heart, he could have joined hands with Narendra Modi in eradicating corruption. But instead he has joined hands with the corrupt Congress. He also accused NaMo of corruption, which even the Congress did not make. This is the difference between true nationalists and AK, a rookie. After successfully halting Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman Andolan, AK now wants to do the same with NaMo.
A lot is mentioned in the press and the electronic media about the simplicity of AK. The media, both print and electronic, is giving undue importance and publicity to AK, probably at the prompting of Congress. But when similar simplicity is shown by BJP CMs, the media hides them.
For example, AK is an IITian, and so is Manohar Parikkar (MP),  BJP CM of Goa. AK travelled in Delhi Metro. MP sometimes rides a scooter. When going to Delhi, MP travels by economy class and carries his own baggage. Narendra Modi takes a salary of only Rs.12,553/- per month, while the Chief Ministers before him used to take two lakh rupees per month. NaMo can have a personal staff of up to 22 people. But in the whole of India Narendra Modi is the only chief minister who has just three people in his personal staff. But the anti-Hindu media does not talk about the simplicity of BJP CMs, but praises AK sky-high. The media has an agenda - to stop NaMo from reaching Delhi - by hyping up AK and dividing the anti-Congress votes, as it did in Delhi elections.
A lot of hullabaloo is made about AK not taking any security. Security is required for politicians and leaders who fight for a strong and united India, against terrorists who want to dismantle Bharat. When AK is helping them (terrorists) in doing it, why should the terrorists target him. In fact AK is a friend of terrorists and jihadis; hence there will be no threat to his life.
The Aam Admi Party is a bubble just erupted from the ruin created by the mismanagement of the country and large-scale corruption indulged in by the UPA Govt. But it consists of anarchists and self-publicity seekers.
Under no stretch of imagination can the success of AAP at the New Delhi elections be regarded as evidence of any genuine matured political considerations and aspirations of the electorates who voted for AAP. The unexpected success of the party was only on account of the gigantic and unprecedented marketing strategy, using modern electronic social media by Arvind Kejriwal and a few of his sycophants. New Delhi being a small compact territory, it is a fertile ground for canvassing and organizing electorates, using the modern electronic media and marketing strategy.
For governing a vast country like India with innumerable social, religious, political and regional diversities and complexities, what is required is an able political leader with track records of effective growth oriented administration and governance like that of Narendra Modi under whose dynamic leadership the State of Gujarat achieved consistent progress and prosperity, drawing international acclaims and kudos.
Narendra Modi has a very humble beginning in his foray into Indian politics; he has had several decades of track records of leading an unblemished active political life and bringing his State into a phenomenal success, generating world-wide attention. He has no family and absolutely nothing to gain out of any corrupt dealings. Any one who is accusing him of corruption or nepotism, which Kejriwal has done, is utterly dishonest.
The Congress Party, media, all Western countries, all Islamic nations, AAP, all regional parties, terrorists, blackmarketeers, plunderers, criminals, selfish-professionals, etc. - No one, I repeat no one, wants Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of India, as many of them will be in jail if Modi becomes the Prime Minister. Therefore, they want to stop the march of NaMo to Delhi at any cost. But all true Nationalists, who want India to be prosperous, peaceful, stable and glorious, want only Modi.
Like the Communist Parties, AK too never talks anything against regional parties. although most of them are corrupt and castiest. It may not be a surprise if a third front is formed consisting of such regional parties with AK as its head. This third front will take away some of the anti-Congress votes, which will otherwise go to BJP. Thus, the intention of APP is only to stop the march of NaMo to Delhi. It is not at all interested in eradicating corruption and casteism. It wants to take the nation to anarchy.
It is therefore left to the matured Indian citizens as a whole to decide as to whether they want to be governed by a political leadership (like Narendra Modi) with proven track records of leading the country to progress, prosperity, stability and international reputation or by a “bubble” (Arvind Kejriwal & Co) characterized  as refuge of political and economic opportunists, thereby bringing the nation to permanent ruin.
Today, Nationalists/Hindus are forced to fight on two fronts - one against the corrupt Congress and the other against the anti-national AAP.  While the former is plundering the nation, AK is following the policies of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic President Mikhail Gorbachav. Gorbachav too talked of reforming state economy by introducing glasnost ("openness") and perestroika ("restructuring"). He ultimately ended up dividing USSR into many independent states. Communists in India too have never accepted India as one nation. Their stand is that India is a country of many nations, and hence is likely to disintegrate one day. Voting for Kejriwal and AAP will surely accelerate this process. Every Nationalist would shudder to even think of this calamity.
Hindus should be aware of these anarchists and nib them in the bud, as they are a threat to our unity, democracy and freedom - not to mention about their hatred towards Sanatan Hindu Dharm. Hindus need to be told that APP is a substitute for Left (which even CPM Leader Prakash Karat has confirmed), and the real alternative to Congress is BJP. AAP is a party of hotchpotch rookies who do not believe in the rule of law. Its growth will be disastrous for the nation.
Hence, I appeal to every Nationalist (Hindu) to not only vote for NaMo but also prevail upon your friends and wellwishers to vote for NaMo, making NaMo get 300 seats in the 2014 Parliamentary Elections. Herein lies the interest of beloved Motherland.

Vande Mataram.

P. Deivamuthu, B.Com., LL.B.
Editor , Hindu Voice
210 ABHINAV, 2nd floor, Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar
Goregaon West, Mumbai 400104.
Tel: 28764460, 28764418. Mobile: 9324728153
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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Letter to the Chief Justice of India

My Letter to the Chief Justice of India,
Supreme Court, New Delhi.

I have addressed the following letter to the CJI. The letter is sent by Speed Post. 
Copies have been sent by ordinary post to The President of India, Shri Arun Jaitley, BJP Offices in New Delhi, Shri Ram Madhav (RSS) and Dr. Praveenbhai Togadiya (VHP)

18th November 2013

The Chief Justice of India
Supreme Court
Tilak Marg, New Delhi 110001

Your Lordship,

        Sub: Prayer for stopping the 
                Subversion of our Constitution

Hindu Voice is a registered Monthly magazine, published in English and Hindi, since April 2002, espousing the cause of Hindutva. We have subscribers all over the world, to whom copies are sent every month by post.
I am concerned at the blatant subversion/violation of our constitution, by our Central and State Governments. Hence I am writing to you, requesting for remedial measures.
Enclosed is  a copy of a letter dated 31st October 2013, from the CPIO and the Under Secretary to the Govt. of India, New Delhi, addressed to a reader of Hindu Voice, Shri Anil Shantaram Gudekar, giving information under the RTI Act, 2005, on Articles 29, 30, and 350 A&B.
Article 29 of our Constitution titled ‘Protection of interests of minorities’ says: “Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same”. The Article does not talk about ‘Muslims’ or ‘Christians’  or religion, but only about ‘language, script or culture’. So, the question of ‘religious minority’ does not arise at all.
I am a Tamilian (from Tuticorin) and am settled in Mumbai since January 1970. Article 29 gives me the right to conserve my ‘language, script or culture’. Looking at the diversity of our nation (with different castes, languages, scripts, life styles, etc), the framers of our Constitution have prudently inserted Article 29, with a view to strengthening national integration.
However, this Article 29 meant for protecting the ‘language, script or culture’ has been distorted to give it a religious (read communal) colour. The Article is twisted to mean only Muslims and Christians, against the intention of our Constitution framers. The term ‘language, script or culture’ is given a go by and the term ‘religious minorities’ has taken its place.
Further this right to conserve the ‘language, script or culture’ is denied to those who have settled in J&K, Nagaland, Mizoram, etc. from other parts of our country, by the majority community there. On the contrary, the majority in these states are still treated as a minority.
This is a subversion of our Constitution by the continuous governments at the Centre and in the States.
Further, the Govt. of India has enacted a law - National Commission for  Minorities Act, 1992, without defining the word ‘minority’. However, under this act, the Govt. has declared five religious communities - Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Bhuddists and Parsis - as minorities. 
Article 15 (1) of our constitution says: “The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them”.
When the constitution prohibits any discrimination of the citizens on the basis of religion, how can a law be enacted discriminating people on the basis of religion? Hence, the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 is unconstitutional.
First, the Govt. of India has snatched away the rights available to me as a linguistic minority in Maharashtra and has wrongly conferred it on religious minorities, i.e. Muslims and Christians, violating Article 29 of our Constitution.
Second, by enacting a law - National Commission for  Minorities Act, 1992 - the Govt. of India has violated Article 15 (1) of the Constitution.
I therefore pray to your Lordship:
(1)     To declare that the National Commission for  Minorities Act, 1992 is ultra vires Article 15 (1) of our Constitution.
(2)     To declare unconstitutional the pronouncement of our Prime Minister that ‘Minorities, particularly Muslims, must have the first claim on our resources’ made on 9th Dec. 2006 at the National Development Council Meeting in New Delhi.
(3)     To ban all reservations by the Central and State Governments, made on the basis of religion, violating Article 15 of our Constitution.
(4)     To order all state governments to wind up their Minority Affairs Ministry, or instruct them that the MAM should protect and conserve the ‘distinct language, script or culture’ of people of other states settled in their states, and no religious tone should be attached to MAM.
(5)     To order all political parties that any reference to religious minorities amounts to dividing the citizen on the basis of religion and is a violation of our Constitution and hence it should be stopped forthwith.
(6)     To declare that all the schemes, special privileges and monetary benefits given to anyone on the basis of religion and all pronouncements made favouring religious minorities, either by the Central or State Governments, are null and void.
(7)     To ban the establishment of “Special Courts” for speedy trial of Muslims, and also to ban all Sharia courts.
(8)     To order the abolition of Minority Commissions established by all state governments on religious basis.
(9)     To ban the establishment of ‘Minority Cells’ based on religions, by all political parties.
(10)     To ban the appointment of any Committee, present or in future, to recommend welfare schemes for the benefit of any section of the citizens on the basis of religion.
Your Lordship will understand that ours is a secular nation, and anything done on the basis of religion is against the canon of secularism enshrined in our constitution. But the Govt. of India is tomtoming about secularism and at the same time is providing special privileges to a section of the people purely on the basis of religion. This is just oxymoron, apart from being unconstitutional. Also, discrimination on the basis of religion is against the canons of Justice, Equality and Fraternity as enshrined in the Preamble to our Constitution.
I hope your Lordship will take this letter as a PIL, hear my appeal favourably and grant my prayers.

Yours truly
(P. Deivamuthu)
Editor, Printer & Publisher
Hindu Voice


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Fraud on Hindus

A Fraud on Hindus

'Minority Rights' meant for Hindus,
but hijacked by Muslims!

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, November 2013)

Whenever the word ‘minority’ is used, the general perception is that it connotes Muslims and Christians. But is it really so? An in-depth analysis of our Constitutional provisions will reveal that it is actually meant for Hindus migrating from one state to another. Read on.

The word ‘minority’ is not defined in our Constitution. However, there are two Articles in our Constitution - Articles 29 & 30 - which mention the word ‘minority’.

Article 29 is titled ‘Protection of interests of minorities’. Here, the word ‘minority’ does not refer to Muslims or Christians at all. Minoritism is not related to religion, and the framers of our constitution have not given any special privileges for Muslims or Christians (as it will be against the canon of equality). However this article is twisted and tangled  by the continuous Congress Govts., as though it is meant for protecting the interests of Muslims and Christians. Now let us see what Article 29 says.

Article 29 of our Constitution titled ‘Protection of interests of minorities’ says: “Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same”. The Article does not talk about ‘Muslims’ or ‘Christians’  or religion, but only about ‘language, script or culture’. So, the question of ‘religious minority’ does not arise at all. “Religious minority” is a creation of the Congress party, distorting our constitution, with vote bank considerations.

If at all there is a need for Article 29, it is for Hindus in states like J&K, Nagaland and Mizoram, etc., where the cultural and linguistic identities of people from other states (i.e. Hindus) have to be conserved. But strangely, the people from other states are not treated as cultural or linguistic minorities in these states, and their minority interests are not protected. This is a clear violation of Article 29.

Similarly Article 30 titled ‘Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions’ says: “All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice”. This Article DOES talk about all religious as well as linguistic minorities, but to establish educational institutions only. 

Hence it is quite clear that the word ‘minority’ mentioned in our Constitution does not mean Muslims and Christians. It talks about cultural and linguistic minorities and protection of their interests (and  NOT the interest of religious minorities as is generally believed). Religion no where comes into the picture (except for establishing educational institutions).

For example, I hail from Tamil Nadu and am settled in Mumbai for four decades. Hence, according to Article 29, I am a ‘minority’ in Maharashtra. It gives me the right to protect and conserve my language, script, dress code, etc. Looking at the diversity of our nation (with different castes, languages, scripts, life styles, etc), the framers of our Constitution have prudently inserted Article 29. 

Legally speaking, since I am a minority in Maharashtra, under Article 29 of the Constitution, I am entitled to all the benefits that are being wrongly provided to Muslims alone under the various schemes of the UPA Govt.

However, the UPA Govt. has twisted the word ‘minority’ to give it a religious (read communal) colour so as to mean Muslims alone, disregarding the ‘language, script and culture’ aspects mentioned in Article 29. In fact, the word ‘minority’ has been hijacked by Muslims, with the connivance of the Congress party, to blackmail (with vote-bank) and derive undue benefits from the Govt.

Therefore, all the special benefits and privileges announced by the UPA Govt. for religious minorities, including the appointment of Sachar Committee, are ultra vires our Constitution. The Constitution does not confer any special rights on the basis of religion. (Hinduism is not a religion - it is a way of life - as per our Supreme Court).

Thus, the Minority Affairs Ministry (MAM) of every State Govt. has a duty to protect the interests of the linguistic and cultural minorities in their states, i.e. people who have come from other states and settled in their states. For example, MAM of the Maharashtra Govt. has to protect the interests of Biharis residing in Maharashtra against the onslaught of Raj Thackery. This is exactly what is meant by ‘Protection of interests of minorities’. But today the MAM takes care of the interests of only Muslims (and Christians), by wilful and wrong interpretation of our Constitution. The linguistic and cultural minorities (like Biharis and Tamilians in Mumbai or Maharashtrians in Thanjavoor, TN, or Sikhs staying in all states) are left out of the care of the MAM, which is a violation of Article 29. 

It is Hindus alone who are having different language and script - and NOT Muslims and Christians (global communities with same language, script and culture). Hence, the constitutional rights under Article 29 are available only to Hindus. These constitutional rights meant for Hindus when they go and settle in other states, are stolen and conferred upon Muslims and Christians, when it is not meant for them. It is a fraud on Hindus.

The word ‘minority’ meaning Muslims and Christians is peculiar only for our country. No where in the world, repeat no where, you find this concept of minority-majority. Indians, especially Hindus, have settled down in USA, UK, Australia, etc. Are they treated as minorities in those countries? Do they get any special rights there? They are all citizens of those countries with equal rights and duties. Then why should India be different?

India is not different. Our constitution makers have NOT made it different, but our crooked politicians, especially the Congressmen, have made it to be so. They have distorted our constitution to suit their vote-bank politics. In fact, the Congress party is perpetrating a fraud on Hindus, by depriving them of their rights and conferring it on Muslims.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Is Manmohan Singh a liability for the Congress (and for the Nation too)?

Is Manmohan Singh a liability for the Congress (and for the Nation too)?
(Editorial in Hindu Voice, Oct. 2013 - 28th Sept. 2013)
At last, the Bharatiya Janata Party has declared Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate, thanks to the stubborn stand taken by its mentor, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. It is the right decision and is undoubtedly welcomed by the entire nation.

Hindu Voice has all along been campaigning for this day. I have also teased RSS for shying away from politics and not taming BJP. Ultimately RSS did what the people of this nation (conveyed by Hindu Voice) wanted - NaMo as BJP’s PM candidate.

I have all along been writing that the declaration of NaMo as BJP’s PM candidate is going to electrify the voters and is going to bring a Hindu tsunami. The Mahakumbh held in Bhopal on 25th, where about 7 lakh assembled to listen to NaMo, and the Trichy Rally on 26th Sept. are proof. All these words - ‘electrify’, ‘tsunami’, etc. - are now being freely used by many panelists during their TV debate. 

It seems that NaMo has no worthy competitor. It is strange that the Congress does not want to name Rahul Gandhi as the dynasty’s PM candidate, although he was being groomed for that post. In that case, one fails to understand, why the Congress is not proposing the name of Manmohan Singh (MMS) for the third time? (MMS, has not talked of retiring, but has said that he is prepared to work under Rahul). It is an indirect admission that Manmohan Singh is a liability for the Congress (and for the nation too). The Congress knows that they are going to lose the election, and hence, they may think, there is no purpose in naming one as its PM candidate!

As we all know, MMS was never a politician. He was a bureaucrat and used to take orders from ‘above’. Old habits die hard. Hence, even after becoming the PM of India, he never acted independently and was always waiting for orders. Hence he created a National Advisory Council (NAC), with an illiterate Sonia as its chief, so that he can continue to get orders from ‘above’. Dangerously, now in the absence of NAC, he starts taking orders from Pakistan (ISI) and USA. He is surrendering India’s interest by signing the Nuclear deal with USA. And by meeting Pak PM in New York, he is acquiescing to Pak army men beheading our soldiers and taking their head as trophy.

Manmohan Singh is the most communal and anti-national PM India has ever had. His heart beats only for Muslims. He does not care about Hindus even if they are brutally killed, like in Muzaffarnagar.

The day he made the statement that Minorities will have first claim on our resources, he proved his fanaticism. It is a communal statement, apart from being unconstitutional. Can a PM ever think of dividing the citizens in the name of religion? But he went unchallenged, due to an amenable opposition lead by Mr. L.K. Advani.

The Sachhar committee is a rank communal setup. Its report has schemed Hindus against Muslims. No doubt, a welfare state has to take care of the poor and the downtrodden. But can this be done on the basis of religion? Are there no poor among Hindus? Are there no rich among Muslims? Is this simple fact not known to the so-called economist PM?

The UPA Govt. itself is targeting Hindu saints for taking a stand against the govt. policies. Look at how Sant Asaram Bapu is being harassed, and how Baba Ramdev was detained at the London Hethrow Airport for nearly 8 hours, due to purposely wrongful stamping of his Passport by the immigration authorities at New Delhi airport.

Is there a single action taken by this insensitive PM for maintaining communal harmony? By appeasing Muslims, even by subverting the constitution, he has immensely contributed to the communal divide. In the process, he has earned the ill-will of majority Hindus. This is going to be reflected in the forthcoming election.

The victory of Congress in 2009 is the making of BJP. Due to the wrong policies of BJP, the voters (who were deadly against Congress) preferred to remain absent from voting. And with a low voters’ turn out, the Congress stole an undeserved victory. After 10 years, the government headed by MMS has taken the country back to 1990 in sheer economic terms. In terms of other social and public values, we have become a banana republic. In terms of politics, we are back to 1947.

He was supposed to be a ‘honest’ PM. But look at the fact. In a disproportionate asset case, Jaganmohan Reddy has spent 16 months in jail even before conviction, but in similar such cases, Mayavati, Mulayam and Lallu are roaming free. How can a PM, who protects criminals simply to remain in power, be honest? 

MMS as PM has systematically destroyed every democratic institutions. Statutory authorities like the CBI and the office of the Attorney General have been subverted and made to fall in line. The CBI is set against the Intelligence Bureau, to the pleasant surprise of terrorists, crooks and anti-nationals.

Our defence forces are many years behind in terms of armaments and weaponry. The UPA Govt. has given up purchases of modern weapons from abroad. Hence their very capacity to defend the country has been seriously eroded. Chinese troops camp on our territory for weeks on end. Our nation is being kicked around by even a Maldives or a Bhutan. Now even the ex-Army Chief is being framed, as he shared the dais with Modi.

MMS is going to leave behind for the next government an India that is bankrupt, ungovernable, riven by communal conflicts, and all its institutions destroyed?

Such a dishonest, unscrupulous, unpatriotic and spineless PM has no right to continue even for a day. At the earliest opportunity, we must show him the door.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Hindu Charge-sheet against the UPA Govt.

A Hindu Charge-sheet against the UPA Govt.
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice

(Elections are round the corner. We have to throw the Congress out - lock, stock and barrel. Ignorance of Hindus is the strength of Congress. To remove this cultivated ignorance, we have to educate Hindus of the impending dangers in voting for the Congress. Congress party’s anti-Hindu and anti-national policies are to be bared before the general public)

There are 6 kinds of people who vote for the Congress.
1.     Hoarders, Blackmarketers, Criminals,
    Industrialists, Businessmen and Professionals
    who want to safeguard their interests.

2.     Those who want to loot India by becoming
    Councillors, MLAs, MPs and Ministers.

3.     Those who want name and fame or get some
    Rewards/Awards from Govts. and Positions
    in Govt.

4.     Christians and Muslims, as Congress gives
    them special privileges and allows them to
    dominate over Hindus.

5.     Those who are monetarily or otherwise
    benefited from one or more of the above.

6.     Some Idiots who still think that Nehru family
    got us freedom and hence they should support

If you are a honest person, with the interest of the nation in heart, and are still voting for the Congress, please read on:
The Congress was instrumental in dividing the country on the basis of Religion. For 23% Muslim population in the whole of India, Gandhi & Nehru gave 32% land of Bharat. Naturally there should have been exchange of population too, as advised by Babasaheb Ambedkar. All Muslims should have been asked to migrate to Pakistan. But the Congress leaders did not do that. On the contrary, in our Constitution, they inserted two Articles - 29 & 30 - Protection of interests of minorities and Rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions. While Hindus in Pakistan, who were 24%, have almost vanished, Muslims in India are thriving and growing. The few remaining Hindus in Pakistan are oppressed, while Muslims in India are given preferential treatment. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Congress is a party to create Sharia courts in J&K. Such courts are in existence in other places too. Non-Muslims too are being tried by such Sharia courts, reminding us of the Moghul raj. Congress party is also allowing Sharia-compliant Banking and Share Bazaar. The party is taking us to another partition. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Special educational loans for minorities, special loan waivers for minorities, special financial packages for terrorist’s families, kid’s gloves treatment to Muslims arrested for terrorist activities, compensation to minorities arrested for terrorist activities but acquitted by the court due to ‘insufficient evidence’, etc. - all these schemes are formulated by the Congress Govt. only for the minorities and not for Hindus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Congress wants to give 4.5% reservation to Muslims from among the OBC quota. Congress Minister Salman Kurshid increased it to 9%. They are stealing the Hindu OBC quota and giving it to Muslims. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Subsidies to Haj and Jerusalem pilgrims are provided by the Congress Govt. But Hindu pilgrims are taxed. During Hindu pilgrimages, bus fares are increased. Electricity charges for Hindu functions are increased. Subsidy to minorities and taxes on Hindus has been the policy of the Congress Govt. Your temple funds are being used for renovating Mosques and Churches. And you are still voting for the Congress!

All Muslims are not terrorists; but all terrorists are Muslims. As soon as it captured power in 2004, the UPA repealed POTA, to appease Muslims. Now, it wants to bring a law - Communal Violence Bill - which treats every Hindu as a potential criminal. Already, it is trying to ‘manufacture’ Hindu terrorists. If the bill becomes a law, Hindus will automatically become slaves of Muslims and Christians, bringing in Moghal raj. And you will still vote for the Congress!

The Prime Minister had no shame in proclaiming that minorities will have first claim on our resources. This is an unconstitutional statement and is against the spirit of ‘Equality’ enshrined in the constitution. Thus the PM has schemed Hindus against minorities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Every day five times you hear Azaan from your nearby masjid through loudspeakers - even at 5 am. It disturbs your sleep and peace. It amounts to noise pollution. Using loud-speakers for offering namaaz is prohibited. But Muslims violate it with impunity and police will not act against them due to political pressure from the Congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Recently, a Muslim S A Ibrahim, has been appointed director of the Intelligence Bureau. At the time of Nehru itself it was decided (unofficially) that no Muslim will be appointed in IB. But under UPA, this policy has been changed. Still you are voting for the Congress?

We drove away the Britishers. But today the Congress Party has imported an Italian - Antonio Maino alias Sonia Gandhi - to rule over us. Then why did we drive away Britishers? ‘Leader from Italy and voters from Bangladesh’ That is the policy of congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!
MF Hussain drew naked pictures of many Hindu Gods, Goddess and Bharat Mata. He ran away from the country and refused to come to India to face the many court cases. Instead of taking action against him for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, the UPA Govt. wanted to reward him. It treated him as a celebrity. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Bharat Mata picture in the 2-rupee coin was replaced with a picture of Cross. The emblem of Kendra Vidyalaya - Sun and Lotus (Hindu symbols) - were replaced with Cross and Crescent, to appease Christians and Muslims. And you are still voting for the Congress!

By an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the UPA Govt. denied the existence of Ram and Ramayan. It was making herculean efforts to break the Ram Sethu, a national heritage, which was worshipped by Chatrapathi Shivaji, Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, etc. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is trying to declare Sanskrit - the Devbhasha - as a dead language. But at the same, it is giving incentive to study Arabic and Urdu. And you are still voting for the Congress!

See the number of scams - 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Antrix-Devas, Coalgate, etc., running into lakhs of crores of rupees. Earlier the Moguls and then the Britishers looted our country. And now the Congressmen are plundering it, leading to spiralling of prices of essential commodities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Although we were enslaved for nearly 1000 years, we reemerged as one nation, inspite of so many castes, creed and languages. This was possible due to our spiritual and cultural unity. All Hindus come together to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Ramnavami, Gookulashtami, Dussarah, Kumbh Mela, etc. Hindus converge at Tirupathi, Vaishno Devi, Sabarimalai, Shirdi, Char Dhaam, Amarnath, etc. This spiritual and cultural unity of India is being tampered with by the present Congress Govt., making Bharat vulnerable, day by day. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. has recently decided to give ‘Missionary Visa’ to foreigners. That is, a Christian Missionary from USA/Europe or a Maulvi from Saudi Arabia can come to India officially and preach their religions and convert Hindus. This will amount to de-Hinduising Bharat. Still you are voting for the Congress?

In Kashmir, many youths who were terrorists, have been recruited in the police. They are mercilessly beating up Hindus who say ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. In many Congress-ruled states also Muslim youths are recruited in the police. And they are sure to target Hindus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is giving Rs.2/- per day of attendance to minority students, even if they are rich. But this is denied to poor Hindu students. In the name of religion they are dividing the society. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA is trying to destroy the Hindu Family Institution. By amending various Hindu laws, it wants to treat Hindu marriage as a ‘civil contract’ (similar to Muslim marriage). This amounts to ridiculing our cultural and the spiritual sanctity behind the marriage ceremony. In the name of Women Empowerment, it wants to give more importance to ‘live-in’ relationships (as Rahul Gandhi does). He is 43 and is not yet married. But he is roaming around with his Columbian girl friend, staying in hotels for weeks together, with her. This is the ‘family culture’ Congress wants to promote. It will also entitle women of loose morals to claim 50% share in the property of the men, creating havoc in Hindu families. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Hasan Ali Khan, the stud farm owner from Pune, was staying with Congress Spokesperson, Mrs. Renuka Chowdhary at her Delhi flat for seven days. He presented her with a diamond ring worth Rs.1.2 crores (Rs.1,20,00,000/-). The UPA Govt. has written off Khan’s income tax arrears of Rs.91,859 crores as unrecoverable. See the nexus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

In fact, ISI is blackmailing India, because it knows about the illegal moneys stashed away in foreign banks, by Sonia-Rahul. Look at the nexus: Sonia Gandhi-Ahmed Patel-Hasan Ali Khan-Dawood Ibrahim-ISI. Join the links and you will know. Hence, we are forced to play cricket with Pakistan. We are forced to call Pak FM & HM for talks. We have given the Most Favoured Nation to Pak. Hence, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde talks of ‘Hindu Terror’. He is doing so at the behest of ISI, to please all terrorist organisations in Pakistan and India. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is establishing “Special Courts” for speedy trials of “Muslims” arrested for terrorist activities. But the so-called ‘Hindu Terrorists’ (like Sadhvi Pragya) are just rotting in jail for years, without even a trial. Just look at their sympathy for Muslims who are involved in terrorist activities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The National Advisory Council, headed by Sonia Gandhi, an unconstitutional body, consists of blind folded fundamentalists and anti-Hindus. Some members of NAC appealed for mercy for Ajmal Kasab. Some have link with Maoists. Muslims, Christians and anti-Hindus are preferred for all important positions. Hindus are treated as second class citizens, although they form more than 80% of the population. This is because you voted for Congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The GoI issued a Five-Rupee coin embossed with the picture of sister Alphonsa, a so-called Christian saint from Kerala. Missionaries of Charity (MoC) Superior General Sister Nirmala has been awarded the nation’s second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan. Gladys Steines, the wife of murdered Australian missionary, Graham Steines, too got Padma Shri. No Hindu Sadhu or Saint is similarly honoured. And you are still voting for the Congress!

After the demise of Satya Sai Baba, the AP Govt. of Congress Party was trying to take over his Trust. After the demise of Mother Teressa, did the govt. question any of the activities of Missionaries of Charity or check its cash and bank balances.

In all highly sensitive positions in the government, Sonia has appointed pet individuals from Muslims and Christians communities. Here are some examples. Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister of India; E. Ahmad, India’s Minister for External Affairs; Syed Akbarddin, the spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs; Chief of Intelligence Bureau, Syed Asif Ibrahim; Chief Justice of India, Altmas Kabir; Attorney General of India, Goolam E. Vahanvati (a protege of Ahmed Patel); Vice President of India Mohammed Hameed Ansari; Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister Farooq Abdullah, K. Rahman Khan, Sonia Gandhi’s political Advisor Ahmad Patel all are Muslims. Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister A.K. Anthony, Air Chief Marshall Norman Anil Kumar Browne all are Christians.

65 MPs have written to US President Obama not to give visa to Modi. It is a clear violation of our Constitution. They have just stopped short of calling Obama to come and rule over us. In what way this is different from King Ambhi seeking the help of Alaxander to defeat King Porus in 327 BC; Mir Jafar seeking the help of Lord Clive to defeat Siraj-ud-Daulah in 1757; and Nehru calling UN to mediate on J&K in 1947? No action is taken against these MPs. Are you still going to vote for Congress?

The Intelligence Bureau, which gathers information on anti-national and terrorist activities and passes it on to the Home Ministry for further action, has stopped functioning. The reason: Most of the people involved in anti-national and terrorist activities are Muslims and when they submit their report with Muslim names, the UPA Govt. takes them (IB Officers) to task for targeting Muslims! This has put the safety and security of you and your children in danger. And you are still voting for Congress?

Inside India, Muslim terrorists are murdering Hindu leaders at will. At the border, Pak Army men are killing and beheading our jawans at will. On 6th Aug. 2013, 5 Indian soldiers were brutally killed by Pak army men inside our territory. Instead of retaliating, UPA Govt. was trying to defend Pakistan. The Defence Minister said they were not Pak army men but terrorists in Pak army uniform. The PM refuses to call off his talks with Pak PM. They are doing all these to please Pak and Indian Muslims for their votes. National security and the lives of our soldiers who defend our borders are not their concern. Still you are voting for Congress? 

It seems, Under UPA, ISI men have infiltrated into many Govt. positions. Whenever an IAS or IPS officer takes action against Muslims for anti-national or terrorist activities, such officers are targeted and punished. Hence, many IAS and Police Officers may be afraid of taking action against such terrorists or anti-national activists. In that case, what will happen to the safety and security of Hindus? And you are still voting for Congress?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate in UP is suspended by the SP Govt. for demolishing the illegal wall of a masjid. Sonia shows concerns. But when a District Magistrate in Rajasthan was transferred for enquiring into her son-in-law Robert Vadra’s illegal land deals, Sonia did not show similar concern. See the double standards. And you are still voting for Congress?

A BSP Muslim MP who insulted Vande Mataram is hugged by Mayavati. But she dismisses her Hindu MP for praising Modi. How patriotic is she? And she is hoping to become the PM, with the support of Congress. And you are still voting for Congress!

The Congress under Sonia Gandhi hates Chatrapathi Shivaji, Swami Vivekananda, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, Veer Savarkar, and many other revolutionaries. In fact, the party hates Sanatan Hindu Dharm and Hindu culture. And you are still voting for the Congress!

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in a free and democratic India, with Justice, Equality, Fraternity and Liberty, please vote for Narendra Modi (BJP). Even if 50% Hindus vote for Narendra Modi, we can bring in Ram Rajya. It is that damn easy.

Oh Hindu brothers and sisters! Will you still vote for the Congress? Do so, only if you want our Motherland to be plundered and your children/grandchildren to live as a second class citizen. The choice is yours. But remember, all nationalist Hindus are going to vote for Shri Narendra Modi.

Note: This Charge-sheet is also available in the form of a Booklet, printed in a good quality paper in English and Hindi, separately. Per copy price is Rs.5/-. But if you purchase 100 copies or more, the rate would be Rs.3/- per copy.

Any one can translate and print this in his/her language. No permission is required.  But credit entry “Originally published in English by Hindu Voice (Monthly)” is requested.

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