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The Achievements of Hindu Voice

The Achievements of Hindu Voice

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, Oct. 2014)
Hindu Voice was launched in April 2002, as a repercussion to the Godhra carnage and the subsequent reprisal of Hindus in Gujarat. Since its inception, Hindu Voice has been following the advice of Bhagwan Sri Krishna : Paritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam, Dharmasam-sthapanarthaya. The meaning is clear. For establishing Dharm, two things have to be done simultaneously (1)  protecting the virtuous, and (2) annihilating (vadh) the wickeds. Just protecting the virtuous alone wouldn’t do. The evil forces too have to be eliminated.

While every one agrees and is ready to follow the former, rarely any one is interested in taking up the latter task - i.e. annihilating the wicked. And without annihilating the evil forces, the establishment of dharm will not be complete. 

Further, if the wicked are not eliminated, these evil forces can destroy the achievements made in the former sphere - protecting the pious - at one stroke, as the ISIS in Iraq is doing.
Therefore, Hindu Voice decided to concentrate more on the latter job - i.e. annihilating (vadh) the wicked. Now, in a democratic set up and under the rule of law, how does one annihilate? In today’s context, annihilation can only mean exposing these evil forces before the general public, and make the public to be the judges. One can work only as an intellectual warrior, which Hindu Voice is doing, with great success.

Now which are these evil forces. Without identifying them, how can one destroy them? Hindu Voice has identified them in the form of  six yamahs (6Ms). They are : (1) Mullahs, (2) Missionaries, (3) Marxists, (4) Mecaulayists, (5) Media, and (6) Maino (Sonia).

When I say Mullahs and Missionaries, they should not be confused with common Muslims and Christians. Muslims and Christians are citizens of this nation, like you and me. It is the fanatic Mullahs and Missionaries/pastors who instigate them and use them as a tool to wield political power.

Now, what is the yardstick for annihilation? How does one measure it? In a democratic set up election is the only yardstick to measure the success or otherwise of the annihilation process. Only during election, people give their collective judgement. Isn’t it? After exposing some one, we have to leave it to the judgement of the people.  

In the May 2014 elections, the people of this nation, in their collective judgement, elected Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister, with a clear majority. Modi had declared himself as a Hindu Nationalist. His extraordinary qualities are well known to the people. Hindu Voice too vigorously campaigned for him for the last many years. Lakhs of copies of our leaflet and thousands of copies of our books have been distributed all over the nation, exposing these 6Ms, and appealing to voters to vote for Narendra Modi.

At this moment, it is appropriate to evaluate the success of Hindu Voice. I can confidently say that HV has achieved a run away success in achieving its goal.  During these 12+ years, not a single issue of Hindu Voice was missed. There is no combined issue also. All the issues have come out in time. 

Now, let us see how Hindu Voice is successful in annihilating each one of these 6Ms.
1. Maino (Sonia Gandhi) : An illiterate, Italian Catholic, Maino became one of the most powerful women and the 4th richest person in the world. She was virtually running the Govt. of India, by appointing a dumb, week and dishonest Manmohan Singh as the PM, for 10 years. After the unexpected victory in 2009, Sonia was so emboldened that she thought that India is a ‘banana republic’ and Indians are ‘mango people’ and she can denigrate all democratic institutions and loot this country at will. But Indians are mature and intelligent. They have given the Congress only 44 seats in the Lok Sabha, unqualified to be even the official opposition party. In a dozen states, it has not got a single seat. The Congress may never regain its lost glory, and a Maino-mukht Bharat is going to be a reality.

2. Mullahs : The Indian parliament used to have nearly 60 Muslim MPs. They were a force to reckon with. To safeguard Islam’s interest, even at the cost of national interest, all MPs used to come together, leaving aside their party line. Today, there are only 21 Muslim MPs. It is not that Muslims did not fight the 2014 parliamentary elections. All parties fielded Muslim candidates as usual. But Hindus have refused to vote for Muslims this time. Also, some Muslims have voted for NaMo. That means, Muslims  are coming out of the clutches of Mullahs and are becoming nationalists. Muslims neglecting fanatic Mullahs is a good sign, which will definitely lead to communal harmony.

In the side line, let me mention that after Hindu Voice was launched in 2002, “Muslim India”, a monthly edited by Sayyed Sahabuddin, stopped publishing in 2003. “Communalism Combat” a Monthly published by Teesta Setalvad was converted to once-in-two-months publication. Now it comes out  ‘occasionally’ for name sake. “Milli Gazette”, an Islamic Fortnightly has announced that it is going to stop its publication shortly. Vedas rightly say : Satyameva Jayate - Truth alone triumphs.

3. Marxists: In the 2004 parliamentary elections, 64 Communist MPs were elected. The UPA-I, with 145 MPs, was running the govt. with the support of these 64 Communist MPs plus others. Today, their strength has come down to just 10. West Bengal and Kerala, their citadels, have been demolished. CPI is likely to lose its ‘national party’ status. While communism has been defeated the world over, in India they were thriving. Now they have met their waterloo here too.

4. Media: The entire media was anti-Hindu and anti-Modi. Every effort was made by the media to stop Modi from coming to power. Still Modiji won. He branded them as “News Traders”. Today people distrust the media, as most of the reporting are motivated. Rajdeep Sardesai and Sangrika Ghosh of CNN-IBN are gone. CNN-IBN itself has been bought over by Ambani. It is reported that Adani is aiming for NDTV. In fact, the viewership of news channel has come down drastically. Times Now predicted 14 seats for Congress in Rajasthan and 158 seats all over the nation in the 2014 parliamentary elections. (Congress got zero in Rajasthan and 44 total). If this is not paid survey, what it is? Same is the case with almost all TV Channels. All the panel discussions and debates are concocted. No doubt people ignore them. And they are shouting in wilderness. 

5. Mecaulyists: When I say Mecaulayists, it is the Mecaulay-educated ‘secularists’. Many secularists are running for cover after the victory of Modiji. The notorious Dilip Padgaonkar (former-ToI) himself has admitted that they were proven wrong. Many TV panelists too are perplexed. All are now forced to learn anew the real meaning of secularism as is being practised by Christian democracies like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Many ‘seculars’, ‘intellectuals’, ‘human rights activists’ and ‘environmentalists’, who run NGOs and receive enormous funds from foreign countries, to block developmental projects undertaken by the Govt. of India and to destroy Hindu culture, are under the scanner of the govt.  In the name of Human Rights and at the behest of foreign forces, some of them were covertly supporting Terrorists and Maoists, while they never bothered about the families of our security personnel mercilessly killed by them. Their foreign funding is drying up, and many may fold up and the activists may become jobless. Many may even end up in jail.

6. Missionaries : These “God Traders” are still in the business of converting Hindus. “Annihilating” them will be a slow process. The more and more they are rejected by enlightened Christians in the West, they are making vigorous efforts in India to convert Hindus and increase their flock. They receive enormous funds from foreign countries. The Govt. is likely to stop the flow of foreign funds for their NGOs. Once their sources dry up, they will have to pack off. But Hindu Voice will continue to expose their nefarious designs camouflaged as service.

These 6Ms had developed a pathological hatred towards anything Hindu. They have no love for Sanatan Hindu Dharm, Hindu culture, Hindu traditions and practices and this Hindu nation.  They want to destroy the cultural unity of our nation and leave Hindus at the mercy of anti-national hawks. 

Some of them want Bharat to ape Western countries and be at their mercy. They want India to be the market place for the products manufactured by Western countries. They want to destroy the Hindu Family System and replace it with the Western concept, where one can find a lot of promiscuous women with a fatherless society. 

Still some of them (Mullahs) want to make India into Darul Islam with Sharia law.

In a country which has 80% Hindu population, these 6Ms had the guts to denigrate Hinduism, courtesy the Nehruvian Congress. The nation’s identity, i.e. Hindutva, was hidden from the people and the world and a new religion - Secularism - has been developed by these 6 yamahs. In the name of Secularism, the gullible Hindus have been taken for a ride by these 6Ms for many decades. Appeasement of Muslims and Christians, at the cost of Hindus, has come to mean secularism. They have effectively hidden the fact that Hindutva is real secularism.

But, the 2014 parliamentary election proves that the people of this nation have understood the nefarious designs of these 6Ms. This is due to the great work done by Hindu organisations, including Hindu Voice. In fact, today Hindus have developed a hatred towards these 6Ms who hate India. This is a reality. Hence, any politician supporting any of the 6Ms will not get Hindu votes. Muslim and Christian candidates fielded even by NDA have lost the election, as Hindus have refused to vote for them. All politicians, especially the BJP leaders, should clearly understand this writing on the wall.

Serving Hindu interests will be directly related to the increase in voting percentage in the coming elections. Similarly, neglecting Hindus will lead to lower percentage of voting, enabling the victory of anti-Hindu and anti-national forces. You take care of Hindus and they will come out in larger number and vote for BJP. This has become apparent in the 2014 parliamentary elections. And with more and more Hindu awakening, this trend will continue in future too.

If the BJP understands this fact and polarize Hindu votes, they can continue to win elections in future too and rule this nation for many more terms. They need not worry about the anti-Hindu media shouting about ‘polarization’ as though it is a crime. But this is what democracy is all about. Congress has been doing this all along. It has always polarized Muslim and Christian votes. Now it is the turn of BJP to polarize Hindu votes. 

A Hindu vote bank has come into existence. They have recognised these yamahas (6Ms) - who are bent upon taking away the soul (Hindutva) of this nation (Bharat) - and are not going to be swayed away by their antics. They have also decimated the casteist, communal and racist parties like RJD, BSP, JDU, SP and DMK. It is for the BJP to take advantage of this Hindu Vote Bank. For that, along with Paritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam too should be done. If they do, then they can rule this Hindu nation for many decades.


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