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A Historic Victory for Hindus

A Historic Victory for Hindus

16th May 2014 will be a historic day for India. On this day, we got our Second Independence - from Nehruvian Congress, headed by an Italian Catholic Empress. 

India is no more ‘a banana republic’ with ‘mango people’. Indians are indeed matured and intelligent. They have overwhelmingly voted for a Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi. Under his leadership BJP has catapulted to power at the centre, decimating the Congress. While BJP alone has got 282 seats, a clear majority, the NDA has got 336 seats. The Congress has got just 44 seats, unqualified even to be the main opposition.

This is a day of rejoice for Hindu Voice. It has been carrying on a relentless campaign since its inception in 2002 to bring political powers in the hands of Hindus. The efforts of Hindu Voice for the last many years has come to fruition. A Hindu Nationalist has become the Prime Minister of our nation. The first goal is achieved.

The election results have proved my contention that even if 50% Hindus vote for BJP, BJP may easily get about 300 seats. I have also been saying that the BJP should not worry about Muslim and Christian votes and should concentrate only on Hindu votes, and Muslims & Christians will follow suit.

The myth that no one can win elections in India on Hidutva plank has exploded. Also the myth that to win elections you have to placate Muslims and Christians has been blown off. The fear psychosis created among Muslims and Christians by the Congress and other parties has come to naught, as they (Muslims & Christians) too are interested in development and good governance, and hence many have voted for BJP. Another belief that the era of single party rule in the centre is over has been belied.

I have been saying that the Modi wave may turn into a Tsunami. Yes, the Modi wave has turned into a Tsunami and has washed away many parties which were thriving on appeasing minorities in the name of secularism or raking up caste issues or on ‘divide and rule’ policy. The drubbing Mulayam and Mayavati got in UP is a telling example.

Lallu, Mulayam, Mayavati, Nitish, Sharad Pawar, Raj Thackrey, Ajit Singh, Karunanidhi, Abdullah, Karats, Kejriwals, Gowda, etc. etc. have been washed ashore. The much pampered AAP lost deposit in 421 out of 434 seats it contested.

The funny aspect of the Modi Tsunami is that while all along since 1989 parties were making alliances to capture power, this time they are forced to form an alliance for ‘capturing’ the position of opposition. Such is the catastrophe of the Modi Tsunami.
Even the Left, on whose 64 MPs support the UPA-1 came into being, has been thrashed. Both the CPI and CPM together have just got 10 seats and are likely to lose their recognition as national parties.

The election results have proved all opinion polls, surveys and exist polls wrong. No one predicted that BJP will get majority on its own and the NDA will get a landslide victory.
The Times Now predicted 14 seats for Congress in Rajasthan, where Congress has got zero. Similarly, it also predicted 148 seats for Congress, whereas Congress has got just 44. Was it really making a survey or just soothsaying? Or was Times Now paid for doing so? The so called No.1 National Channel should explain.

Many so called ‘intellectuals’ are running for cover. They are not able to digest that a Hindu Nationalist can become the PM of the country. Many TV panelists too are perplexed. All are now forced to learn anew the real meaning of secularism, as is being practised in Christian democracies like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

These fake intellectuals and armchair experts are cut off from ground realities. They always underestimate the impact and influence of Hindu saints, because of their perpetual hatred towards Hindu saints. RSS and Baba Ramdev had overtly worked for the success of NaMo. But there were other saints also - like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Mata Amritanandamai, Asharam Bapu, Murari Bapu, Pranav Pandya, and many others - whose followers were actively working for uprooting the Rome Rajya in India.

In fact Baba Ramdev is the modern Chanakya who found in Modi a Chandragupt. Nine months ago, Baba  had sworn that he will not enter into Pathanjali Yogpeet at Haridwar, till this Corrupt Congress is thrown out of power. He lived upto his vow and achieved his goal.

Hindu saints’ blessings have great moral and spiritual powers, which has been amply proved in the case of NaMo. Similarly, their curse has befallen on Congress. The arrest and persecution of Hindu sadhus on false cases of terrorism, rape etc. has cost the Congress heavily. It has been washed out in 14 states where it has not got even a single seat. 

Now that a Hindu Nationalist has become the Prime Minister of this Hindu Nation, we can rest assured that the nation is in safe hands. However, I would caution Modiji not to outsource his team and give chance only to BJP leaders/workers. He should not take help from rank outsiders, which may be harmful for the party. (e.g. appointment of Sudheendra Kulkarni, Brijesh Misra, etc. by ABV/LKA). 

Our first step to bring in Hindu governance is achieved. However, I want to see a Hinduised Bharat. Our constitution and its makers indeed envisaged a Hindu nation, which was hijacked by the Nehruvian Congress, taking advantage of the gullibility of Hindus. Now that the Nehruvian Congress has gone, the nation should return to its Hindu roots.

While development and good governance are important, national unity and integrity is also equally important. This can be achieved only by following Hindutva. Modiji has already set an example by bowing before parliament and placing his forehead on its steps, exactly like Hindu devotees do before a temple. This should be extended further. I have therefore addressed a letter to our new Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji, suggesting a few simple ways to Hinduise Bharat. Please refer below. These are my loud thoughts. Many more points can be added. 

Even if some of my suggestions are implemented in stages over a priod of a few years, a Hinduised India will continue to vote for Modiji as PM for at least another two terms.
As the next step, Hindu Voice will be carrying on a campaign among the powers that be to implement this agenda. Development, Good Governance and a Hinduised Bharat will make every Indian proud. And Bharat will stand once again as the Vishwa Guru in the comity of nations.

While wishing a long inning for NaMo as PM, I appeal to all Hindus to join Hindu Voice in bring moral pressure on the Government to Hinduise Bharat. (Dtd. 25.05.2014)

Modiji has been sworn in as the 15th Prime Minister of India, on 26th May, with 45 ministers. Hindu Voice congratulates the entire team.

It was gratifying to note that the audience consisted of many Hindu saints and RSS and VHP leaders. This has happened for the first time in our nation. Only a strong Hindu Nationalist can have the gumption to invite Hindu saints and RSS/VHP leaders for his swearing in ceremony. Bravo, Modiji.

However, I can not refrain from cautioning Modiji. Arun Jaitley has been given finance (with corporate affairs merged into it) and defence, whereas Sushma Swaraj gets external affairs.

The BJP parliamentary party under UPA-II consisted of Advani, Jaitley and Sushma - the latter two as leaders of opposition. The trio fully cooperated with the Congress in passing all laws - good and bad - and were in the good books of RSVP (Rahul, Sonia, Vadra, Priyanka).
To bring out the black moneys lying inside India and stashed away in foreign banks by RSVP and others, we need a ruthless minister. The trio can never be harsh towards RSVP. 

Dr. Subramanian Swamy could have been the right man for this job. If the messages in the social media is any indication, Nationalists are very unhappy at the non-inclusion of Dr. Swamy, who has continuously campaigned against corruption and black money. In fact, he (and not BJP) was instrumental in sending a few UPA Ministers to jail for corruption. He had also sworn that he will send all the corrupt congress laders, including RSVP, to jail. 

Further, he has been a great fighter for Hindu causes. But for him, Ram Sethu, a national heritage, could have been demolished long back by the anti-Hindu UPA Govt. Also the famous Chidambaram Natarajar Temple could not have come back to Hindus, and could have been swallowed by DMK which took over the temple.

The need of the hour is to go after the looters of our nation with a vengeance. Will Jaitley do so? It is too premature to come to any conclusion now. But his track record leaves much to be desired. The Modi government should not be soft towards our enemies and looters of our nation.

People have voted for the Hindu Nationalist, NaMo (and not for the trio). They have full faith in NaMo, who will take this nation to great heights. Rome Rajya has ended and Ram Rajya has begun. Let us all celebrate this new Independence. (Dtd. 27.05.2014)


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