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What about Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam?

Paritranaya Sadhunam is OK.
What about Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam?

(Editorial in Hindu Voice, Sept. 2014)

On 15th August 2014, India celebrated its 68th Independence Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurled our national flag from the rampart of red fort on that day.

Although it is the 68th Independence Day, for Hindus this is the First Independence Day in the AM (After Modi) era.

For the last 10 years, if not for the last many years, we had to watch a dumb and fumbling PM addressing the nation. It was like a 1st std. student reading from his written note - uninspiring and boring - without any substance.

However, the Speech of NaMo on 15th Aug. 2014 was like a lion roaring from the Red Fort - extempore, vibrant and lively - informing the nation of what he proposes to do and what he expects us to do.

The importance attached to the speeches of MMS and NaMo can be gauged from the fact that till 2013, hardly 40 Foreign Missions attended and listened to MMS’s speech. It is almost like a boycott of MMS. But on 15th Aug. 2014, about 150 Foreign Missions (out of 153) attended and listened to NaMo’s speech. Yes, the whole world was enthralled.

With dedication to the cause and sincerity of purpose, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that NaMo will take this nation to great heights. With an unblemished character, NaMo has no other politician in the nation today who can stand near him, leave alone competing with him. With such a person at the helm of affairs, India is in for a quantum jump in development and good governance.

But there is the other side of the coin too. Can development and good governance alone bring in votes for a second term for NaMo? If that is so, why didn’t the NDA get votes in 2004, when India was indeed shining? Hindus did not come to the polling station and vote for BJP. Because, Hindus expected (apart from good governance) something more, i.e. taking care of Hindu interests. The Vajpayee Govt. failed in this, and hence Hindus did not turn up to vote for BJP in 2004.

This should not happen to NaMo too in 2019. He should rule this nation for a few decades. This can be done only by polarizing Hindu voters towards BJP. Hence it is imperative for NaMo to address Hindu grievances too, promptly. Today, there are many Hindu/National interests neglected. For example:

In Kerala, secular principles are thrown into winds and Hindu students are also forced to observe Ramzan. During the month of Ramzan, many school timings are changed to suit fasting Muslims. In fact, it is ‘Arabization’ of Kerala. Can this happen in a secular country?  

In a school in Kollam (Kerala), singing of 'Vande Mataram' during the Independence Day-eve celebrations is abandoned because a fundamentalist outfit threatened the school authorities of dire consequences as it hurts the religious sentiments of Muslims. While the ‘secularists’ are mum, how can the central govt. allow this? Today it is Vande Mataram; tomorrow it may be Jana Gana Mana. The question is: should we give voting rights to such anti-nationals?

Still the Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has no compunction in meeting a terrorist Abdul Nasser Madani. What is the message to the people?

A private company in Kerala, in its advertisement for jobs, says that only Muslims and Christians should apply? How dare they do it so openly? Are we living in a secular country?
Sonia Gandhi and her coolies, after looting the nation of lakhs of crores of rupees, are roaming around like Saints? What is the source of Sonia’s income, who has become the 4th richest person in the world? Why is she not interrogated? Why is she not asked to vacate her palatial bungalow, 10 Janpath? In what way she is special? BJP had made a CD on Damadji during the election campaign. Have Robert Vadra’s misdeeds been forgotten? Why is there no prosecution so far?

Barkha Dutt and Siddarth Varadarajan were invited by the MEA to give lectures to its staffs. Couldn’t the MEA find any other worthies than these News Traders (NaMo’s words)? Does this not amount to patronizing these anti-Hindu journalists. At whose behest? There are many other perverted secularists and moron journalists. What about them?

TRS MP, M. Kavitha, says that Telengana and Kashmir were forcefully annexed to India, and hence both should be given independence.  Why is she not prosecuted? Arundathi Roy says that Mahatma Gandhi was a casteist. She had earlier said that India is occupying Kashmir. Has Mani Shankar Iyer the licence to make provocative speeches? Why are they roaming free, instead of being behind bars?

Some reputed educational institutions employ professors who are spreading communalism, hatred and intolerance. Should they go unpunished? 

The notorious Teesta Setalvad has allegedly posted an image of Goddess Kali and Bhagwan Vishnu, showing them Equal to terrorists of ISIS. Why is there no criminal action against her? But the Goa govt. bans the entry of SRS chief Pramod Muthalik! Is this the way to treat anti-Hindus and Nationalists?

ISIS is raising its head in Tamil Nadu and other places. Should it not be nipped in the bud? 

Hindus are denied cremation rights by Muslims in West Bengal. The police too is  a mute spectator. UP is becoming another Pakistan inside India.

The so called ‘Hindu terrorists’ are still rotting in jail. How long will they be there? Why can’t there be speedy trial? Why are they not granted bail? 

These are only some of the issues (apart from abrogation of Article 370, building of Ram Temple at Ayodhya, enacting of Uniform Civil Code, Releasing of temples from Govt. controls and banning of Cow Slaughter), which concern Hindus. Neglecting them may cost Hindu votes for the BJP. Taking care of them will polarize Hindu votes towards BJP/NaMo.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna informed Arjun: Paritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam, Dharmasam-sthapanarthaya. The meaning is clear: Dharm can not be established by protecting the virtuous alone; the wickeds too have to be annihilated, simultaneously.

Similarly, only development and good governance alone would not bring Hindu votes. The anti-nationals too should be vanished from the scene. Otherwise, all the development and good work done by Modi govt. can be reversed or destroyed by the wickeds at one stroke, as the ISIS is doing in Iraq.

Hence, my humble advice to Modiji is that while going for development and good governance (Paritranaya Sadhunam), he should not neglect annihilating the wicked (Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam). Both should go together. Then, and then alone, he can win over the hearts and the votes of Hindus, enabling him to make many more such Independence Day speeches.


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