Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Earnest Appeal to BJP President Rajnath Singh Ji

An Earnest Appeal to BJP President Rajnath Singh Ji

Dear Rajnath Singh Ji,

At the outset, let me congratulate you on being elected as the President of BJP again.

I also grudgingly recollect that you were the BJP President in 2009, when the party lost the parliamentary elections for the second time. I hope it is not repeated.

In the beginning of 2009, my Representative in Chennai met you personally and handed over to you a booklet prepared by me in English and Hindi, titled “The Truths You Must Know Before You Vote”. It was a chargesheet by a Hindu against the UPA Govt. Subsequently I wrote to you, requesting that this booklet be printed by all BJP candidates and distributed in their constituencies. You, at the behest of your mentor LKA, never bothered to talk about the injustices being meted out to Hindus.

(However, one BJP candidate in UP who distributed 15,000 copies of my booklet, in Hindi, won the election by a margin of 6,000+ votes. This seat was won in 2004 by a Muslim Congress candidate by 24,000 votes!)

I write this to caution you that if you are going to follow the same policies of 2009, the results will be disastrous. BJP may not reach even the 3 digit figure. On the contrary, if the BJP declares Narendra Modiji as the PM candidate and polarize Hindu votes, then BJP alone can get majority in the coming parliamentary elections.

The Congress has given you dozens of issues on a platter - corruption, misgovernance, inflation, insecurity, etc. - the recent one being accusing BJP and RSS of running terror camps  and terming Hindus as ‘Saffron Terrorists’ by an unworthy Home Minister. On this single point, you can polarize the entire Hindu voters towards BJP. 

Another shot in the arm is the ‘coronation’ of Rahul Gandhi as the Vice President and Chief Election Campaigner of Congress. Aged 42, unmarried, with absolutely no achievements to his credit, he has live-in relations with foreign girls. This is nothing but mockery of our culture and family values. Please do not brush it aside as his private life. For a man hoping to be the PM of this country, private life too has to be clean. With such a character(less) as the CEC, the war is almost half won for the BJP.

However, along with the above, if you also take up some of the issues given below, which are affecting Hindus, I am sure BJP will get windfall gains.

1. The Prime Minister had no shame in proclaiming that minorities will have first claim on our resources. This is an unconstitutional statement and is against the spirit of ‘Equality’ enshrined in the constitution. Thus the PM has schemed one community against another.  

2. Recently, a Muslim S A Ibrahim, has been appointed director of the Intelligence Bureau. At the time of Nehru itself it was decided (unofficially) that no Muslim will be appointed in IB. But under UPA, this policy has been changed, risking national security.

3. Every day five times we hear Azaan from our nearby masjid through loudspeakers. It disturbs our sleep and peace. Using loud-speakers for offering namaaz is prohibited. But Muslims violate it with impunity and police will not act against them due to political pressure from the Congress. 

4. MF Hussain drew naked pictures of many Hindu Gods, Goddess and Bharat Mata. He ran away from the country and refused to come to India to face the many court cases. Instead of taking action against him for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, the UPA Govt. wanted to reward him. It treated him as a celebrity. 

5. The Bharat Mata picture in the 2-rupee coin was replaced with a picture of Cross. The emblem of Kendra Vidyalaya - Sun and Lotus (Hindu symbols) - were replaced with Cross and Crescent, to appease Christians and Muslims. 

6. The Congress wants to give 4.5% reservation to Muslims from among the OBC quota. Congress Minister Salman Kurshid increased it to 9%. They are stealing the Hindu OBC quota and giving it to Muslims. 

7. Subsidies to Haj and Jerusalem pilgrims are provided by the Congress Govt. But Hindu pilgrims are taxed. During Hindu pilgrimages, bus fares are increased. Electricity charges for Hindu functions are increased. Subsidy to minorities and taxes on Hindus has been the policy of the Congress Govt. Hindu temple funds are being used for renovating Mosques and Churches. 

8. As soon as it captured power in 2004, the UPA repealed POTA, to appease Muslims. Now, it wants to bring a law - Communal Violence Bill - which treats every Hindu as a potential criminal. If the bill becomes a law, Hindus will automatically become slaves of Muslims and Christians, bringing in Moghul raj. 

9. Special educational loans for minorities, special loan waivers for minorities, special financial packages for terrorist’s families, kid’s gloves treatment to Muslims arrested for terrorist activities, compensation to minorities arrested for terrorist activities but acquitted by the court due to ‘insufficient evidence’, etc. - all these schemes are formulated by the Congress Govt. only for the minorities and not for Hindus. 

10. The Congress is a party to create Sharia courts in J&K. Such courts are in existence in other places too. Non-Muslims too are being tried by such Sharia courts, reminding us of the Moghul raj. Congress party is also allowing Sharia-compliant Banking and Share Bazaar. The party is taking us to the pre-1947 period, which saw division of the country on religious lines.
11. By an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the UPA Govt. denied the existence of Ram and Ramayan. It was making herculean efforts to break the Ram Sethu, a national heritage, which was worshipped by Chatrapathi Shivaji, Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, etc. 

12. The UPA Govt. is trying to declare Sanskrit - the Devbhasha - as a dead language. But at the same, it is giving incentive to study Arabic and Urdu. 

13. See the number of scams - 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Antrix-Devas, Coalgate, etc., running into lakhs of crores of rupees. Earlier the Moguls and then the Britishers looted our country. And now the Congressmen are plundering it, leading to spiralling of prices of essential commodities. 

14. Although we were enslaved for nearly 1000 years, we reemerged as one nation, inspite of so many castes, creed and languages. This was possible due to our spiritual and cultural unity. All Hindus come together to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Ramnavami, Gookulashtami, Dussarah, Kumbh Mela, etc.  Hindus converge at Tirupathi, Vaishno Devi, Sabarimalai, Shirdi, Amarnath, etc. This spiritual and cultural unity of India is being tampered with by the present Congress Govt., making Bharat vulnerable, day by day. 

15. The UPA Govt. has recently decided to give ‘Missionary Visa’ to foreigners. That is, a Christian Missionary from USA/Europe or a Maulvi from Saudi Arab can come to India officially and preach their religions and convert Hindus. This will amount to dehinduising Bharat. 

16. In Kashmir, Many youths who were terrorists, have been recruited in the police. They are mercilessly beating up Hindus who say ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. In many Congress-ruled states also Muslim youths are recruited in the police. And they are sure to target Hindus.

17. The Maharashtra Govt. is giving Rs.2/- per day of attendance to minority students, even if they are rich. But this is denied to poor Hindu students. In the name of religion they are dividing the society. 

18. The UPA is trying to destroy the Hindu Family Institution. By amending various Hindu laws, it wants to treat Hindu marriage as a ‘civil contract’ (similar to Muslim marriage). This amounts to ridiculing the cultural and spiritual sanctity behind the marriage ceremony. It wants to give more importance to ‘live-in’ relationships. Rahul Gandhi’s case is an example. He is 42 and is not yet married. But he is roaming around with his Columbian girl friend, staying in hotels for weeks together, with her. This is the ‘family culture’ Congress wants to promote, in the name of women empowerment. The UPA also wants to entitle women of loose morals to claim 50% share in the property of the men, creating havoc in Hindu families. 

19. Hasan Ali Khan, the stud farm owner from Pune, was staying with Congress Spokesperson, Mrs. Renuka Chowdhary at her Delhi flat for a week. He presented her with a diamond ring worth Rs.1.2 crores (Rs.1,20,00,000). The UPA Govt. has written off Khan’s income tax arrears of Rs.92,000 crores as unrecoverable. What is cooking? 

20. ISI is blackmailing India, because it knows about the illegal moneys stashed away in foreign banks, by Sonia-Rahul. Look at the nexus: Sonia Gandhi-Ahmed Patel-Hasan Ali Khan-Dawood Ibrahim-ISI. Hence, we are forced to play cricket with Pakistan. India is forced to relax visa rules. We are forced to call Pak FM & HM for talks. We have given the ‘Most Favoured Nation’ status to Pak. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde talks of ‘Hindu Terror’. He is doing so at the behest of ISI, to please Indian Muslims and all terrorist organisations in Pakistan and India.  

21. The National Advisory Council, headed by Sonia Gandhi, an unconstitutional body, consists of blind folded fundamentalists and anti-Hindus. They have no love for Sanatan Dharm and Hindu culture. Muslims, Christians and anti-Hindus are preferred for all important positions. Hindus are treated as second class citizens, although they form more than 80% of the population. 

22. Nearly 4 lakh Hindus have been driven out of Kashmir. They were ordered by Muslims to get out of Kashmir immediately, leaving behind their women and daughters. This may happen in many other places in India.

23.  The Congress under Sonia Gandhi hates Hinduism and Hindu culture. Sonia Gandhi refuses to sing Vande Mataram. For every post, preference is given to anti-Hindus. Anti-Hinduism is a qualification under UPA.

24. When the Constitution talks of equality of all, why should there be article 29 & 30 giving special privileges to ‘Minorities’? What is the definition of ‘minority’? As BJP demands removal of article 370, it should also fight for removing articles 29 & 30. 

In 2009, Congress got 29% votes and 206 seats. By just getting about 13% Hindu votes {others are from Muslims (13%) & Christians (3%)}, Sonia Gandhi is slowly bringing in Rome Rajya, although Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of Ram Rajya. UPA-III means this Hindu nation will be doomed for ever. By taking up at least some of the issues mentioned above, you can polarize Hindu voters. Even if 50% Hindus vote for BJP, it can get a comfortable working majority on its own. 

Some of the secular time bombs in BJP may advise you that by just taking up corruption and inflation issues, BJP can win on ‘secular’ votes. Please do not trust these secular gang. They may ditch you any time. 

Only by taking up Hindu causes, you can polarize Hindu voters towards BJP. Declaring NaMo as the PM candidate will electrify voters and BJP will sweep the polls. Please turn BJP into a pro-Hindu (not secular) party. 

Last time you did not listen to me and BJP lost. A BJP candidate in UP who listened to me, won. I hope this time good sense will prevail upon you, and you will act prudently. Your initial aggressive speeches do give us confidence. Your meeting Narendra Modiji is reassuring. Please keep up the fighting spirit.

The need of the hour is to stop Islamisation and Christianisation of Bharat (which the UPA is clandestinely encouraging), and maintain its Hindu identity. Then, and then only, the nation will be strong and united; democracy and secularism will subsist; and Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as enshrined in our Constitution will prevail.

Yours, In the Service of Bharat Mata.
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice


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