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Hindu Prayers

Hindu Prayers
A new book from Hindu Voice)

Prayer to Lord Ganesh, Guru Mantra, Prathah Smarna, Daily Prayers (Before starting Your Studies, Night Prayer), Surya Namaskar, Bhojan Mantra, Prayers to Gods/Goddeses, Gayatri Mantra, Peace Invocation, Saraswati Prarthana, Prayer at Dawn, Ishvandana, Atheshwar Stuti, Deeksha - Valedictory Address, Bharatvarsha, Ekta Mantra, Sangathan Mantra, Universal Prayer, Vande Mataram, Subhashitam, Selected Aartis and Bhajans, Mantra Yoga, Nirvanashtakam, Bhaj Govindam, Hey Sharda Ma, A Birthday Prayer, Lingaashtakam, and Selected Bhavgeets and Songs.

The Slokas are first written in Sanskrit, followed by phonetic English; and then the meaning is explained in simple English. This will enable even English medium or convent educated students or foreign kids to utter the Mantras with ease. This book will act as a Guide for all spiritual Hindus in chanting those Mantras correctly and help them in attaining eternal Truth, Bliss and Harmony (Satyam, Sivan and Sundaram). Thus, this book will prove to be an invaluable possession at each Hindu home, Temple, Bhajan Group, etc.

The Cover is in multi-colour with pictures of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the front. The book, of 88 pages, is priced at Rs.50/- per copy. However, if you order bulk copies for distribution, then the rate would be:

2 or more copies @ Rs.45/- per copy
10 or more copies @ Rs.40/- per copy
100 or more copies @ Rs.35/- per copy
500 or more copies @ Rs.30/- per copy
You may consider ordering bulk copies and distribute them among your friends, relatives, wellsishers, bhajan groups, temples, etc.

For further details, contact publishers:
Hindu Voice
210 Abhinav, 2nd Floor, Teen Dongri,
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153
E-mail: &


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Common Hindu said...

Before the grand lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
Baba Ramdev seems to be genueinly interested
in the betterment of desh, dharam, rajniti
and i used to watch him on Aastha channel regularly

But right from the lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
where Babaji had invited a Shia Muslim maulaavi
and introduced him as his darling brother
speeches of Babaji has lost its sharpness
for the protection of desh, dharam, rajniti

Maybe its the price one has to pay
to garner support of all residing in india
and whether they are muslim
it does not matter

As a common hindu
what more could i have done but
only stopped actively watching Babaji
from that lanch function
though i still regard Babaji
as a great yoga master
and for his oratory skills

But, now in the present controvercy
of Devband fatva against Vande Mataram
attended by Babaji and home minister
hindus should protest and show their displeasure
to both Babaji and home minister
for agreeing to be a part of function
working against the spirit of Bharat
and consolidating/ fanning the Jihadi movement

As politicians support Jihadis
for capturing muslim vote bank
is Babaji trying to capture
muslim and sickular followers
by agreeing to attend Jihadi function
and not speacking out against
the fatva then and there
not even 2 days after that

all this when Babaji is
the most outspoken hindu guru
who is more than ready to
give sound bytes on each and every
topic including yoga
and never take any nonsense
laying down from any celebrited reporters/ editors

is it that like all other leaders
whether they are politicians or not
they are always supporting Jihadis
at the cost of hindus
and like them Babaji too
wants to capture muslim and sickular followers
and / or
even Babaji fears from Jihadis

O Hindus come out of your hibrenation
how long you want to wait
for things to get worse
before trying for their recovery

its easy to get charged up against Jihadis
but path to recovery goes first
by winning over the sickular hindus

O Hindus, this is the time
to lanch campainge against
all sickular hindus
in the form of Babaji
and dont wait for RSS/ BJP/ VHP
dont look forward for their orders
listen to your heart/ mind

Babaji has a reputation
of coming out sucessfully
from every controvery in the past
which where lanched by sickulars
but this time
if common hindus campainge
against his sickular tendencies
at least he has to say sorry
for his moments of weakness

i appeal all PRO-HINDU bloggers
to write-up on this topic from their heart
so that greater clearity and publicity to
hindu's view emerage in media

also remember that
blogging alone cannot provide
answers to worldly problems.


8:58 AM  
Blogger Common Hindu said...

hello blogger friend,

for so long you didnot post on your blog.

is everything alright?

looking forward to your posts.

9:18 AM  

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