Thursday, January 17, 2008

The World's First Pro-Hindu Novel!

Hindu Voice Launches the World's First Pro-Hindu Novel!


When a young journalist flirts with leftists for want of currency, trouble too starts flirting with him and it’s only a matter of time before Suresh finds himself trapped in an intricate network of terror, aimed at destabilizing an already weak nation.

Stunned by the agenda, he turns against his comrades to infiltrate a terrorist outfit, and once it turns out that the missing piece in a baffling Jihadi puzzle is none other than the future president, the frantic ex-leftist rushes to MIT to save an unsuspecting nation. When he does, Suresh discovers to his horror that the gunslinger is a familiar face from a not-so-distant past. Indeed, she is the woman he loves and the woman hired by the leftist-jihadi brigade!

Torn by the ultimate conflict between head and heart, will Suresh rise to the occasion and protect the president? More importantly, will India survive a secular onslaught? Set in a fainéant Chennai, Light in the Abyss dives deep into the world of secular jihad, where every act is acrimonious, and every hour acheronian!

About the Author

The author is a full-time E-biz professional, even as he assiduously dedicates a sufficient portion of his time and money to issues related to Indian politics. Educated in the west, Maruti abandoned a life of luxury and returned to India, if only to serve the voiceless Hindu people with songs of delight currently materializing into novels!

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P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice
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Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar
Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764418, 28764460.


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