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A Hindu Charge-sheet against the UPA Govt.

A Hindu Charge-sheet against the UPA Govt.
P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice

(Elections are round the corner. We have to throw the Congress out - lock, stock and barrel. Ignorance of Hindus is the strength of Congress. To remove this cultivated ignorance, we have to educate Hindus of the impending dangers in voting for the Congress. Congress party’s anti-Hindu and anti-national policies are to be bared before the general public)

There are 6 kinds of people who vote for the Congress.
1.     Hoarders, Blackmarketers, Criminals,
    Industrialists, Businessmen and Professionals
    who want to safeguard their interests.

2.     Those who want to loot India by becoming
    Councillors, MLAs, MPs and Ministers.

3.     Those who want name and fame or get some
    Rewards/Awards from Govts. and Positions
    in Govt.

4.     Christians and Muslims, as Congress gives
    them special privileges and allows them to
    dominate over Hindus.

5.     Those who are monetarily or otherwise
    benefited from one or more of the above.

6.     Some Idiots who still think that Nehru family
    got us freedom and hence they should support

If you are a honest person, with the interest of the nation in heart, and are still voting for the Congress, please read on:
The Congress was instrumental in dividing the country on the basis of Religion. For 23% Muslim population in the whole of India, Gandhi & Nehru gave 32% land of Bharat. Naturally there should have been exchange of population too, as advised by Babasaheb Ambedkar. All Muslims should have been asked to migrate to Pakistan. But the Congress leaders did not do that. On the contrary, in our Constitution, they inserted two Articles - 29 & 30 - Protection of interests of minorities and Rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions. While Hindus in Pakistan, who were 24%, have almost vanished, Muslims in India are thriving and growing. The few remaining Hindus in Pakistan are oppressed, while Muslims in India are given preferential treatment. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Congress is a party to create Sharia courts in J&K. Such courts are in existence in other places too. Non-Muslims too are being tried by such Sharia courts, reminding us of the Moghul raj. Congress party is also allowing Sharia-compliant Banking and Share Bazaar. The party is taking us to another partition. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Special educational loans for minorities, special loan waivers for minorities, special financial packages for terrorist’s families, kid’s gloves treatment to Muslims arrested for terrorist activities, compensation to minorities arrested for terrorist activities but acquitted by the court due to ‘insufficient evidence’, etc. - all these schemes are formulated by the Congress Govt. only for the minorities and not for Hindus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Congress wants to give 4.5% reservation to Muslims from among the OBC quota. Congress Minister Salman Kurshid increased it to 9%. They are stealing the Hindu OBC quota and giving it to Muslims. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Subsidies to Haj and Jerusalem pilgrims are provided by the Congress Govt. But Hindu pilgrims are taxed. During Hindu pilgrimages, bus fares are increased. Electricity charges for Hindu functions are increased. Subsidy to minorities and taxes on Hindus has been the policy of the Congress Govt. Your temple funds are being used for renovating Mosques and Churches. And you are still voting for the Congress!

All Muslims are not terrorists; but all terrorists are Muslims. As soon as it captured power in 2004, the UPA repealed POTA, to appease Muslims. Now, it wants to bring a law - Communal Violence Bill - which treats every Hindu as a potential criminal. Already, it is trying to ‘manufacture’ Hindu terrorists. If the bill becomes a law, Hindus will automatically become slaves of Muslims and Christians, bringing in Moghal raj. And you will still vote for the Congress!

The Prime Minister had no shame in proclaiming that minorities will have first claim on our resources. This is an unconstitutional statement and is against the spirit of ‘Equality’ enshrined in the constitution. Thus the PM has schemed Hindus against minorities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Every day five times you hear Azaan from your nearby masjid through loudspeakers - even at 5 am. It disturbs your sleep and peace. It amounts to noise pollution. Using loud-speakers for offering namaaz is prohibited. But Muslims violate it with impunity and police will not act against them due to political pressure from the Congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Recently, a Muslim S A Ibrahim, has been appointed director of the Intelligence Bureau. At the time of Nehru itself it was decided (unofficially) that no Muslim will be appointed in IB. But under UPA, this policy has been changed. Still you are voting for the Congress?

We drove away the Britishers. But today the Congress Party has imported an Italian - Antonio Maino alias Sonia Gandhi - to rule over us. Then why did we drive away Britishers? ‘Leader from Italy and voters from Bangladesh’ That is the policy of congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!
MF Hussain drew naked pictures of many Hindu Gods, Goddess and Bharat Mata. He ran away from the country and refused to come to India to face the many court cases. Instead of taking action against him for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, the UPA Govt. wanted to reward him. It treated him as a celebrity. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The Bharat Mata picture in the 2-rupee coin was replaced with a picture of Cross. The emblem of Kendra Vidyalaya - Sun and Lotus (Hindu symbols) - were replaced with Cross and Crescent, to appease Christians and Muslims. And you are still voting for the Congress!

By an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the UPA Govt. denied the existence of Ram and Ramayan. It was making herculean efforts to break the Ram Sethu, a national heritage, which was worshipped by Chatrapathi Shivaji, Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, etc. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is trying to declare Sanskrit - the Devbhasha - as a dead language. But at the same, it is giving incentive to study Arabic and Urdu. And you are still voting for the Congress!

See the number of scams - 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Antrix-Devas, Coalgate, etc., running into lakhs of crores of rupees. Earlier the Moguls and then the Britishers looted our country. And now the Congressmen are plundering it, leading to spiralling of prices of essential commodities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Although we were enslaved for nearly 1000 years, we reemerged as one nation, inspite of so many castes, creed and languages. This was possible due to our spiritual and cultural unity. All Hindus come together to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Ramnavami, Gookulashtami, Dussarah, Kumbh Mela, etc. Hindus converge at Tirupathi, Vaishno Devi, Sabarimalai, Shirdi, Char Dhaam, Amarnath, etc. This spiritual and cultural unity of India is being tampered with by the present Congress Govt., making Bharat vulnerable, day by day. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. has recently decided to give ‘Missionary Visa’ to foreigners. That is, a Christian Missionary from USA/Europe or a Maulvi from Saudi Arabia can come to India officially and preach their religions and convert Hindus. This will amount to de-Hinduising Bharat. Still you are voting for the Congress?

In Kashmir, many youths who were terrorists, have been recruited in the police. They are mercilessly beating up Hindus who say ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. In many Congress-ruled states also Muslim youths are recruited in the police. And they are sure to target Hindus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is giving Rs.2/- per day of attendance to minority students, even if they are rich. But this is denied to poor Hindu students. In the name of religion they are dividing the society. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA is trying to destroy the Hindu Family Institution. By amending various Hindu laws, it wants to treat Hindu marriage as a ‘civil contract’ (similar to Muslim marriage). This amounts to ridiculing our cultural and the spiritual sanctity behind the marriage ceremony. In the name of Women Empowerment, it wants to give more importance to ‘live-in’ relationships (as Rahul Gandhi does). He is 43 and is not yet married. But he is roaming around with his Columbian girl friend, staying in hotels for weeks together, with her. This is the ‘family culture’ Congress wants to promote. It will also entitle women of loose morals to claim 50% share in the property of the men, creating havoc in Hindu families. And you are still voting for the Congress!

Hasan Ali Khan, the stud farm owner from Pune, was staying with Congress Spokesperson, Mrs. Renuka Chowdhary at her Delhi flat for seven days. He presented her with a diamond ring worth Rs.1.2 crores (Rs.1,20,00,000/-). The UPA Govt. has written off Khan’s income tax arrears of Rs.91,859 crores as unrecoverable. See the nexus. And you are still voting for the Congress!

In fact, ISI is blackmailing India, because it knows about the illegal moneys stashed away in foreign banks, by Sonia-Rahul. Look at the nexus: Sonia Gandhi-Ahmed Patel-Hasan Ali Khan-Dawood Ibrahim-ISI. Join the links and you will know. Hence, we are forced to play cricket with Pakistan. We are forced to call Pak FM & HM for talks. We have given the Most Favoured Nation to Pak. Hence, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde talks of ‘Hindu Terror’. He is doing so at the behest of ISI, to please all terrorist organisations in Pakistan and India. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The UPA Govt. is establishing “Special Courts” for speedy trials of “Muslims” arrested for terrorist activities. But the so-called ‘Hindu Terrorists’ (like Sadhvi Pragya) are just rotting in jail for years, without even a trial. Just look at their sympathy for Muslims who are involved in terrorist activities. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The National Advisory Council, headed by Sonia Gandhi, an unconstitutional body, consists of blind folded fundamentalists and anti-Hindus. Some members of NAC appealed for mercy for Ajmal Kasab. Some have link with Maoists. Muslims, Christians and anti-Hindus are preferred for all important positions. Hindus are treated as second class citizens, although they form more than 80% of the population. This is because you voted for Congress. And you are still voting for the Congress!

The GoI issued a Five-Rupee coin embossed with the picture of sister Alphonsa, a so-called Christian saint from Kerala. Missionaries of Charity (MoC) Superior General Sister Nirmala has been awarded the nation’s second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan. Gladys Steines, the wife of murdered Australian missionary, Graham Steines, too got Padma Shri. No Hindu Sadhu or Saint is similarly honoured. And you are still voting for the Congress!

After the demise of Satya Sai Baba, the AP Govt. of Congress Party was trying to take over his Trust. After the demise of Mother Teressa, did the govt. question any of the activities of Missionaries of Charity or check its cash and bank balances.

In all highly sensitive positions in the government, Sonia has appointed pet individuals from Muslims and Christians communities. Here are some examples. Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister of India; E. Ahmad, India’s Minister for External Affairs; Syed Akbarddin, the spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs; Chief of Intelligence Bureau, Syed Asif Ibrahim; Chief Justice of India, Altmas Kabir; Attorney General of India, Goolam E. Vahanvati (a protege of Ahmed Patel); Vice President of India Mohammed Hameed Ansari; Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister Farooq Abdullah, K. Rahman Khan, Sonia Gandhi’s political Advisor Ahmad Patel all are Muslims. Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister A.K. Anthony, Air Chief Marshall Norman Anil Kumar Browne all are Christians.

65 MPs have written to US President Obama not to give visa to Modi. It is a clear violation of our Constitution. They have just stopped short of calling Obama to come and rule over us. In what way this is different from King Ambhi seeking the help of Alaxander to defeat King Porus in 327 BC; Mir Jafar seeking the help of Lord Clive to defeat Siraj-ud-Daulah in 1757; and Nehru calling UN to mediate on J&K in 1947? No action is taken against these MPs. Are you still going to vote for Congress?

The Intelligence Bureau, which gathers information on anti-national and terrorist activities and passes it on to the Home Ministry for further action, has stopped functioning. The reason: Most of the people involved in anti-national and terrorist activities are Muslims and when they submit their report with Muslim names, the UPA Govt. takes them (IB Officers) to task for targeting Muslims! This has put the safety and security of you and your children in danger. And you are still voting for Congress?

Inside India, Muslim terrorists are murdering Hindu leaders at will. At the border, Pak Army men are killing and beheading our jawans at will. On 6th Aug. 2013, 5 Indian soldiers were brutally killed by Pak army men inside our territory. Instead of retaliating, UPA Govt. was trying to defend Pakistan. The Defence Minister said they were not Pak army men but terrorists in Pak army uniform. The PM refuses to call off his talks with Pak PM. They are doing all these to please Pak and Indian Muslims for their votes. National security and the lives of our soldiers who defend our borders are not their concern. Still you are voting for Congress? 

It seems, Under UPA, ISI men have infiltrated into many Govt. positions. Whenever an IAS or IPS officer takes action against Muslims for anti-national or terrorist activities, such officers are targeted and punished. Hence, many IAS and Police Officers may be afraid of taking action against such terrorists or anti-national activists. In that case, what will happen to the safety and security of Hindus? And you are still voting for Congress?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate in UP is suspended by the SP Govt. for demolishing the illegal wall of a masjid. Sonia shows concerns. But when a District Magistrate in Rajasthan was transferred for enquiring into her son-in-law Robert Vadra’s illegal land deals, Sonia did not show similar concern. See the double standards. And you are still voting for Congress?

A BSP Muslim MP who insulted Vande Mataram is hugged by Mayavati. But she dismisses her Hindu MP for praising Modi. How patriotic is she? And she is hoping to become the PM, with the support of Congress. And you are still voting for Congress!

The Congress under Sonia Gandhi hates Chatrapathi Shivaji, Swami Vivekananda, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, Veer Savarkar, and many other revolutionaries. In fact, the party hates Sanatan Hindu Dharm and Hindu culture. And you are still voting for the Congress!

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in a free and democratic India, with Justice, Equality, Fraternity and Liberty, please vote for Narendra Modi (BJP). Even if 50% Hindus vote for Narendra Modi, we can bring in Ram Rajya. It is that damn easy.

Oh Hindu brothers and sisters! Will you still vote for the Congress? Do so, only if you want our Motherland to be plundered and your children/grandchildren to live as a second class citizen. The choice is yours. But remember, all nationalist Hindus are going to vote for Shri Narendra Modi.

Note: This Charge-sheet is also available in the form of a Booklet, printed in a good quality paper in English and Hindi, separately. Per copy price is Rs.5/-. But if you purchase 100 copies or more, the rate would be Rs.3/- per copy.

Any one can translate and print this in his/her language. No permission is required.  But credit entry “Originally published in English by Hindu Voice (Monthly)” is requested.

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